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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007

Library & Information Studies

Gilton, Donna L. "Book Review: The Real Deal: A Spiritual Guide for Black Teen Girls, by Billie Montgomery Cook." YouthWorker Journal. September/October 2007.  p.60.

Gilton, Donna L. "Book Review: What to Expect When You're Accepted: An African-American Christian's Guide to College by Christopher Michael Jones." Youth Worker Journal. November/December 2007.  p.78-79.

Gilton, Donna Louise. "Culture Shock in the Library: Implications for Information Literacy Instruction." Research Strategies. 20:424-432. 2005. (Issued 2007)

Gilton, Donna L. Multicultural and Ethnic Children's Literature in the United States. Scarecrow Press. 2007.  236p.

Harger, Nancy and Elaine R. Martin. "The CATCH Project: Central Mass Access to Child Health Information." Journal of the Medical Library Association. 95(3):337-339. July 2007.

Martin, Elaine R.  SEE also: Harger, Nancy.

Martin, Elaine. "Team Effectiveness and Members as Leaders."  IN: Making a Difference: Leadership and Academic Libraries, Edited by Peter Hernon and Nancy Rossiter. Libraries Unlimited. 2007.  p.125-143.

Mestre, Lori, Christine Turner, Beth Lang and Barbara Morgan. "Do We Step Together, in the Same Direction, at the Same Time; How a Consortium Approached a Federated Search Implementation." Internet Reference Services Quarterly. 12(1/2):111-132. 2007.

Morgan, Barbara.  SEE: Mestre, Lori.

Nitecki, Danuta A. "Book Review: Customer Satisfaction Research Management. By Derek R. Alen." Library & Information Sciences. 29(1):137-139. March 2007.

Nitecki, Danuta A. "Book Review: Emergent Methods in Social Research, Edited by Sharlenre Nagy Hesse-Biber and Patricia Leavy." Library & Information Science Research. 29(2):298-301. June 2007.

Odean, Kathleen. "Book Review: Girls and the Supernatural." Teacher Librarian. 34(3):10. February 2007.

Odean, Kathleen. "Book Review: The Importance of Siblings." Teacher Librarian. 34(3):22. February 2007.

Odean, Kathleen. "Book Review: Wahl, Mats. The Invisible." Booklist. 103(14):45. March 15, 2007.

Odean, Kathleen. "Book Review: YA Fiction." Teacher Librarian. 34(4):10-20. April 2007.

Winston, Mark D. "Ethical Leadership and Ethical Decision Making: A Meta-Analysis of Research Related to Ethics Education." Library & Information Science Research. 29(2):230-251. June 2007.

Winston, Mark and Hai Peng. "Leadership Diversity: A Study of Urban Public Libraries." Library Quarterly. 77(1):61-82. January 2007.

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