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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Industrial & Systems

Agnetis, Alessandra,  Paolo Detti, Marco Pranzo and Manbir S. Sodhi. "Sequencing Unreliable Jobs on Parallel Machines." Journal of Scheduling. 12(1):45-54. February 2009.

Cheung, S., M. Song and J. H. Wang. "Assessing Slow-Downs Casued by Dynamic Message Signs."  IN: Proceedings of the IIE Research Conference. Paper 611. 2009.  p.1-6.

Dewhurst, P., N. Fang and S. Srithongchai. "A General Boundary Approach to the Construction of Michell Truss Structures." Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. 39(4):373-384. October 2009.

Dewhurst, P., D. G. Taggart, R. B. Waterman and S. Heinemann. "Three-Dimensional Cylindrical Truss Structures: A Case Study for Topological Optimization." WIT Transactions on the Built Environment. 10:107-117. 2009.

Maier-Speredelozzi, Valerie.  SEE: Mikulik, Josef; Wang, Jyh-Hone.

Mikulik, Josef, Daniel John Berman and Valerie Meier-Speredelozzi. "Snowflake: Joint Comparative Read Safety Study for Rhode Island and the Czech Republic." Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board 88th Annual Meeting. 2009.  1t6p.

Noel, Martin, Bernard F. Lamand and Manbir S. Sohi. "Simulation of Random Tool Lives in Metal Cutting on a Flexible Machine." International Journal of Production Research. 47(7):1835-1855. April 2009.

Sodhi, Manbir S.  SEE: Agnetis, Alessandra.; Noel, Martin.

Song, M. and J. H. Wang. "A Study on the Cause and Treatment for Tailgating."  IN: Proceedings of the IIE Research Conference. Paper No.605. 2009.  p.1-6.

Stucker, Brent E.  SEE: Yang, Y.

Wang, J. H. and M. Keceli and V. Maier-Speredelozzi. "Effect of Dynamic Sign Messages on Traffic Slow Downs."  IN: Proceedings of the 88th Annual TRB Meeting. No.09-1964. 2009.  p.1-16.

Wang, Jyh-Hone and Miao Sang. Studying the Vehicle Issue and Its Impact on the Slow-Down Effect. University of Rhode Island. Transportation Research Center. (URITE 001852) June 2009.  54p.

Yang, Y., G. D. Janaki Ram and B. E. Stucker. "Bond Formation and Fiber Embedment During Ultrasonic Consolidation." Journal of Materials Processing Technology. 209(10):4915-4924. June 2009.

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