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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Civil & Environmental

Gindy, Mayrai and George Tsiatis. Study of an Overload Truck Screening System for a Sustainable Highway Bridge Network. URI Transportation Center. (URITC Project No. 0001900) 2009.  29p.

Lee, Kang Wayne.  SEE also:  Tekalur, Srinivasan; Tsiatis, George.

Lee, K. W. "Education, Research and Innovation in Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure and System Through International Transportation Program."  IN: Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI), Madrid, Spain, November 16-18, 2009.

Oyandel-Craver, Vinka, Valentina Lazarova, Juan M. Garrido and Ramon Mendez. "Comparative Study Between a Hybrid System and a Biofilm System for the Treatment of Ammonia and Organic Matter in Wastewater." Journal of Environmental Engineering. 135(5):351-358. May 2009.

Rodriguez, Wilfred, Daniel W. Urish, Ilka C. Feller and Raymond M. Wright. "Relationships Between Frequency of Ground Exposure and Forest Cover in a Mangrove Island Ecosystem." Atoll Research Bulletin. 568:1-21. July 2009.

Tekalur, Srinivasan, Arun Shukla, Martin Sadd and K. Wayne Lee. "Mechanical Characterization of a Bituminous Mix Under Quasi-Static and High-Strain Rate Loading." Construction and Building Materials. 23:1795-1802. May 2009.

Tsiatis, George.  SEE also: Gindy, Mayrai.

Tsiatis, George, K. Wayne Lee. Albrecht Kasten, Hari Premmaraju Venkata and James Sherrod. Design of Existing Simple Span Bridges Made Continuous. University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Department of transportation. (FHWA-RID07-RTD-09-01) 2009.  169p.

Urish, Daniel W.  SEE also: Rodriguez, Wilfred.

Urish, Daniel W., Raymond W.  Wright, Ilka C. Feller and Wilfred Rodriguez. "Dynamic Hydrology of a Mangrove Island: Twin Cays, Belize." Contributions to the Marine Sciences. 36: 2009.

Wright, Raymond M.  SEE: Rodriguez, Wilfred.

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