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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Labor Research Center

Halbesleben, Jonathan R. B. and Anthony Wheeler. "Student Identification With Business Education Models." Journal of Management Education. 33(2):166-195. April 2009.

Harris, Kenneth, Anthony R. Wheeler and K. Michele Kacmar. "Leader-Member Exchange and Empowerment: Direct and Interactive Effects on Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intentions, and Performance." Leadership Quarterly. 20(3):371-382. June  2009.

Harris, Kenneth J., Ramida B. Harris and Anthony R. Wheeler. "Relationships Between Politics, Supervisor Communication, and Job Outcomes." Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 39(11):2669-2688. November 2009.

Molloy, Scott. "Memories of My Parents in an Empty House." Providence Sunday Journal. June 14, 2009.  p.C5.

Molloy, Scott. "R. I. Needs Gambling, High Business Taxes." Providence Journal Bulletin. April 26, 2009.  p.C5.

Molloy, Scott. "Trolley Wars."  IN: The Encyclopedia of Strikes in American History,  Edited by Aaron Brenner, Benjamin Day and Immanuel Ness. M. E. Sharpe. 2009.  p.519-533.

Molloy, Scott. "Whence the Labor History Society." Rhode Island Labor History Society Newsletter. 20(3):[3]. October 2009.

Todd, Samuel Y., Kenneth J. Harris, Ranida B. Harris and Anthony R. Wheeler. "Career Success Implications of Political Skill." Journal of Social Psychology. 149(3):179-295. June 2009.

Wheeler, Anthony R.  SEE: Halbesleban, Jonathan R. B.; Harris, Kenneth J.; Todd, Samuel Y.

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