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Faculty Publications 2007

Natural Resources Science

Amador, Jose A.  SEE also: Atoyan, Janet A.; Miller, David J.

Amador,  Jose A. and Josef H. Gorres. "Microbiological Characterization of the Structures Built by Earthworms and Ants in an Agricultural Field." Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 39(8):2070-2077. August 2007.

Amador,  Jose A., Richard J. Hull, Erika L. Patnaude, John T. Bushoven and Josef H. Gorres. "Potential Nitrate Leaching Under Common Landscaping Plants." Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 185(4):323-333. October 2007.

Amador, J. A., G. W. Loomis, D. Kalen, E. L. Patenaude, J. H. Gorres and D. A. Potts. Evaluation of Leachfield Aeration Technology for Improvement of Water Quality and Hydraulic Functions i n Onside Wastewater Treatment Systems; Final Report to the Cooperative Institute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology (CICEET). NOAA/University of New Hampshire. 2007.

Atoyan, Janet A., Erika L. Patenaude, David A. Potts and Jose A. Amador. "Effects of Tetracycline on Antibiotic Resistance and Removal of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Aerated and Unaerated Leachfield Mesocosms." Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Pt. A: Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering. 42(1):1571-1578. October 2007.

August, Peter V.  SEE also: Bradley, Mike; Hollister, Jeffrey W; Rodriguez, Wilfrid; Vaccher, Kerri A.

August, Peter, Michael Bradley, James Turenne and Katherine Ford. "Bathymetry: An In-Depth Study."  41 Degrees N. 4(1). 2007.

August, Peter and Barry Costa-Pierce. "Mapping Submerged Habitats: A New Frontier." 41 Degrees N. 4(1). 2007.

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Caron, Christine M. and Peter W. C. Paton. "Population Trends and Habitat Use of Harlequin Ducks in Rhode island." Journal of Field Ornithology. 78(3):254-262. September 2007.

Cerrato, Robert M.  SEE: Henry, K. M.; Lonsdale, Darcy J.

Chipman, Erica D., Nancy E. McIntyre, James D. Ray, Mark C. Wallace and Clinton W. Boal. "Effects of Radiotransmitter Necklaces on Behaviors of Adult Male Western Burrowing Owls." Journal of Wildlife Management. 71(5):1662-1668. July 2007.

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Forrester, Graham E.  SEE: Tallman, Jessica C.

Gold, Arthur J.  SEE: Clough, Tim J.; Efroymson, Rebecca A; Rodriguez, Wilfrid; Wawrzynek, Julie.

Golet, Francis C.  SEE: Skidds, Dennis E.

Gorres, Josef H.  SEE: Amador, Jose A.

Groffman, Peter M.  SEE also: Campbell, John L.; Clough, Tim J.; Dittman, Jason A.; Judd, Kristine E.; Pickett, Steward T. A.; Pouyat, R. V.; Robertson, G. P.

Groffman, Peter M., Richard V. Pouyat, Mary L. Cadenassa, Wayne C. Zipper, Kstslin Szlavecz, Ian D. Yesilonis, Lawrence E. Band and Grace S. Bush. "Corrigendum to 'Land Use Context and Natural Soil Controls on Plant Community Composition and Soil Nitrogen and  Carbon Dynamics in Urban and Rural Forests'  Forest Ecology and Management. 236:177-192. 2006." Forest Ecology and Management. 246(2-3):296-297. 2007.

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Husband, Thomas.  SEE: Murray, Danielvid.

Jiang, Yong, Stephen K. Swallow and Peter W. C. Paton. "Designing a Spatially-Explicit Nature Reserve Network Based on Ecological Functions: An Integer Programming Approach." Biological Conservation. 140(3-4):236-249. December 2007.

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McWilliams, Scott R.  SEE also: McKinney, Richard A.; Podlesak, David; Schneider, Eric G.; Smith, Susan B.

McWilliams,Scott R., Todd Sloat, Catherine A. Toft and Daphne  Hatch. "Effects of Prescribed Burnings on a Wet Meadow Plant Community in Northeastern California and Its Use by Migrating Geese." Western North American Naturalist. 31(3):229-239. May 2007.

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Meyerson, Laura A.   SEE also: Mack, Richard N.; Reaser, Jamie K.

Meyerson, Laura A. and Harold A. Mooney. "Invasive Alien Species in an Era of Globalization." Ecology & Environment. 5(4):199-208. May 2007.

Meyerson, Laura A. "Pragmites australias": It's Not All Bad." Rhode Island Naturalist. 14(1):5-7. Summer 2007:

Meyerson, Laura A. "Saving Native Phragmites; Native Versus Phragmites australis -- What Are the Differences and Why Should We Care?" WildfloraRI. 21(2):1-2. Fall/Winter 2007-2008.

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Nowicki, Barbara.  SEE: Clough, Tim J.

O'Connell, Alan F., Jr.  SEE: Beyer, W. Nelson.

Olsen, Stephen B.  SEE: Wilburn, S. Matthew.

Paton, Peter W. C.  SEE also: Caron, Christine M.; Jiang, Yong; Killingbeck, Keith; McDonough, Christin; Skidds, Dennis E.

Paton, Peter. "Banding Birds at Kingston Wildlife Research Station: The 39-Year Legacy of Douglas Kraus." Rhode Island Naturalist. 14(1):14-15. Summer 2007.

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Peters, Esther C.  SEE: Vargas-Angel, Bernardo.

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Saltonstall, Kristin.   SEE also: Meadows, Robert E.

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Stolt, Mark.  SEE also: Boving, Thomas.; Millar, David J.

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Wang, Yeqiao.  SEE also: Rodriguez, Wilfrid; Yang, Jiansheng; Zhou, Y.; Zhu, Yuyan.

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Zhu, Yuyen and Y. G. Wang. "An Assessment of Impervious Surface Areas in Rhode Island." Northeastern Naturalist. 14(4):643-650. 2007

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