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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007

Pharmacy Practice

Akus, Monica.  SEE also: Skeffington, Patrick.

Akus, Monica and Melissa Bartick. "Lactation Safety Recommendations and Reliability Compared in 10 Medication Resources." Annals of Pharamcotherapy. 41(9):1352-1360. September 2007.

Attwood, Ryan J. and Kerry Laplante. "Telavancin: A Novel Lipoglycopeptide Antimicrobial Agent." American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 64(22):2335-2348. November 15, 2007.

Basch, Ethan M.  SEE also: Bekelman, Justin E.; Trotti, Andy.

Basch, Ethan, Mark R. Somerfield, Tomasz M. Beer, Michael A. Carducci, Celestia S. Higano, Maria H. A. Hussain and Howard J. Scher. "American Society of Clinical Oncology Endorsement of the Cancer Care Ontario Practice Guideline on Nonhormonal Therapy For Men With Metatastic Hormone-Refractory (Castration-Resistant) Prostate Cancer." Journal of Clinical Oncology. 25(33):5313-5319. November 20, 2007.

Basch, Ethan, David Artz, John Speakman, Alexia Iasonos, Kevin Shannon, Kai Lin, Charmaina Pun, Henry Yong, Paul Fearn, Aallison Barz, Howard I.I. Scher, Mary McCabe and Deborah Schrag. "Evaluation of an Online Platform for Cancer Patient Self-Reporting of Chemotherapy Toxicities." Journal of the American Medical Association. 14(3):264-268. 2007.

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Bratberg, Jeffrey P.  SEE: Nysse, Lana J.; Vemuri, S.

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Citrome, L., R. Dufresne and J. M. Syrud. "Tardive dyskinesia: Minimizing Risk and Improving Outcomes Schizophrenia and Other Disorders." American Journal of Managed Care. 1-12 Suppl. S. October 20, 2007.

Cohen, Lisa B.  SEE: Taveira, Tracey.

Dickerson, Lori M., Connie K. Kraus, Grace M. Kuo, Cynthia A. Weber, Oralia V. Bazaldua, John M. Tovar, Anne L. Hume, Timothy J. Ives, John G. Gums and Barry L. Carter. "Formation of a Primary Care Pharmacist Practice-Based Research Network." American Journal of Health System Pharmacy. 64(19):2044-2049. October 1, 2007.

Dore, David D., Julia R. Dibello and Kate L. Lapane. "Telithromycin Use and Spontaneous Reports of Hepatotoxicity." Drug Safety. 30(8):697-703. 2007.

Dufresne, Robert L.  SEE also: Citrome, L.

Dufresne, Robert L. "Weighing In: Emergent Diabetes Mellitus and Second-Generation Antipsychotics." Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 41(10):1725-1727. October 2007.

Franca, M. C., A. D'Abreu, J. H. Friedman, A. Nucci and I. Lopes-Cendes. "Chronic Pain in Machado-Joseph Disease." Archives of Neurology. 64(12):1767-1770. December 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H.  SEE also: Borek, Leora L.; Chou, Kelvan L.; Frannca, M. C.; Grace, Janet; Liperoti, Rosa; Ravina, B.

Friedman, J. H. "Atypical Antipsychotics in the Elderly With Parkinson Disease and the 'Black Box' Warning - Reply." Neurology. 68(16):1325-1326. April 17, 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. Behaviors in Parkinson's Disease: A Guide for patients, Families, and Caregivers. Demos Medical Publications. 2008.

Friedman, Joseph H. "...But I Still Sue You, Can't I?" Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(6):170. June 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Common Sense." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(5):70. May 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Dress Codes for Doctors." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(1):2. January 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Ethical Guidelines and Guidelines on Ethics Are Not the Same." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(2):38-39. February 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H., Richard G. Brown, Cynthia Comella, Carol E. Garber, Laureen B. Krupp, Jan-Shin Lou, Laura Marsh, Lillian Nail, Lisa Shulman and C. Barr Taylor. "Fatigue in Parkinson's Disease: A Review." Movement Disorders. 22(3):297-308.  February 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Feudalism or Futilism: Another Modest Proposal." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(10):298. October 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "A Good Result Isn't Always a Good Result." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(7):202: July 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Greybeards, or Grayheads." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(9):262. September 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "IRBS and the Private Office." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(8):230. August 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Journal of Goldberg Research (April Fool)." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(4):106. March 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H., Editor-in-Chief. Medicine & Health Rhode Island. Vol.90, 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Personal Reflections on This Issue." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90( ):338.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Public Funds Necessary for Cell Research (Letter)." Providence Journal. January 17, 2007.  p.B5.

Friedman, Joseph. "A Quandry About Treating Mental Illness." Providence Sunday Journal. July 1, 2007.  p.D7.

Friedman, Joseph. "RE: Clinical Feature Profile of Spirocerebella Ataxia Type 1-8 Products Genetically Defined Subtypes (Letter)." Movement Disorders. 22(5):753-754. 15 April 2007.

Friedman, Joseph. "Rejection."  Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(12):374.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Rhinorrhea Is Increased in Parkinson's Disease." Movement Disorders. 21(6):615-625. December 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Summing Up." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 90(3):70. March 2007.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Wise Women and Old Women." Providence Sunday Journal.  p.D7.

