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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Marine Affairs

Burroughs, Richard.  SEE also: Peng, Benrong.

Burroughs, Richard. Coastal Governance: Making Environmental Policy for the Region Where People Live. Island Press. 2009.

Christie, Patrick, Richard  Pollnac, Enrique Oracion, Agnes Sabonsolin, Roxie Diaz and Diana Pietri. "Back to Basics: An Empirical Study Demonstrating the Importance of Local-Level Dynamics for the Success of Tropical Marine Ecosystem-Based Management."  Coastal Management. 37(3-4):349-373. 2009.

Christie, Patrick, Richard Pollnac, David L. Fluharty, Mark A. Hixon, Gordon K. Lowry, Robin Mahon, Diane Pietri, Brian N. Tissot, Alan T. White, Nygiel Amada and Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio. "Tropical Marine EBM Feasability: A Synthesis of Case Studies and Comparative Analysis."  Coastal Management. 37(3-4):374-385.  2009.

Krausse, Gerald H., Producer. Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. [Videorecording} Save the Wild Video. 2009.  1 Videodisc (109 Minutes)

Macinko, Seth, Editorial Board. Coastal Management. Vol.37, 2009.

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Pietri, Diane, Patrick Christie, Richard  Pollnac, Robin Diaz and Agnes Saboonsolin. "Information Diffusion in Two Marine Protected Area Networks in the Central Vusayas Region, Philippines."  Coastal Management. 37(3-4):331-338.  2009.

Pollnac, Richard B.  SEE also: Christie, Patrick; Pietri, Diane.

Pollnac, Richard and Patrick Christie. "Introduction: Scaling up to Ecosystem-Based Management Case Studies and Comparative Analysis." Coastal Management. 37(3-4):215-218. 2009.

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