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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008

 Nutrition & Food Sciences

Andrade, A. M., Jessie Dwiggens and Kathleen J. Melanson. "Eating Rate zand Satiation With a Coloric Beverage (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 2008.

Andrade, Ana M., Geoffrey W. Greene and Kathleen J. Melanson. "Eating Slowly Led to Decreases in Energy Intake Within Meals in Healthy Women." Journal of the American Dietetic Association.  108(7):1186-1191. 2008.

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Andrade, A. M. and K. J. Melanson. "Within-Meal Eating Rate and 1-h Appetite in Slow, Medium, and Fast-Paced Eaters (Abstract)." Appetite. 51(2):351. September 2008.

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Davis, Rachel E., Ken Resnicow, Audie A. Atienza, Karen E. Peterson, Andree Domas, Anne Hunt, Thomas G. Hurley, Amy L. Yaroch, Geoffrey W. Greene, James R. Hebert, Lind Nebeling, Frances E. Thompson, Deborah J. Toobert, Diane L. Elliot, Carol DeFrancesco and Rebecca. B. Costello. "Use of Signal Detection Methodology to Identify Subgroups of Dietary Supplement Use in Diverse Populations."  Journal  of Nutrition. 138(1):205S-211S. January 2008.

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Esters, Onikia N., Linda S. Boeckner, Melanie Hubert, Tanya Horacek, Karen R. Kritsch, Mary J. Oakland, Barbara Lohse, Geoffrey Greene and Susan Nitzke. "Educator and Participant Perceptions and Cost Analysis of Stage-Tailored Educational Telephone Calls." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 40(4):258-264. July-August 2008.

Fey-Yensan, Nancy.  SEE: Greene, Geoffrey W.

Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE also: Andrade, Ana M.; Clark, Phillip; Davis, Rachel E.; Do, M.; Esters, Onika N.; Hebert, James R.; Park, Amanda; Thompson, Frances E.; Velicer, Wayne F.;  Yaroch, Amy L.

Greene, Geoffrey W., Nancy Fey-Yensan, Cynthia Padula, Susan R. Rossi, Joseph S. Rossi and Phillip G. Clark. "Change in Fruit and Vegetable Intake Over 24 Months in Older Adults: Results of the SENIOR Project Intervention." Gerontologist. 48(3):378-387. June 2008.

Greene, Geoffrey W., Ken Resnicow, Frances. E. Thompson, Karen E. Petersen, Thomas. G. Hurley, James R. Herbert, Deborah J. Toobert, Geoffrey C. Williams, Diane L. Elliott, Tamara Goldman Sher, Andrea Domas, Douglas Midthun, Maria Stacewicz-Sapuntzakis, Amy L. Yaroch and Lind Nebling. "Correspondence of the NCI Fruit and Vegetable Screener to Repeat 24-H Recalls and Serum Carotenoids in Behavioral Intervention Trials." Journal  of Nutrition. 138(1):200s-204s. January 2008.

Greene, G. W., A. Andreade, K. Melanson, S. L. Hoerr and K. Kattleman. "Eating Rate and Body Mass Index in College Students (Abstract)." Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 108(9, Suppl.1):A26.  2008.

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Lee, Chong Min.  SEE: Joaquin, H. J. F.; Lian, Peizhu; Park, Y. D.; Richard, Nicole.

Lian, Peizhi, Chong M. Lee and David A. Bengtson. "Development of a Squid-Hydrolysate-Based  Larval Diet and Its Feeding Performance on Summer Flounder, Paralichthys dentatus, Larvae." Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. 39(2):196-204. April 2008.

Lofgren, Ingrid E.  SEE: Pasiakos, Stefan M.

Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE also: Andrade, A. M.; Greene, Geoffrey W.; Kresge, D. L.

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Melanson, Kathleen J. "Nutrition Review: Lifestyle Approaches to Promoting Healthy Eating for Children." American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 2(1):27-30. January/February 2008.

Melanson, Kathleen J. "Nutrition Review: Nutrition for Women in the Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases." American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 2(3):214-218. 2008.

