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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Sciences

Aires-da-Silva, Alexandre. Mark, M. N. Maunder, Vincent F. Gallucci, Nancy E. Kohler and John J. Hoey. "A Spatially Structured Tagging Model to Estimate Movement and Fishing Mortality Rates for the Blue Shark (Prionance glauca) in the North Atlantic Ocean." Marine and Freshwater Research. 60(10):1029-1043. 2009.

Appledorn, R. S., G. D. Dennis, R. L. Hill, W. Merton, C. W. Recksiek and S. J. Williams. "Movement of Fishes (Grunts: Haemulidae) Across the Coral Reef Seascape: A Review of Scales, Patterns and Processes." Caribbean Journal of Science. 45(2-3):304-316. 2009.

Bengtson, David A.  SEE: Markey, K.

Bradley, Terence M.  SEE: Medeiros, E. F.

Brumbaugh, Robert D. and Loren D. Coen. "Contemporary Approaches for Small-Scale Oyster Reef Restoration to Address Substrate Versus Recruitment Limitation: A Review and Comments Relevant for the Olympia Oyster, Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864." Journal of Shellfish Research. 28(1):147-173. March 2009.

Castro, Kathleen M.  See also: Shields, J.

Castro, K. "Recent Progress in the New England Shell Disease Initiative (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 28(3):687-688 August 2009.

Committee on Best Practices for Shellfish Aquaculture and the Effects of Commercial Activities in Drakes Estero, Point Reyes National Seashore, California (Peterson, O., B. Costa-Pierce, B. Drumbauld, E. Hofmann, H. Kite-Powell, D. Manahan, F. O'Beirn, R. Paine, P. Thompson and R. Whitlach). Ocean Studies Board, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D. C. 2009.

Costa-Pierce, Barry A.  SEE also: Committee..

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DeAlteris, Joseph T.  SEE: LaValley, Kenneth J.; Reich, Danielle A.

de Freitas, Renato Hagenis Ache, Richard S. Rosa, Bradley M. Weatherbee and Samuel H. Gruber. "Population Size and Survivorship for Juvenile Lemon Sharks (Negaprion brevirostris) on Their Nursing Grounds at a Marine Protected Area in Brazil." Neotropical Icthyology. 7(2):205-212. April-June 2009.

Drinkwater, K. F., F. Mueter, K. D. Friedland, G. L. Hunt and J. Hare. "Recent Climate Forcing and Physical Oceanography Changes in Northern Hemisphere Regions: A Review and Comparison of Four Marine Ecosystems." Progress in Oceanography. 81(1-4):10-28. April 2009.

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Dudzinski, Kathleen Marie, Justin David George, Christine Ann Ribic and Stan Abraham Kuczal. "A Comparison of Pectoral Fin Contact Between Two Different Wild Dolphin Populations." Behavioural Processes. 80(2):182-190. February 2009.

DeFavier, J., R. M. Smolowitz and S. B. Roberts. "Development and Validation of a Real-Time Quantitative PCR Assay for the Detection and Quantification of Perkinsus marinus in the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica." Journal of Shellfish Research. 28(3):459-464. August 2009.

Fogarty, Michael J.  SEE also: Levin, Phillip. S.; Palumbi, Stephen R.; Worm, Boris.

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Gedamke, Todd, John M. Hoening, William D. DuPau and John A. Musick. "Stock-Recruitment Dynamics and the Maximum Population Growth Rate of the Barndoor Skate on Georges Bank." North American Journal of Fisheries Management. 29(2):512-526. April 2009.

Gomez-Chiarri, Marta.  SEE: LaValley, Kenneth J.; Markey, K.;  McGreevy, Thomas J., Jr.; Nacci, Diane; Proestou, D. A.; Shelton, J.; Vaughn, C. F.

Hansen, H. and M. L. Schwartz. "Fine Structure of Picment Cup Ocelli in Micrura verrilli (Nemertea) (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 49(Suppl.1):E240. 1 February 2009.

Hare, Jonathan A.  SEE: Drinjkwater, K. F.; Friedland, Kevin G.; Hernandez, Frank J.;  Link, Jason; Megrey, Bernard A.; Mueter, Franz J.; Wood, Abby Jane M.

Hernandez, Frank J., Jonathan A. Hare and Dariusz P. Fay. "Evaluating Diel, Otogenic and Environmental Effects on  Larval Fish Vertical Distribution Using Generalized Addictive Models for Location, Scale and Shape." Fisheries Oceanography.  18(4):224-236. 2009.

Hoey, John J.  SEE: Aires-da-Silva, Alexandre M.

