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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007

Sociology & Anthropology

Anderson, Bradley J.  SEE: Stein, Michael D.

Block, Pamela. "Institutional Utopias, Eugenics, and Intellectual Disability in Brazil." History and Anthropology. 18(2):177-196. June 2007.

Bovy, Kristine M. "Book Review: Extinction & Biogeography of Tropical Pacific Birds." Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology. 2:278-280. 2007.

Bovy, Kristine M. "Global Human Impacts or Climate Change?: Explaining the Sooty Shearwater Decline at the Minard Site, Washington State, USA." Journal of Archaeological Science. 34(7):1087-1097. July 2007.

Bovy, Kristine M. "Prehistoric Human Impacts on Waterbirds at Watmough Bay, Washington, USA." Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology. 2:210-230. 2007.

Campbell, Bernard Grant, James Loy and Kathryn Cruz-Uribe. Humankind Emerging. 9th Edition. Recording for the Blind. 2007.  (CD; Originally Published by Pearson Allyn and Bacon 2006)

Carroll, Leo and M. Liliana Gonzalez. Racial and Ethnic Disparity in Traffic Stops, Discretionary Searches and Outcomes in 2006. Prepared for the RI State Police. June 2007.

Cunnigen, Donald.   SEE also: Jean-Pierre, P.

Cunnigen, Donald. Teaching Race and Ethnic Relations: Syllabi and Instructional Materials. 5th ed. American Sociological Association. 2007.  365p.

Jean-Pierre, P., K. Fiscella, D. Cunnigen, L. Marc, J. Carroll, C. Figueroa-Moseley and G. Morrow. "Influence of Acculturation and Ethnicity on Causal Attributions About Psychopathology and Help Seeking Recommendations: A Multiethnic Study (Abstract)." Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 33(Suppl.1):S31. December 2007.

Loy, James D.  SEE: Campbell, Bernard Grant.

Mederer, Helen.  SEE also: Peckham, Joan.

Mederer, Helen. "Advancing Women Scientists: Exploring a Theoretically Grounded Climate Change Workshop Model." Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering. 13:2007.

Mederer, Helen, Barbara Silver and Laura Beauvais. "Work-Life Balance at URI."  URI AAUP News. XXXII(2):4-5. December 2007.

Peckham, Joan, Lisa L. Harlow, David A. Stuart, Barbara Silver and Helen Mederer. "Broadening Participation in Computing Issues and Challenges."  IN: ITICSE 2007: 12th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education. 2007.  p.9-13.

Pisa, Rosaria. "La Lucha por la Territorialidad de la Communidades Indigenas Frente a la Nueva Reforma Agraria. [The Struggle for the Territoriality of Indigenous Communities in the Wake of the New Agrarian Reform]"  IN: Los Actores Sociales Frente al Desarrollo Rural, Tomo IV, Edited by Gabriela Kraemer Bayer and Sanchez. Libros Zacatecas. 2007.

Pollnac, Richard.  SEE also: Pomeroy, Robert.

Pollnac, Richard B., Guest Editor. "Aspects of Interactions Between Humans and Coral Reefs." Coral Reefs. 26(4):731-1056. December 2007.

Pomeroy, Robert, John Parks, Richard Pollnac, Tammy Campson, Emmanuel Genio, Cliff Marlessy, Elizabeth Holle, Michael Pido, Ayut Nissapa, Somsak Boromthanarat and Nguyen Thu Hie. "Fish Wars: Conflict and Collaboration in Fisheries Management in Southeast Asia." Marine Policy. 31(6):645-656. November 2007.

Stein, Michael D., Pamela Dubyak, Deb Herman and Bradley J. Anderson. "Perceived Barriers to Safe-Injection Practices Among Drug Injectors Who Remain HCV-Negative." American Journal of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. 33(4):517-525. August  2007.

Stein, Michael D., Marjorie C. Weinstock, Bradley J. Anderson and Jennifer L. Anthony. "Relationship of Depression to Smoking Outcomes in a Methadone-Maintained Population." Journal of Addictive Diseases. 26(1):35-40. 2007.

Stein, Michael D., Bradley J. Anderson and Raymond Niaura. "Smoking Cessation Patterns in Methadone-Maintained Smokers." Nicotine & Tobacco Research. 9(3):421-428. March 2007.

Stein, Michael D., Debra S. Herman, Duane Bishop, Bradley J. Anderson, Elizabeth Trisvan, Rosalie Lopez, Timothy Flanigan and Ivan Miller. "A Telephone-Based Intervention for Depression in HIV Patients: Negative Results From a Randomized Clinical Trial." Aids and Behavior. 11(1):15-23. January 2007.

Turnbaugh, Sarah Peabody.  SEE: Turnbaugh, William A.

Turnbaugh, William A., Associate Editor. Historical Archaeology. Vol.41, 2007.

Turnbaugh, William A. and Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh. Indian Jewelry of the American Southwest. Schiffer Publishing. 2007.  95p.

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