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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007

Marine Affairs

Bromley, D. and S. Macinko. "Rethinking Fisheries Policy in Alaska: Options for the Future." Report for Alaska Department of Fish and Game. October 31, 2007.  38p.

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Coffey, William J. "Great Business Everywhere But Here? Port at Quonset/Davisville." Providence Journal. February 6, 2007.  p.B4.

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Macinko, Seth.  SEE also: Bromley, D.; Schumann, Sarah.

Macinko, S. "Fishing Communities as Special Places: The promise and Problems of Place in Contemporary Fisheries Management." Ocean and Coastal Law Journal. 13(1):71-94. 2007.

Macinko, S. Rationalizing West Coast Trawl Groundfish Fisheries: The Case for Fixed-Term Catch Shares and Auctions; Report Prepared for The Natural Resources Defense Council, the Ocean Conservancy, and the Pacific Marine Conservation Council. 2007.

Macinko, Seth and Sarah Schurman. "Searching for Subsistence in the Field in Pursuit of an Elusive Concept in Small Scale Fisheries." Fisheries. 32(12):592-600. December 2007.

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Thompson, Robert. "Cultural Models and Shoreline Social Conflicts." Coastal Management. 35(2-3):211-237. April-June 2007.

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