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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008

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Barnett, Judith B. "Book Review: Ellis, Richard. Tuna: A Love Story." Library Journal. 133(7):105. April 15, 2008.

Barnett, Judith B. "Book Review: Rothernberg, David. Thousand Mile Song: Whale Music in a Sea." Library Journal. 133(6):106. April 1, 2008.

DeSimone, Russell J. The Trinity, the Spectacles, Jewish Foods, in Praise of Purity, Letters. Catholic University of America. 2008, c1974.  223p.  (Paperback Reprint)

Norris, Doug. "Printmaker Shows Off Vibrant Vision in Gallery Exhibition (Page)." South County Independent. May 29, 2008.  p.C1,C5.

Page, Dore.   SEE also: Norris, Doug.

Page, Dore. A Printmaker's Season. Breslin Fine Art Gallery, East Greenwich, RI. May 17-June 14, 2008.

Wyant, Sarina R. "Abandoned House, Ten Rod Road." Balancing the Tides. .4, 2008.

Wyant, Sarina R. "All My Daughter's Efforts -- Mabel Elspeth Dickson."  URIinformed. Fall 2008.

Wyant, Sarina R. "Dr. John F. Quinn, the Busieest Man on Campus." URIinformed.Spring 2008.

Wyant, Sarina Rodrigues. "True Blue." URIinformed. 15(1):5. Spring 2008.

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