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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009


Anthony, Abigail, Joshua  Atwood, Peter August, Carrie Byron, Stanley Cobb, Cheryl Foster, Crystal Fry, Arthur Gold, KifleHagos, LennA Heffner, D. O. Kellogg, Kimberly Lellis-Dibble, James J. Opaluch, Candace Oviatt, Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, Nicole Rohr, Leslie Smith, Tiffany Smythe, Judith Swift and Nathan Vinhateiro. "Coastal Lagoons and Climate Change: Ecological and Social Ramifications in the US Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ecosystems." Ecology and Society. 14(1):#8. June 2009.

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Foster, Cheryl A.  SEE also: Anthony, Abigail.

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Foster, Cheryl. "Real Referendum Debate Lost in Polarizing Rhetoric (Letter)." South County Independent. June 11, 2009.  p.A9.

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Meghani, Zahra.   SEE also: Brody, HowArd; Kuzma, Jennifer; Ryan, Michael.

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Zeyl, Donald J. "Book Review: Socratic Value: Making the Best of Neither-Good-Nor-Bad, by Naomi Reshotko." Ancient Philosophy. 29(1):176-180. Spring 2009.

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