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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2008

Women’s Studies

deFrances, Theresa. Women-Writing-Women: Three American Responses to the Woman Question. VCDM Verlag. 2008.

Hughes, Donna M. "Response to Cheng." Violence Against Women. 14(3):364-365. March 2008.

Lisberger, Jody. "Director Speaks to Future Planning and Women's Studies Challenges." Women's Studies Newsletter. Winter 2008.  p.1.

Lisberger, Jody. "Alumna Discusses Water in Africa."  Women's Studies Newsletter. Winter 2008. p.7.

Lisberger, Jody.  "New Director Jody Lisberger Welcomes You." Women's Studies Newsletter. Fall 2008. p.1.

Lisberger, Jody. Remember Love. Fleur-de-Lis Press. 2008.  195p.

Lisberger, Jody. "URI's Water System." Women's Studies Newsletter.  Winter 2008. p.8.

Rutherford, Brett. Wipperwill Road: A Book of Vampires, Incubio, Demons, Werewolves & Various Monsters, Along With Gods & Madmen, All Told in Poems to Delight the Knowing & Seduce the Innocent. 4th ed., Expanded and Revised. Grim Reaper Books. 2008.  272p.

Stein, Karen. "Director's Column." Women's Studies Newsletter. February 2008. p.1; February/March 2008. p.1; April 2008.  p.1

Stein, Karen. "It's About Time; Temporal Dimensions in Margaret Atwood's Life Before Man."  IN: Once Upon a Time: Myth, Fairy Tales and Legends in Margaret Atwood's Writings, Edited by Sarah Appleton. Cambridge Scholars. 2008.

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