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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008


Andreev, Oleg A.  SEE also: Reshetnyak, Yana K.

Andreev, Oleg. "The Spatial String Tension in the Deconfined Phase of Su(n) Gauge Theory and Gauge/String Duality." Physics Letters. B. 659(1-2):416-420. 17 January 2008.

Jain, Nidhi, Yana K. Reshetnyak, Lan Gao, M. Paul Chiarelli and Bongsup P. Cho. "Fluorescence Probing of Aminofluorene-Induced Conformational Heterogeneity in DNA Duplexes." Chemical Research in Toxicology. 21(2):445-452. February 18, 2008.

Karbach, Michael.  SEE also: Lu, Ping.

Karbach, Michael, Gerhard Muller and Klaus Wiele. "Interaction and Thermodynamics of Spinons in the XX Chain." Journal of Physics A - Mathematical and Theoretical. 41(20):#205002. May 23, 2008.

Lu, Ping, Jared Vanasse, Christopher Piecuch, Michael Karbach and Gerhard Muller. "Statistically Interacting Quasiparticles in Ising Chains." Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 41(26):#265003. July 11, 2008.

Muller, Gerhard.  SEE: Karbach, Michael; Lu, Ping; Stepanov, Vyacheslav.

Nunes, Anthony C.  SEE: Sarkar, Jayashri.

Reshetnyak, Yana K.  SEE also: Jain, Nidhi; Shen, Chi; Zoonens, M.

Reshetnyak, Yana K., Oleg A. Andreev, Michael Segala, Vladislav S. Markin and Donald M. Engelman. "Energetics of Peptide (pHLIP) Binding To and Folding Across a Lipid Bilayer Membrane." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 105(40):15340-15345. October 7, 2008.

Ruffa, Anthony A. "Miniature Low Frequency Acoustic Transmitter  (Abstract)." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 123(3):1220. March 2008.

Sarkar, Jayashri, Vijay T. John, Jibao He, Christopher Brooks, Darshan Gandhi, Anthony Nunes, Ganapathiraman Ramanath and Arijit Bose. "Surfactant-Tempered Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of Patterned Nanoporous Titania Supports Loaded With Platinum Nanoparticles." Chemistry of Materials. 20(16):5301-5306.  August 26, 2008.

Shen, Chi,  Rajiv Menon, Dipanwita Das, Nidhi Bansal, Neha Nahar, Neelima Guduru, Stephen Jaegle, Joan Peckham and Yana K. Reshetnyak. "The Protein Fluorescence and Structural Toolkit: Database and Programs for the Analysis of Protein Fluorescence and Structural Data." Proteins-Structure Function and Bioinformatics. 71(4):1744-1754. June 2008.

Stepanov, Vyacheslav V., Gerhard Muller and Joachim Stolze. "Quantum Integrability and Nonintengrability in the Spin-Boson Model." Physical Review E, Statistical, Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics. 77( June 2008.

Zoonens, Manuela,  Yana K. Reshetnyack and Donald M. Engelman. "Bilayer Interactions of pHLIP, a Peptide That Can Deliver Drugs and Target Tumors." Biophysical Journal. 95(1):225-235. July 1.  2008.

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