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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Natural Resources Science

Amador, Jose A.  SEE also; Gorres, Jose H.

Amador, Jose A. "Book Review: Hillel, Daniel. Soil in the Environment - a New Introduction." Ecology. 90(1):284-285. 2009.

Amador, J. A. "Ecosystem Services Provided by Turfgrass and Landsc ape Plantings." Journal of Nematology. 41(4):301-302. December 2009.

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August Peter V.  SEE: Vigness-Raposa, K. J.

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Cerrato, Robert M.  SEE: Lonsdale, Darcy J.

Compton, Jana E.  SEE: Ebersole, Joseph L.; Granek, Elise F.; Shaff, Courtney D.

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Dabek, Lisa.  SEE: McGreevy, Thomas J.

Desrochers, DaVID W., S. R. McWilliams, M. D. Silbernagle and J. M. Reed. "Do Energy and Nutritional Value of Food Influence Hawaiian Moorhen (Callinula ohloropus sandricensts) Abundance? (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology A. 49(Suppl.1):E46. February 2009.

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Forrester, Graham E.  SEE: Paddock, Michelle J.; Samhouri, Jamiel.

Frank, Douglas A. and Peter M. Groffman. "Plant Rhizospheric N Processes: What We Don't Know and Why We Should Care." Ecology. 90(6):1512-1519. June 2009.

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Gold, Arthur J.  SEE: Anthony, Anthony; Blazejewski, Gary A.; Donohue, Sean W.;  McCann, Alyson; Groffman, Peter M.

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Husband, Thomas P.  SEE: McGreevey, Thomas J., Jr.

Kellogg, Dorothy Q.  SEE: Anthony, Abigail.

Kennedy, Robert E., Philip A. Townsend, John E. Gross, Warren B. Cohen, Paul Bolstad, Y. Q. Wang and Phyllis Adams. "Remote Sensing Change Detection Tools for Natural Resource Managers: Understanding Concepts and Tradeoffs in the Design of Landscape Monitoring Projects." Remote Sensing of the Environment. 113(7):1382-1396. 2009.

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McKinney, Richard A.  SEE also: Oczkowski, Autumn J.; Raposa, Kenneth B.

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Meyerson, Laura A.  SEE also: Baron, Jill S.; Meyerson, Frederick A. B.; Miranda Jr., R.; Royer, Dana L.; Sala, Osvaldo E.

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