Melanson, Kathleen J. "Nutrition Review: Promoting Nutrition for Men's Health." American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 2

Park, Amanda, Susan Nitzke, Karen Kritsch, Kendra Kattelmann, Adrienne White, Linda Boeckner, Barbara Lohse, Sharon Hoerr, Geoffrey Greene and Zhumin Zhang. "Internet-Based Interventions Have Potential to Affect Short-Term Mediators and Indicators of Dietary Behavior of Young Adults." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 40(5):2888-297. September/October 2008.

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Patnoad, Martha S.  SEE: Pivarnik, Lori F

Peterson, Karen E., James R. Hebert,  Thomas G. Hurley, Ken Resnicow, Frances E. Thompson,  Geoffrey W. Greene, Abdul R. Shaikh, Amy L. Yaroch, Geoffrey C. Williams, J. Salkeld, Deborah J. Toobert, Andrea Domas, Diane L. Elliot, James Hardin and Linda Nebeling. "Accuracy and Precision of Two Short Screeners to Assess Change in Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Diverse Populations Participating in Health Promotion Intervention Trials." Journal  of Nutrition. 138(1):218S-225S. January 2008.

Pivarnik, Lori.  SEE also: Hicks, Doris; Richard, Nicole.

Pivarnik, Lori.  "Consumer Perceptions About Seafood: An Internet Survey."   IN: A Report on the Conference: Seafood-Exploring Benefits and Risks, November 9, 2007, University of New Hampshire. 2008.

Pivarnik, Lori F., Nicole LeydonRichard, Martha S. Patnoad, Robert K. Gable, David Handley, Diane Wright Hirisch, Dale Steen and Catherine Violette. "On Site Interview of New England Gardeners to Assess Food Safety Knowledge and Practices Related to Growing and Handling of Home Grown Fresh Fruits and Vegetables." Food Protection Trends. 28(2):115-124. March 2008.

Richard, Nicole, Lori Pivarnik, P. Christopher Ellis and Chong Lee. "Effect of Matrix Recovery of Biogenic Amines in Fish." Journal of the AOAC International. 91(4):1768-1776. July-August 2008.

Sebelia, Linda.  SEE: Greene, Geoffrey W.

Thompson, Frances E., Douglas Midthune, Geoffrey C. Williarns, Amy L. Yaroch, Thomoas G. Hurley, Ken Resnicow, James R. Hebert, Diane J. Toobert, Geoffrey W. Greene, Karen Peterson and Linda Nebeling. "Evaluation of a Short Dietary Assessment Instrument for Percentage Energy From Fat in an Intervention Study." Journal of Nutrition. 138(1):193S-199S. January 2008.

Velicer, Wayne F., James O. Prochaska, Colleen A. Redding, Joseph S. Rossi, Geoff W. Greene, Andrea Paiva, Mark L. Robbins and Brian Blissmer. "Prediction of Smoking Outcomes From Subtypes Within the Precontemplation Stage  (Abstract)." Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 35(Suppl):S76.March 2008.

Williams, Geoffrey C., Thomas. G. Hurley, Frances E. Thompson, Douglas Mithune, Amy L. Yaroch, Ken Resnicow, Diane J. Toobert, Geoffrey W. Greene, Karen Peterson, Linda Nebeling, Heather Patrick, James W. Hardin and James R. Hebert. "Performance of a Short Percentage Energy From Fat Tool in Measuring Change in Dietary Intervention Studies." Journal  of Nutrition. 138(1):212S-217S. January 2008.

Yaroch, Amy L., Linda Nevbeling, Frances E. Thompson, T. G. Hurley, James R. Hebert, Diane J. Toobert, Karen Resnicow, Geoffrey W. Greene, Geoffrey C. Williarms, Diane. L. Elliot, Tamar Goldman Sher, Maria Stacewicz-Sapuntzakis, Susan S. Rossi, Andrea Domas, Holly McGregor, Carol Defrancesco, Francesca McCarty, Rebecca B. Costello and Karen. E. Peterson. "Baseline Design Elements and Sample Characteristics for Seven Sites Participating in the Nutrition Working Group of the Behavior Change Consortium." Journal  of Nutrition. 138(1):185S-192S. January 2008.

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