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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Angelopoulos, Theodore J., Joshua Lowndes, Linda Zukkley, Kathleen J. Melanson, Von Nguyen, Anik Huffman and James M. Rippe. "The Effect of High-Fructose Corn Syrup Consumption on Truglycerides and Uric Acid." Journal of Nutrition. 139(6):S1242-S1245. June 2009.

Burke, J. D., R. A. Reilly, I. E. Lofgren and J. S. Morrell. "Integrating Nutrition Research Into Dietetic Internship (Abstract)." 109(9):A12. Suppl.3. September 2009.

Burke, Joanne D., Ruth A. Reilly, Jesse S. Morrell and Ingrid E. Lofgren. "The University of New Hampshire's Young Adult Health Risk Screening Initiative." Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 109(10):1751-1758. October 2009.

Caldwell, Marjorie J.  SEE: Cullinan, Kathleen M.

Cullinen, Kathleen M. and Marjorie J. Caldwell. "Knowledge and Behaviors Related to Colorectal Cancer Prevention Among Non-Hispanic Black Women in Rhode Island." Medicine and Health Rhode Island. 92(6):219-222. June 2009.

Fernandez, M. L., K. Herron, J. Ordovas, R. M. Clark and I. E. Lofgren. "ABCG5 Polymorganison Contributes to the Individual Response to Dietary Cholesterol and to Cartenoids Present in Eggs (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. 2(4-5):211. 2009.

Fey-Yensan, Nancy.  SEE: Greene, Geoffrey, W.

Greaney, Mary L., Faith D. Lees, Adrienne A. White, Sarah F. Dayton, Deborah Riebe, Bryan Blissmer, Suzanne Schoff, Jennifer R. Walsch and Geoffrey W. Greene. "College Students Barriers and Enablers for Healthful  Weight Management: A Qualitative Study." Journal of Education and Behavior. 41(4):281-286. July-August 2009.

Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE also: Greaney, Mary L.; Herrick, Minette; Schembre, Susan; Shoff, Suzann.

Greene, G. and N. Fey-Yensan. "Keeping Track With a Healthful Diet: What We Have Learned From the Senior Project (Abstract)" Gerontologist. 49(Suppl.2):329. October 2009.

Greene, Geoffrey. "Nutrition Educators: Helping Provide Healthful Home Environments." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 41(6):379.November  2009.

Greene, Geoffrey. "President's Message."  Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 441(4):231. July-August 2009.

Greene, Geoffrey. "SNE: A Profesional Home."  Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 41(4):231. July-August 2009.

Herrick,  Minette, Kandra Kettelmann, Howard Wey, Geoffrey W. Greene, Adrienne White, Tanya M. Horacek, Barbara Lohse, Jill Patterson, Suzanne Shoff and Colleen Boyle. "SRA Winner-Association Between Participant Baseline Characteristics and Time Spent on Web Lessons (Abstract)."  Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 441(4):S32. Suppl. 1. July-August 2009.

Hicks, Doris T., Lori F. Pivarnik, Ryan McDermott, Nicole Richard, Dallas G. Hoover and Kalmia E. Kneil. "Consumer Awareness and Willingness to Pay for High-Pressure Processing of Ready-to-Eat Food." Journal of Food Science  Education. 8(2):32-38. April2009.

Lofgren, Ingrid E.  SEE: Burke, Joanne D.; Fernandez, M. L.; Reilly, R. A.; Vislocky, Lisa M.

Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE also: Angelopoulos, Theodore J.; Schembre, Susan.

Melanson, Kathleen, Editorial Board. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 2009.

Melanson, Kathleenn J "Dietary Considerations for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Youth." American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 3(2):106-109. March/April 2009.

Patnoad, Martha S.  SEE: Pivarnik, Lori F.

Pivarnik, Lori F.  SEE also: Hicks, Doris T.

Pivarnik, Lori, Martha S. Patnoad, Nicole Leyden Richard, Robert K. Gable, Diane Wright Hirsch, Joseph Madaus, Stan Scarpati and Elena Carbone. "Assessment of Food and Safety Knowledge of High School and Transition Teachers of Special Needs Students." Journal of Food Science and Education. 8(1):13-19. January 2009.

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Shoff, Suzann, Emily Nuss, Tanya Horacek, Colleen Boyle, Barbara Lohse, Jill Patterson, Jodi Krall, Adrienne White, Douglas Matthews, Susan Schembre and Geoffrey Greene. "Sleep Quality is Associated With Eating Behavior in 18-24 Year Old College Students (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 441(4):S8-9. Suppl. 1. July-August 2009.

Vislocky, Lisa M., Matthew A. Pikosky, Kristin Herron Rubin, Sonia Vega-Lopez, P. Courtney Gaine, William F. Martin, Tosca L. Zern, Ingrid E. Lofgren, Maria Luz Fernandez and Nancy R. Rodriguez. "Habitual Consumption of Eggs Does Not Alter Beneficial Effects of Endurance Training on Plasma Lipids and Lipoprotein Metabolism in Untrained Men and Women." Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 20(1):26-34. January 2009.

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