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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Biological Sciences

Abbott, E. M. and T. J. Roberts. "Elastic Mechanisms as a Determinant of Anuran Jumping Performance: Do Toads Bounce? (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 49(Suppl.1):E191. 1 February 2009.

Anthony, Abigail, Joshua  Atwood, Peter August, Carrie Byron, Stanley Cobb, Cheryl Foster, Crystal Fry, Arthur Gold, KifleHagos, LennA Heffner, D. O. Kellogg, Kimberly Lellis-Dibble, James J. Opaluch, Candace Oviatt, Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, Nicole Rohr, Leslie Smith,  Tiffany Smythe, Judith Swift and Nathan Vinhateiro. "Coastal Lagoons and Climate Change: Ecological and Social Ramifications in the US Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ecosystems." Ecology and Society. 14(1):#8. June 2009.

Archibald, John M. and Christopher E. Lane. "Going, Going, Not Quite Gone: Nucleomorphs as a Case Study in Nuclear Genome Reduction." Journal of Heredity. 100(5):582-590. September-October 2009.

Astley, H. C. and T. J. Roberts. "Decoupling of Muscle Shortening and Joint Kinematics During Frog Jumping (Abstract)." Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A - Molecular & Integrative Physiology. 153(Suppl.s):S128. June 2009.

Azizi, E. and T. J. Roberts. "Biaxial Strain and Variable Stiffness in Aponeuroses (Abstract)." Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A - Molecular & Integrative Physiology. 153(Suppl.s):S128. June 2009.

Azizi, Emmanuel and Thomas J. Roberts. "Biaxial Strain and Variable Stiffness in Aponeuroses." Journal of Physiology-London. 587(17):4309-4318. September 1, 2009.

Azizi, E. and T. J. Roberts. "Mechanical Behavior of Appneuroses (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 49(Suppl.1):E7. 1 February 2009.

Azizi, E. and T. J. Roberts. "Mechanical Properties of the Gastrocnemius aponeurosis in Wild Turkeys." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 49(1):51-58. July 2009.

Azizi, E. and T. J. Roberts. "Muscle Performance During Frog Jumping: Influence of Series Elasticity on Muscle Length-Tension Behavior (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 49(Suppl.1):E7. 1 February 2009.

Bajec, Iztok Lebar and Frank H. Heppner. "Organized Flight in Birds." Animal Behaviour. 78(4):777-789. October 2009.

Barber, Julie S. and J. Stanley Cobb. "Qualitative Observations of Dungeness Crabs, Cancer Magister, in and Around Traps: Evidence of Resource Guarding and Clustering." Marine & Freshwater Behavior and  Physiology. 42(2):135-146. May 2009.

Bassett, Daniel K. and Jacqueline F. Webb. "Lateral Line-Mediated Prey Detection in the Lake Malawi Cichild, Aulonocara hansbaenchi (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology A. 49(Suppl.1):E11. February 2009.

Batiuk, Richard A., Denise L. Breitburg, Robert J. Diaz, Thomas M. Cronin, David H. Secor and Glen Thursby. "Derivation of Habitat-Specific Dissolved Oxygen Criteria for Chesapeake Bay and Its Tidal Tributaries." Journal of Experimental Marine  Biology and Ecology. 381(Suppl.1):S204-215. 1 December 2009.

Beatty, Michael, Rebekah Wigton, Robert Hill and Ying Sun. "The Rate Response and Synchronization of Muscle Contractions in the Forearms."  Proceedings of the IEEE 35th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference. 2009.

Benttinen, Justin and Evan Preisser. "Avian Kleptoparasitism of the Digger Wasp Sphex pensylvanicus." Canadian Entomologist. 141(6):604-608. November December. 2009.

Blanchette, Matthew D. and Steven Q. Irvine. "Qualitative RT-PCR Analysis of D11-B Knockdown in the Ascidian Ciona intestinalis (Abstract)." Ciona Intestinalis. 331(2):432. 2009.

Camp, Ariel L., Nicolai Konow and Christopher P. J. Sanford. "Functional Morphology and Biomechanics of the Tongue-Bite Apparatus in Salmonid and Osteoglossomorph Fishes." Journal of Anatomy. 214(5):717-728. May 2009.

Carlton, James T.  SEE also: Fofonoff, Paul W.

Carlton, James T.  "Deep Invasion Ecology and the Assembly of Communities in Historical Times." Ecological Studies. 2009:13-56.

Carlton, James T. and William A. Newman. "Reply to Clare and Hoeg 2008. Balanus amphritrite or Amphibalanus amphitrate: A Note on Barnacle Nomenclature." Biofouling. 25(1):77-80. 2009.