Goren, Jessica L.  SEE: Bodkin, J. Alexander;  Skeffington, Patrick.

Grace, Janet, Alana Mendolsohn and Joseph H. Friedman. "A Comparison of Fatigue Measures in Parkinson's Disease." Parkinsonism & Related Disorders. 13(7):443-445. October 2007.

Grunier, Andrea, Kate L. Lapane, Susan C. Miller and Vincent More. "Does Receiving Care in a Nursing Home Dementia Special Care Unit Decrease the Likelihood of Receiving Psychotropic Medications for Residents With Dementia? (Abstract)" Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 16:S16, Suppl.2. August 2007.

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Hughes, Carmel M.,  Kate Lapane, Margaret C. Watson and Huw T. O. Davies. "Does Organizational Culture Influence Prescribing in Home Care for Older People? A New Direction for Research." Drugs & Aging. 24(2):81-91. 2007.

Hume, Anne L.  SEE also: Dickerson, Lori M.; Magee, Susanne R.

Hume, Anne L. "Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Letter)." American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 71(3):#55. June 15, 2007.

Hume, Anne L. "Does Coenzyme Q10 De crease Myalgias From Statins? (Column)." Pharmacy Times. August  2007.

Hume, Anne L. "Lactobacillus and Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea (Column)." Pharmacy Times. September 2007.

Hume, Anne L. "Natural Products for the Menopause (Column)." Pharmacy Times. May 2007.

Hume, Anne L. "Natural Products for Weight Loss (Column)." Pharmacy Times. February 2007.

Jalbert, Jennifer J., Kate L. Lapane and Brian J. Quilliam. "Warning: Avoid Alcohol While Taking This Medication. The Prevalence and Correlates of Non-Compliance (Abstract)." Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 16:S28. 057. Suppl. 2. August 2007.

Lapane, Kate L.  SEE also: Dore, David D.; Grunier, Andrea; Hughes, Carmel M.; Jalbert, Jennifer J.; Liperoti, Rosa; Patterson, Susan M.; Peipert, Jeffrey;  Schneider, Karen L.; Spinewine, Anne.

Lapane, Kate L., Brian J. Quilliam and Carmel M. Hughes. "A Comparison of Two Distribution Methods on Response Rates to a Patient Safety Questionnaire in Nursing Homes." Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 8(7):446-452. September 2007.

Lapane, Kate L. and Carmel M. Hughes. "Considering the Employee Point of View: Perceptions of Job Satisfaction and Stress Among Nursing Staff Homes." Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 8(1):8-13. January 2007.

Lapane, Kate L., Carmel M. Hughes and Brian J. Quilliam. "Does Incorporating Medications in the Surveyors' Interpretive Guidelines Reduce the Use of Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Nursing Homes?" Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 55(5):666-673. May 2007.

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Lapane, Kate L., Catherine Dube, Karen L. Schneider and Brian J. Quilliam. "Patient Perceptions Regarding Electronic Prescriptions: Is the Geriatric Patient Ready?" Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 55(8):1254-1259. August 2007.

Lapane, Kate L. and Martin A. Weinstock. "The Power and Limitations of Pharmacogenetic Epidemology." Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 127(8):1851-1852. August 2007.

Laplante, Kerry L.  SEE also: Attwood, Ryan J.

Laplante, Kerry L., Michael J. Rybak,  Muhammad Amjad and Glenn W. Kaatz.  "Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Stapholococcal Chromosomal Cassette mec Type in Community- and Hospital-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus." Pharmacotherapy. 27(1):3-10. January 2007.

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Lasky, Tamar.  SEE also: Charles, Luenda.

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Lin, Sonia.  SEE: Morrissey, P. E.

Liperoti, Rosa, Graziano Onder, Kate L. Lapane, Vincent Mor, Joseph H. Friedman, Roberto Berbabei and Giovanni Gambassi. "Conventional or Atypical Antipsychotics and the Risk of Femur Fracture Among Elderly Patients: Results of a Case-Control Study." Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 68(6):925-935. June 2007.

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Matson, Kelly L.  SEE also: Lowenhaupt, Elizabeth A.; Obaro, S.;  Patel, S.; St. Germain, R. M.

Matson, Kelly L. and T. A. McCabe. "Integration of Substance Abuse Education Through Community Outreach Program to Pediatric Elective Coursework (Abstract M22)." American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2007 Annual Meeting and Seminars, Seminole, FL, July 2007.

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Muller, Michael R.  SEE: Betz, Thomas; Zeitlinger, Markus A.

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Skeffington, Patrick.  SEE also: Goren, Jessica L.

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Taveira, Tracey H.  SEE also: Martin, Oanh J.; Pirraglia, P. A.

Taveira, T. H., Pirraglia, P. A., L. B. Cohen and W. C. Wu. "Pharmacists-Led Cardiac Risk Reduction Clinic Reduces Framingham Risk Score in Patients With Diabetes and Mental Illness." Psychosomatic Medicine. 69(Suppl1):A-81. 2007.

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Willey-Temkin, Cynthia.  SEE: Salas, M.

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