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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007

Languages & Literature, Modern & Classical

Davidson, Linda and David Gitlitz. "Pilgrimage Narration as a Genre."  IN: The Road to Santiago and Pilgrimage. John Moore, Jr. and Thomas Spaccarelli, eds. Special Issue of La Coronica. 35(3). 2007.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Cobb, William Jeremiah. To the Break of Dawn: A Freestyle on the Hip Hop Aesthetic." Choice. September 2007.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Schuerewegen Franc. Balzac, Suite et Fin." Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 35(2):486-487. Winter  2007.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Tournaye, Guy.  Le Decodeur." French Review. 80(6):1424-1425. May 2007.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "De l'Interpretation des Musiques Electroniques Dans la Litterature Francaise Contemporaine." L'Esprit Createur. 47(2):138-149. Summer 2007.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Pascal Bruckner et Michel Houellebecq. Deux Transecrivains au Milieu du Monde."  IN: Michel Houellebecq Sous La Loupe, by Murielle Lucie Clement and Sabine van Wesemael. Rodopi. 2007.  p.157-166.

Gitlitz, David.  SEE: Davidson, Linda Kay.

Grandin, John. "International Dual Degree Programs: The University of Rhode Island."  IN: Proceedings of the 2007 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. 2007.  13p.

Grandin, John. "Why Learn Another Language if the Whole World Speaks English?"  IN:  English as the Global Language: Perspectives and Implications,  ed. S. Rajagopalan, the Icfai University Press, 2007.  p.22-41.

Hedderich, Norbert. "Book Review: Trim, John et al.; Jurgen Quetz et al. Transl. Gemeinsamer Europaischer Referenzrahmen (Common European Framework of Reference.) " Unterrichtspraxis. 40(1):102-103. Spring2007.

Rogers, Kenneth H. "Book Review: Dewaele, Jean-Mard, Ed.  Focus on French as a Foreign Language: Multidiscplinary Approaches." Modern Language Journal. 91(1):138-139. Spring 2007.

Waters, Chris. "British Fields (Poem)." Newport Review. (Online October 2007.

Waters, Chris. "The Cat Without a Conscience (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 20(2):6. Winter 2007-2008.

Waters, Chris. "Fall Oak (Poem)." Mid-America Poetry Review. 8(2):111. Summer-Autumn 2007.

Waters, Chris. "Memory (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 20(2):6. Winter 2007-2008.

Waters, Chris. "The Milk of the Mountain Goats (Poem)." Atlanta Review. 8(2):99. Spring/Summer 2007. (Adapted From Cantiaga de Santa Maria No.52 [Alfonso X, "El Sabio"])

Waters, Chris. "Not Dead Fish (Poem)." Nebo. 25(2):51. Spring 2007.

Waters, Chris. "The Purloined Meat Chop (Poem)" Atlanta Review. 8(2):60-61.. Spring/Summer 2007. (Adapted From Cantiaga de Santa Maria No.52 [Alfonso X, "El Sabio"])

Waters, Chris. "What Blue Jays Say When They Yodel and Shriek (Poem)." Licking River Review. 39:59. Winter 2007-Spring 2008.

Waters, Chris. ""Will o' the Wisp (Poem)." Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. Winter 2007.  p.56-57.

White, Clement A.  "Book Review: Flora Mandri. Guarding Cultural, Memory: Afro-Cuban Women in Literature and the Arts." Caribbean Writer. 21:273-276. 2007.

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