Carrington, Emily, Gretchen M. Moeser, James Dimont, Joseph J. Mello and Michael L. Boller. "Seasonal Disturbance to Mussel Beds: Field Test of a Mechanistic Model Predicting Wave Dislodgement." Limnology and Oceanography. 54(3):976-860. May 2009.

Cobb, J. Stanley.  SEE: Anthony, Abigail.; Barber, Julie S..

Codiga, Daniel L., Heather E. Stuffel, Christopher F. Deacutis, Susan Kieman and Candace A. Oviatt. "Narragansett Bay Hypoxic Event Characteristics Based on Fixed-Site Monitoring Network Time Series: Intermittancy, Geographic Distribution, Spatial Synchronicity, and Interannual." Estuaries and Coasts. 32(4):621-624.July  2009.

D'Amato, Anthony W., David A. Orwig and David R. Foster. "Understanding Vegetation in Old-Growth and Second-Growth Tsuga canadensis Forests in Western Massachusetts." Forest Ecology and Management. 257(3):1043-1052. February 10, 2009.

Deacutis, Christopher F.  SEE: Codiga, Daniel L.

Dunn, Paul H., Roger D. Goos and C. J. K. Wang. "Gladys Elizabeth Baker, 1908-2007." Mycologia. 101(3):431-435. May-June 2009.

Fitzpatrick, Matthew C., Evan L. Preisser, Aaron M. Ellison and Joseph S. Elkinton. "Observer Bias and the Detection of Low-Density Populations." Ecological Applications. 19(7):1673-1679. October 2009.

Flammang, B. E. and G. V. Lauder. "Caudal Fin Shape  Modulation and Control During Acceleration, Braking and Backing Maneuvers in Bluegill Sunfish, Lepomis macrochhirus." Journal of Experimental Biology. 212(2):277-287. January 2009.

Fofonoff, Paul W., Gregory M. Ruiz, Anson H. Hines, Brian D. Steves and James T. Carlton. "Four Centuries of Biological Invasions in Tidal Waters of the Chesapeake Bay." Ecological Studies. 2009:479-506. .

Goldsmith, Marian R.  SEE: Shimomura, Michihiko; Wu, Chengcang; Yasukochi, Yuji.; Zhen, Shuai.

Goos, Roger D.  SEE: Dunn, Paul H.

Haciski, S. Insley and Jacqueline F. Webb. "Preliminary Observations on the Development of the Little Skate, Leucoraja erinacea, With Reference to the Mechanosensory Lateral Line System (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology A. 49(Suppl.1):E238. February 2009.

Heppner, Frank H.  SEE also: Bajec, Istok LeBar.

Heppner, Frank. "Introductory Biology: Let's Train Lecturers (Letter)." Science. 325(5946):1338. September 11, 2009.

Heppner, Frank. "Kingston Amtrak Station's Safety (Letter)." Providence Sunday Journal. February 1, 2009.

Heppner, Frank. "No Screening Birds (Letter)." Providence Journal. April 6, 2009.  p.B7.

Heppner, Frank. "On the Bottom Line, Good Teaching Tops Good Research." Chronicle of Higher Education. 55(27):A72. March 13, 2009.

Hill, Robert B.  SEE: Beatty, Michael; Opuszynski, Michael; Sun, Ying.

Ingwell, Laura, J. Brady, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Brian Maynard, Richard Casagrande and Evan Preisser. "Intraspecific Variation in Tsuga canadensis Foliar Chemistry." Northeastern Naturalist. 16(4):585-594. 2009.

Irvine, Steven Q.  SEE also: Blanchette, Matthew D.

Irvine, Steven Q.  and Matthew D. Blanchette. "Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting and Transgenic Reporters for Measuring Gene Expression Profiles in Embryonic Epidermis of the Ascidian Ciona Intestinalis  (Abstract)." Ciona Intestinalis. 331(2):529. July 15, 2009.

Jackson, Donald C.  SEE also: Shephard, S.

Jackson, D. C. "Book Review: Damming the Grand Canyon: The 1923 USGS Colorado River Expedition, by Diane E. Boyer and Robert H. Well." Environmental History. 14(3):579-580. July 2009.

Kass-Simon, Gabriele.  SEE also: Kay, J. C.

Kass-Simon, Gabriele, Michael A. Zompa, Albert A. Scapatiacci, Robert V. Zackroff and Linda Hufnagel. "Nucleolar Binding of an Antibody in Hydra: A Non-Canoniocal Role for an NMDA Receptor Protein?" Journal of Experimental Zoology. Pt. A. Ecological Genetics and Physiology. 311(10):763-775. December 1, 2009.

Kay, J. C. and G. Kass-Simon. "Glutamatergic Transmission in Hydra: NMDA/D-Serine Affects the Electrical Activity of the Body and Tentacles of Hydra vulgaris (Cnidaria hydrozoa)." Biological Bulletin. 216(2):113-125. April 2009.

