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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008

Schmidt Labor Research Center

Bodah, Matthew M., Patrick P. McHugh and Seong Jae Kim. "Employee Involvement Programs and Collective Bargaining: The Role of Labor Relations Climate." Journal of Collective Negotiations. 32(3):245-260. 2008.

Bodah, Matthew M.  "What Labor Arbitrators Should Know About Arbitral Immunity." Dispute Resolution Journal. 63(4):28-35. November 2008-January 2009.

Halbesleben, Jonathan R. B. and A. R. Wheeler. "The Relative Role of Engagement and Embededness in Predicting Job Performance and Intention to Leave." Work and Stress. 22(3):242-256. June-September 2008.

Molloy, D. Scott. "Book Review: The Horse in the City: Living Machines in the Nineteenth Century by Clay M. McShane and Joel A. Tarr." Journal of American History. 94(4):1246. March  2008.

Molloy, Scott. Irish Titans, Irish Toilers: Joseph Branigan and Nineteenth-Century New England Labor. University of New Hampshire. 2008.  309p.

Wheeler, Anthony R.  SEE also: Halbesleben, Jonathan R. B.

Wheeler, A. R.  "Disconnecting the Stress-Burnout-Turnover Relationship Among Nursing Professionals: A Synthesis of Micro and Macro HRM Research."  IN: Halberstein, J. R. B., Editor. Handbook of Stress and Burnout in Health Care." 2008.  p.187-199.

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