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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008

Environment & Life Sciences
Biological Sciences

Amani, Matin, Richa Gujrati, Kristin Meader, Robert B. Hill and Ying Sun. "Simulation of Shortening-Deactivation and Stretch-Activation During Spontaneous Contraction of Bivalve Cardiac Muscles." IN: Proceedings of the 34th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference. 2008.  p.11-12.

Bastow, Justin L., Evan L. Preisser and Donald R. Strong. "Holcus lanatus Invasion Slows Decomposition Through Its Interaction With a  Macroinvertebrate Detritivore, Porcellio scaber." Biological Invasions. 10(2):191-199. February 2008.

Bastow, Justin L., Evan L. Preisser and Donald R. Strong. "Wood Decomposition Following a Perennial Lupine Die-Off: A 3-Year Litterbag Study." Ecosystems. 11(3):442-453. April 2008.

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Carlton, James T.  SEE: Chapman, J. W.; Mathieson, Arthur C.

Carrington, Emily.  SEE also: Dimond, J.; Schmidt, Paul S.

Carrington, Emily. "Along the Silk Road, Spiders Make Way for Mussels." Trends in Technology. 26(2):556+. 2008.

Caswell, Todd, Richard Casagrande, Brian Maynard and Evan Preisser. Production and Evaluation of Eastern Hemlocks (Tsuga canadensis) Potentially Resistant to the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae). IN: Fourth Symposium on Hemlock Wooley Agelid in the Eastern United States, Hartford, CT, February 12-14, 2008.   p.124-134.

Chapman, J. W., A. M. H. Blakeslee, J. T. Carlton and M. R. Bellinger. "Parsimony Dictates a Human Introduction: On the Use of Genetics and Other Data to Distinguish Between the Natural and Human-Mediated Invasion of the European Snail Littorina littorea in North America." Biological Invasions. 10(2):131-133. February 2008.

Childress, James J., Brad A. Seibel and Erik V. Thuesen. "N-Specific Metabolic Date Are Not Relevant to the 'Visual Interactions' Hypothesis Concerning the Depth-Related Declines in Metabolic Rates: Comment on Ikea et al. (2006)." Marine Ecology Progress Series. 373:187-191. 2008.

Cobb, J. Stanley.   SEE also: Fogarty, M.

Cobb, J. Stanley. "Lobsters, West Nile Virus and Methoprene." Providence Journal. June 21, 2008.  p.F3.

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Cromarty, Stuart I.  SEE: Coglianese, Debra L.

Deacutis, Christopher F.  SEE also: Saarman, Emily.

Deacutis, Christopher F. "Evidence of Ecological Impacts From Excess Nutrients in Upper Narragansett Bay."  IN: Desbonnet, Alan and Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Editors. Science for Ecosystem-Based Management: Narragansett Bay in the 21st Century. Springer. (Springer Series in Environmental Management) 2007.   p.349-381.

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Goldsmith, Marian R.   SEE also: Proestou, Dina; Yamamoto, Kimiko; Yasukochi, Yuji.

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Hill, Robert B.  SEE: Amani, Matin; Gujarati, Richa; Opuszynski, Michael.

Ingwell, Laura, Brian Maynard, Richard Casagrande and Evan Preisser. "Naturally Occurring Adelgid Resistance in Eastern Hemlocks (Abstract)."  IN: Fourth Symposium on Hemlock Wooley Adelgid in the Eastern United States, Hartford, CT, February 12-14, 2008.

Irvine, Steven Q.   SEE also: Blanchette, Mattew D.

Irvine, Steven Q., Vera C. Fonesca, Michael A. Zompa and Rajee Antony. "Cis-Regulatory Organization of the Pax6 Gene in the Ascidian Ciona intestinalis." Developmental Biology. 317(2):649-659. May 15, 2008.

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Jackson, Donald C.  SEE also: Rohasliney, H.; Warren, Daniel E.

Jackson, Donald C., Marty O'Connell, Julie Delabbio, Mark S. Peterson, Jim Franks and Harriet Perry. "After the Storm: Post-Katrina Reflections From AFS Members in Louisiana and Mississippi." Fisheries. 33(4):186-191. April 2008.

Kass-Simon, Gabriele.  SEE: Coglianese, Debra L.; Scappaticci, A. A.

Killingbeck, Keith T.  SEE also: Smith, Stephen M.

Killingbeck, Keith. "Book Review: Metamorphosis of an Ecological Ecoscience: Newton, Julianne Lutz. Aldo Leopolds's Odyssey." Landscape Ecology. 23(1):123-124. January 2008.

Killingbeck, Keith T. "Can Zinc Influence Nutrient Resorption? A Test With the Drought-Deciduous Desert Shrub Fouquieria splendens (ocotille)." Plant and Soil. 304(1-2):145-155. March 2008.

Kim, E., C. E. Lane, C. Kozera,  B. Curtis, S. Bowman and J. M. Archibcald. "Complete Sequence and Analysis of the Mitochondrial Genome of Hemiselmis andersenii CCMP644 (Cryptophyceae)." BMC Genomics. 9:215. 2008.

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Lane, Christopher E.  SEE also: Kim, E.; Phipps, Kyle D.; Schneider, Craig W.

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Lauder, George V.  SEE also: Flammang, Brooke E.; Nauwelaerts, Sandra; Taft, N. K.; Tytell, Eric D.

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Opuszynski, Michael, M. Amani, R. Hill and Y. Sun. "Force Clamp Development Using a PIC Microcontroller for Study of Clam Cardiac Tissue Force Potentials."  IN: Proceedings of the Society for Nueroscience 38th Annual Meeting, Washington, D. C., November 15-19, 2008.

Opuszynski, Michael, Jeremy Helbig, Zack Weber, Robert Hill and Ying Sun. "A Force-Clamp System for Studying Muscular Mechanics based on a Microcontroller." IN: Proceedings of the 34th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference. 2008. p.186-187.

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