Killingbeck, Keith T. "Flowers Are Produced on Stems Shorter Than One Meter in the Desert Shrub Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens)." Southwestern Naturalist. 54(1):55-57. March, 2009.

Lane, Christopher E.  SEE also: Archibald, John M.; Schneider, Craig W.

Lane, Christopher E. and John M. Archibald. "Reply to Bodyl, Stiller and Mackiewicz: 'Chromalveolata plastids: Direct Descent or Multiple Endosymbiosis (Letter)?'" Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 24(3):121-122. Lane 2009.

Lauder, George V.  SEE: Flammang, B. E.

Lee, David, Y.-W., Xuding Lin, Elena E. Paskaleva, Yanze Liu, Shadakshara S. Puttamadappa, Carol Thornber, James R. Drake, Maja Habulin, Alexander Shekhtman and Mario Canki. "Palmitic Acid Is a Novel CD4 Fusion Inhibitor That Blocks HN Entry in Infection." AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. 25(12):1231-1241. 2009.

Lyons, Patrick, Carol Thornber, John  Portnoy and Evan Gwilliam. "Dynamics of Macroalgal Blooms Along the Cape Cod National Seashore." Northeastern Naturalist. 16(1):53-66. 2009.

Opuszynski, Michael, Martin Amani, Robert Hill and Ying Sun. "A Force-Clamp System With Realistic Waveforms for Studying Auxotonic Contractions of Muscles."  Proceedings of the IEEE 35th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference. 2009.

Orwig, David A.  SEE: D'Amato, Anthony W.

Preisser, Evan L.  SEE also: Benttinen, Justin;  Fitzpatrick, Matthew C.; Ingwell, L.

Preisser, Evan L. "The Physiology of Predator Stress in Free-Ranging Prey." Journal of Animal Ecology. 78(6):1103-1105. November 2009.

Preisser, Evan L., Diane I. Bolnick and Jonathan H. Grabowski. "Resource Dynamics Influence the Strength of Non-Consumptive Predator Effects on Prey." Ecology Letters. 12(4):316-323. April 2009.

Ramsay, J. B. and C. D. Wilga. "Jaw Depressor Function During Feeding in Little Skates, Leucoraj erinacea (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology A. 49(Suppl.1):E140. February 2009.

Raposa, Kenneth B., Richard A. McKinney and Aaron Beaudette. "Effects of Tide Stage on the Use of Salt Marshes by Wading Birds in Rhode Island." Northeastern Naturalist. 16(2):209-224. 2009.

Roberts, Eric and Alison W. Roberts. "A Cellulose Synthase (CESA) Gene From the Red Alga Porphyra yezoensis (Rhodophyta)." Journal of Phycology. 45(1):203-212. February 2009.

Roberts, Alison W.  SEE: Roberts, Eric.

Roberts, Thomas J.  SEE also: Astley, H. C.; Azizi, E.; Saweicki, Gregory S.

Roberts, T. J. and E. Azizi. "The Series Elastic Shock Absorber: Tendon Elasticity Reduces Peak Muscle Forces During Active Lengthening (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 49(Suppl.1):E145. 1 February 2009.

Roberts, T. J. and E. Azizi.  "Tendons as Power Attenuators (Abstract)." Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A - Molecular & integrative Physiology. 153(Suppl.s):S127-S128. June 2009.

Rosa, Rui, Lloyd Trueblood and Brad A. Seibel. "Ecophysiological Influence on Scaling Aerobic and Anerobic Metabolism of Pelagic Gonatid Squids." Physiological and  Biochemical Zoology. 82(5):419-429. September 2009.

Rosenthal, Joshua J. C., Brad A. Seibel, Agnieszka Dymowska and Francisco Bezanilla. "Trade-Off Between Aerobic Capacity and Locomotor Capitation Activity in an Antarctic Pteropod."  Proceedings of the National Academy of the United States. 106(15):6192-6196. April 14, 2009.

Sanford, Christopher P. J.  SEE also: Camp, Ariel L.

Sanford, C. P. J., S. Day and N. Konow. "The Role of Mouth Shape on the Hydrodynamics of Suction Feeding in Fishes," Integrative and Comparative Ecology. 49(Suppl.1):E149. February 2009.

Sawicki, Gregory S., Peter Sheppard and Thomas J. Roberts. "Mechanical Power Amplification in a Compliant Muscle-Tendon Working on an Inertial Load in Gravity (Abstract)."  Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A - Molecular & integrative Physiology. 153(2):S127-S128. June 2009.

