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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007

Civil & Environmental

Brown, Richard and K. Wayne Lee. Repair of Steel Reinforced Concrete-Tis Structures. Final Report. University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Department of Transportation. 2007.  (FHWA-RIDOT-RTD-07-04) 49p. 

Campbell, Alolade, Natacha Thomas, Christopher Hunter and Cynthia Levesque. "Social Risk Index to Hurricanes in Coastal Regions of Rhode Island." Transportation Research Record. 2009:121-129. 2007.

De Gennaro, Nicholas and Raymond Wright. "Tidal Siphon: Alternative to a Jetty-Hardened Inlet." Journal of Waterway Port Coastal and Ocean Engineering. 133(3):200-212. May-June 2007.

Gindy, Mayrai.  SEE also: Nassif, H.and

Gindy, M., N. Thomas and R. Madsen. Assessment of Downstream Hazard Potential for Dam Failure in Rhode Island. Rhode Island Water Resources Center. Final Report. 2007.

Gindy, M. and A. Prezioso. Assessment of Road and Bridge Data for the Development of an Automated Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Routing and Permitting System. Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Final Report. FHWA-RIDOT-RTD-07-6S. 2007.

Gindy, M., H. H. Nassif and J. Veide. "Bridge Displacement Estimates From Measured Acceleration Records." Transportation Research Record. 2028:135-145. 2007.

Gindy, M. "Development of Learning Materials for a Discovery-Based Structural Engineering Instrumentation Laboratory."  IN: Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education. 2007.  p.1-10.

Gindy, Mayrai and Hani H. Nassif. "Multiple Presence Statistics for Bridge Live Load Based an Weight-in-Motion Data." Transportation Research Record. 2028:125-135. 2007.

Gindy, Mayrai and Hani H. Nassif. "Prediction of Bridge Live-Load Effects Based on the Theory of Extremes."  IN: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering. 2007.  p.1-8.

Hunter, Chris.  SEE: Campbell, Alolade; Ni, Daihung.

Lee, Kang Wang.  SEE also: Brown, Richard; Park, Kyunguon;  Sadd, Martin H.

Lee, K. W. and H. P. Venkata. "An Investigation of Asphalt Plug Joint as a Bridge Maintenance Practice."  IN: Proceedings of the 2007 US-Korean Conference on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, Reston, Virginia, August 9-11, 2007.

Lieberman, C., D. Kurowski, M. R. Avila, L. Ricci, N. Thomas, J.-Y. Herve, J. C. Peckham, C. Collyer, B. Aguirre and M. Wan. "SIMPED -  A Concept mfor the Immersion of Social Science Constructs Into Simulations of Pedestrian Evacuation From Buildings." Fire Safety & Management. 10(1):19-26. 2007.

Nassif, H., M. Giindy and J. Davis. Live Load Calibration for the Schuyler Heim Bridge Replacement and State Route 47 Extension. California Department of Transportation Final Report. 2007.

Ni, Daiheng, Paul Shuldiner, Joan Peckham, Peter Swaszek, Natacha Thomas and Chris Hunter. Using Real-Time Traffic Data to Improve Traffic Flow. Final Report. University of Massachusetts, Amhurst, University of Rhode Island, New England University Transportation Center. 2007.  40p.

Park, Kyunguon, Natacha E. Thomas and K. Wayne Lee. "Applicability of the International Roughness Index as a Predictor of Asphalt Pavement Condition." Journal of Transportation Engineering. 133(12):706-709. 2007.

Sadd, Martin H., Venkat K. S. Subramani, Arun Shukla and Wayne Lee. "Interfacial Failure Behavior of Concrete-Asphalt Bi-Materials."  IN: Proceedings of the SEM Annual Conference and Exposition and Applied Mechanics. 2007.  3:1921-1930.

Thomas, Natacha.  SEE: Campbell, Alolade; Gindy, M.; Lieberman, C.; Ni, Daihung; Park, Kyunguon..

Wright, Raymond M.  SEE also: De Gennaro, Nicholas.

Wright, Raymond M. "Froude Number." McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology. 10th Edition. 7:545.  2007.

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