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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Anderson, Christopher M.  SEE also: Swallow, Stephen K.

Anderson, Christopher M., Yong-An Park, Young-Tae Chang, Chang-Ho Yang, Tae-Woo Lee and Meifeng Luo. "A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Competition Among Container Port Hubs: The Case of Busan and Shanghai [1]." Maritime Policy & Management. 35(1):5-26. February 2008.

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Grigalunas, Thomas A.  SEE: Kim, Tae Goun.

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Isaac, R. Mark, Svetlana Pevnitskaya and Kurt Schneir. Individual Behavior and Bidding Heterogeneity in Sealed Bid Auctions Where the Number of Bidders Is Unknown. Department of Economics, Florida State University, Paper 2008-07-02. 2008.

Johnston, Robert J.  SEE also: Tyrrell, Timothy J.

Johnston, Robert J., R. S. Pomeroy, Cathy A. Roheim , Deepak P. Joglekar and Robert S. Pomeroy. "Estimating Food Preferences for Non-Market Attributes of Aquaculture and Sustainable Seafood Production: Methods and Empirical Applications." International Journal of Environment and Pollution. 33(4):469-484. September 2008.

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Roheim, Cathy A.  SEE also: Johnston, R. J.,

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Uchida, Emi.  SEE: Deng, Xiangzheng; Swallow, Stphen K.

Uchida, Hirotsugu.  SEE: Townsend, R.

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