Schneider, Craig W., Christopher E. Lane and Gary W. Saunders. "Molecular Investigations of Foliose Rhodymeniophycidae (Rhodo phyta) From Bermuda, Western Atlantic. 2009.  p.64-66.

Scott, A. J., S. P. Gerry, J. Ramsay and C. D. Wilga. "Condition of Muscle Activity Between Ventilation and Feeding in Spiny Dogfish (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology A. 49(Suppl.1):E303. February 2009.

Seibel, Brad A.   SEE also: Rosa, Rui; Rosenthal, Joshua C.; Trueblood, L.

Seibel, Brad A. and Heidi M. Dierssen. "Animal Function at the Heart (and Gut) of Oceanography." Science. 323(5912):343-344. January 16, 2009.

Shephard, S. and D. C. Jackson. "Density-Independent Growth of Floodplain River Channel Catfish Ictalurus punctatus." Journal of Fish Biology. 74(10):2409-2414. June 2009.

Shimomura, Michihiko, Hiroshi Minami, Yoshitaka Suetsugu, Hajime Ohyanagi, Chikatada Satoh, Baltazar Antonio, Yoshiaki Nagamura, Keiko Kadono-Okuda, Hideyuki Kariwara, Hideki Sezutu, Javaregowda Nagaraju, Marian R. Goldsmith, Qingyou Xia, Kimiko Yamamoto and Kazuei Mita. "KAIKObase: An Integrated Silkworm Genome Database and Data Mining Tool." BMC Genomics. 10(486). October 21, 2009.

Stoehr, A. S. and C. D. Wilga. "Prey Processing in Elasmobranches (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology A. 49(Suppl.1):E310. February 2009.

Sun, Y., J. Wu, L. Collis and R. B. Hill. Apparatus for Neuromuscular Measurement and Control. US Patent No. 7,489,965 B2, 2009.

Thornber, Carol S.  SEE: Lee, David; Lyons, Patric; Tracy, M.

Thursby, Glen.  SEE: Batiuk, Richard M.

Tracy, M.,  B. Wysor, M. Guidone and C. Thornber. "A Molecular Comparison Drift and Attached Green Tide Species in Narragansett Bay, RI (Abstract)." Journal of Phycology. 45(S1):30. February 2009.

Twombly, Saran.  SEE: Wang, Guiming.

Wang, Guiming, N. Thompson Hobbs, Saran Twombly, Randall B.  Boone, Andrew W. Illius, Iain J. Gordon and John L. Gross. "Density Dependence on Northern Ungulates: Interactions With Predation and Resources." Population Ecology. 51(1):123-132. 2009.

Webb, Jacqueline F.  SEE also: Bassett, Daniel K.; Haciski, Sinsby.

Webb, Jacqueline F. "Book Review: Atlas of Fish Histology." Quarterly Review of Biology. 84(3):313. September 2009.

Wilga, Cheryl D.  SEE also: Ramsay, J. B.; Scott, A. J.; Stoehr, A. S.; Wood, Anthony D.

Wilga, Cheryl D. "Hyoid and Pharyngeal Arch Function During Ventilation and Feedings in Elasmobranchs (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology A. 49(Suppl.1):E182. February 2009.

Wood, Anthony D., Bradley M. Wetherbee, Francis Juanes, Nancy E. Kohler and Cheryl Wilga. "Recalculated Diet and Dairy Ration of the Shortfin Mako (Isurus oxyrincvhus), With a Focus on Quantifying Predation on Bluefish (Pomatomus saltratrix) in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean." Fishery Bulletin. 107(1):76-88. January 2009.

Wu, Chengcang, Dina Prostou, Dorothy Carter, Erica Nicholson, Filippe Santos, Shaying Y. Zhao, Hong-B. Zhang and Marian R. Goldsmith. "Construction and Sequence Sampling of Deep-Coverage Large-Insect BAC Libraries for Three Model Lepidopteran Species." BMC Genomics. 10:#283. June 26, 2009.

Yasukochi, Yuji, Makiko, Tanaka-Okuyama, Fukashi Shibata, Atsue Yoshido, Frantisek Marec, Chengcang Wu, Hongbing B. Zhang, Marian R. Goldsmith and Ken Sahara. "Extensive Conserved Synteny of Genes Between the Karyotypes of Manduca sexta and Bombyx mori Revealed by BAC-FISH Mapping." Plos One. 4(10):#e7456. October 15, 2009.

Zhan, Shuai Jianhua Huang, QiuhOng Guo, Yunpo Zhao, Weihua Li, Xuexia Miao, Marian R. Goldsmith, Muwang Li and Yongping Huang. "An Integrated Genetic Linkage Map for Silkworm With Three Parental Combinations and Its Application to the Mapping of Single Genes and QTL." BMC Genomics. 10:389. August 21, 2009.

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