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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008


Levin, Linda Lotridge. The Making of FDR; The Story of Stephen T. Early, America's First Modern Press Secretary. Prometheus. 2007.  538p.

Luebke, Barbara, Glen Ramsay and Gregg Burke. "Professors Thank ALS Walk Participants (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. October 23, 2008.

Meagher, Barbara. "Pushing for Better FOI Laws." Quill. 96(8):28. October 2008.

Meagher, Barbara. "Reporters Help Sunshine Disinfect Pols." Providence Journal. March 20, 2008.  p.B4.

Meagher, Barbara. "Veto of Sunshine Law Merits Override." Providence Journal. July 31, 2008.  p.B4.

Moore, Kendall S. The Good Radical. 2008  (36-Minute Short Narrative Film)

Pantalone, John. "Antiques: Greased Lightning; Local Car Collectors Find paradise in Restoring a Piece of Vintage Americana." Newport Life. Fall 2008.  p.54-57.

Pantalone, John. "At the Top of His Game." QUADangles.14-15. February 2008.

Pantalone, John. "Going Green in Our Midst." Newport Life. Spring 2008.  24-27.

Pantalone, John. "Got Wind?" Newport Life. Spring 2008.  p.24-27,73.

Pantalone, John. "In the Middle of the Climate Debate." QUADangles. 16(1):10-11. Fall 2008.

Pantalone, John. "Last Word: Death by Computer Screen." Newport Life. Spring 2008.  p.80.

Pantalone, John. "Last Word: Had Enough Yet?" Newport Life. Fall 2008.  p.96.

Pantalone, John. "Maury Klein; A Gifted Writer, an Imaginative Teacher."  QUADangles. 15(4):20-21. May 2008.

Pantalone, John. "Rhode Island at Risk: Climate Change Will Affect Us All."  Audubon Society of Rhode Island Report. Fall 2008.  p.3-5,9.

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