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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008

Art & Art History

Cashen, Norene. "Who Are You? New Show Has Artists Share Cultural Identity (Matthew)." Metro Times Detroit.

Click, Contemporary Photography in India (Matthew). Vadehra Gallery (New Delhi) February 2008.

Cricket (Wills). Red Hook Cine Soiree, BWC, Brooklyn, NY. July 27, 2008. (Screening)

Dilworth, Bob.  SEE also: "URI Art...."

Dilworth, Bob. (Group Exhibition). University of Rhode Island, Main Gallery. November 2008.

Dilworth, Bob. (One-Person Exhibition). Sarah Doyle Gallery, Providence, RI, January 28-February 22, 2008.

Flutter Arrhythmias, 3-Screen Video Installation Sound by Charles Norman (Wills). Mason Islip Museum of Art, NY. June 7-July 27, 2008.

Hutt, Ron.   SEE: "URI Art...."

INDIA: Public Places, Private Spaces; Contemporary Photography & Video Art  (Matthew). Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Fall 2008.

Klenk, William.  SEE: "URI Art...."

Matthew, Annu Palakunnathu.  SEE also: Cashen Norene; Click...;  Minneapolis...; Photography...;  Picturing...;   Revolutionizing....  Self.....

Matthew, Annu Palakunnathu. "An Indian From India - War Paint (giclee prinit); Black Bear Jr. Arapahoe (Photograph)." Parnassus. 30(1-2). 2009. P.419.

Matthew, Annu Palakunnathu.  INDIA: Public Places, Private Spaces, Contemporary Photography & Video Art. Minneapolis Institute of the Arts. Fall. 2008.

Matthew, Annu Palakunnathu Self & Others. David Winton Bell Gallery, Providence, RI. June 7-July 8, 2008.

Mischak, Jerry.   SEE: "URI Art...."

Norris, Doug. "Hoxie Gallery Welcomes Hera Artists (Pagh)." South County Independent. August 28, 2008.  C1, C4.

O'Malley, Brian.  SEE: "URI Art...."

Pagh, Barbara.  SEE also: Norris, Doug.

Pagh, Barbara. The Secret of Things, #1. (Digit6al Print) 2008.

Photography and the Changing Face of Immigration (Matthew). Oakland University. Spring 2008.

Picturing India (Matthew). Bernard Toale Gallery (Boston, MA) January 2008.

Revolutionizing Cultural Identity: Photography and the Changing Face of Immigration (Matthew). Oakland University Art Gallery, Rochester, Michigan, March 9-April 13, 2008. (Catalog. Curated by Claude Baillargeon)

Richman, Gary.  SEE: "URI Art...."

Roworth, Wendy Wassyng.  "Clarification (Letter)." Academe. 94(2):4. March/April 2008.

Roworth, Wendy Wassyng, Editorial Board. Eighteenth-Century Life. Vol.32, 2008.

Roworth, Wendy Wassyng. "Portrait of Theresa Parker (1775-1856), Daughter of John Parker of Saltram, Devon."  IN: Sporting and British Paintings, Edited by Susan Morris. Richard Green Gallery. 2008.  p.70-73.

Self and Others (Matthew). David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University. June 7-July 8, 2008.

Stites, Zoey.  SEE: "URI Art...."

URI Art Exhibition, HYBRID, Offers Creative Eclecticism (Dilworth, Hutt, Klenk, Mischak, O'Malley, Rochman, Stites)."  TIMEOUT, Narragansett Times. November 20-21, 2008.  p.4.

Warner, Pamela J. "Framing, Symmetry, and Contrast in Edmond de Goncourt's Aesthetic Interior." Studies in the Decorative Arts. XV(2):36-64. Spring-Summer 2008.

Wills, Sheri.   SEE also: Cricket; Flutter....

Wills, Sheri. Coincidence? Dec.10 Spider, Bee, Cricket Anthology Film Archives, NYC. (Screening)

Wills, Sheri. The Dybbuk Project. Colorado College. October 30, 2008.  (Performance)

Wills, Sheri. The Dybbuk Project. Mizal Arts & Cultural Center, Denver. November 1-2, 2008. (Performance)

Wills, Sheri. "Multimedia Conerts." [Video Interlude for The Dybbuk Project Opera by Ofer Ben-Amots; January 2008 Premier.] QUADangles. 15(4):6. May 2008.

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