LaValley, Kenneth J., Steve Jones, Marta Gomez-Chiarri, Joseph DeAlteris and Michael Rice. "Bacterial Community Profiling of the Eastern Oyster (Crassostorea virginica): Comparison of Culture-Dependent and Culture-Independent Outcomes." Journal of Shellfish Research. 28(4):827-835. December 2009.

Leavitt, Dale F.  SEE: Markey, K.;  Rice, Michael A.

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Mansfield, Katherine L., Vincent S. Saba, John A. Keinath and John A. Musick. "Satellite Tracking Reveals a Dichotomy in Migration Strategies Among Juvenile Loggerhead Turtles in the Northwest Atlantic." Marine Biology. 156(12):2555-2570. November 2009.

Markey, K., D. Bengtson, M. Gomez-Chiarri, D. Leavitt, A. Lipsky and E. Scherer. "Environment and Disease Monitoring of Rhode Island Shellfish Farms Through the EQIP Program 2006-2008 (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 28(3):653. August 2009.

Markey, K., D. Leavitt, K. Tamm and M. Gomez-Chiarri. "Juvenile Oyster Disease, a (Manageable) Curse for Oyster Aquaculture (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 28(3):713. August 2009.

McGreevy, Thomas J., Jr., Lisa Dabek, Marta Gomez-Chiarri and Thomas P. Husband. "Genetic Diversity in Captive and Wild Matschie's Tree Kangaroo (Dendrolagus matsheiti) From Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea, Based on mtDNA Control Region Sequences." Zoo Biology. 28(3):183-196. May 2009.

McMillan, Beverly, John A. Musick and Eva Schweikart. Haie. Oetinger. 2009.  64p.  (German)

McMillan, Beverly, John A. Musick and Eva Schweikart. Tiburones. Larousse. 2009.  64p.  (Spanish)

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Musick, John A.  SEE: Gedamke, Todd; Mansfield, Katherine L.; McMillan, Beverly; Portnoy, David S.; Romine, Jason G.

Nacci, Diane, Marina Huber, Denise Champlin, Saro Jayaraman, Sarah Cohen, Eric Gauger, Allison Fong and Marta Gomez-Chiarri. "Evolution of Tolerance to PCBs and Susceptibility to a Bacterial Pathogen (Vibrio harveyi) in Atlantic Killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) From New Bedford (MA, USA) Harbor." Environmental Pollution. 157(3):857-864. 2009.

Palumbi, Stephen R., Paul A. Sandifer, J. David Allen, Michael W. Beck, Daphne G. Fautin, Michael J. Fogarty, Benjamin S. Halpern, Lewis S. Incze, Jo-Ann Leong, Elliott Norse, John J. Stachowicz and Diana H. Wall. "Managing for Ocean Biodiversity to Sustain Marine Ecosystem Services." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 7(4):P204-211. May 2009.

Portnoy, David S., Jan R. McDowell, Camilla T. McCandless, John A. Musick and John E. Graves. "Effective Size Closely Approximates the Census Size in the Heavily Exploited Western Atlantic Population of the Sandbar Shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus." Conservation Genetics. 10(6):1697-1705. 2009.

Proestou, D. A., S. Salger, C. Vaughan and M. Gomez-Chiarri. "Form and Function of a Novel Metalloprotinease From the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology A. 49(Suppl.1):E139. February 2009.

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Schwartz, Malia L.  SEE also: Hansen, H.

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Smolowitz, Roxanne M.  SEE: DeFavier, J.; Spitsbergen, Jan M.

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Wetherbee, Bradley M.  SEE: de Freitas, Renato Hagenis Ache.; Wood, Anthony D.

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Wood, Anthony D., Bradley M. Wetherbee, Francis Juanes, Nancy E. Kohler and Cheryl Wilga. "Recalculated Diet and Dairy Ration of the Shortfin Mako (Isurus oxyrincvhus), With a Focus on Quantifying Predation on Bluefish (Pomatomus saltratrix) in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean." Fishery Bulletin. 107(1):76-88. January 2009.

Worm, Boris, Ray Hilborn, Julia K. Baum, Trevor A. Branch, Jeremy S. Collie,  Christopher Costello, Michael J. Fogarty, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Jeffrey A. Hutchings, Simon Jennings, Olaf P. Jensen, Heike K. Lotze, Pamela M. Mace, Tim R. McClanahan, Coilin Mintu, Stephen R. Palumbi, Ana M. Parma, Daniel Ricard, Andrew A. Rosenberg, Reg Watson and Dick Zeller. "Rebuilding Global Fisheries." Science. 325(5978-585. July 31, 2009.

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