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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009


Andreev, Oleg A.  SEE also: Karabadzhak, Alexander; Lebedev, A.; Prudence, Cynthia; Reshetnyack, Yana K.; Segala, James; Vavera, Amy L.; Yao, Lan.

Andreev, Oleg A., Donald M. Engelman and Yana K. Reshetnyack. "pHLIP Technology for Imaging and Drug Delivery (Abstract)." Amino Acids. 37(Suppl.1):40. July 2009.

Andreev, O. A., D. M. Engelman and Y. K. Reshetnyack. "Targeting Acidic Diseased Tissue New Technology Based on the Use of pH(Lo) Insertion Peptide (pHLIP)." Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today. 27(2):34-37. Suppl. March-April 2009.

Chatterjee, S. and  A. E. Meyerovich. "Bose-Einstein Condensation of Interacting Gases in Traps With and Without Optical Lattice." Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. 79(3):0336281-033628/15. March 2009.

Foote, K. C., S. V. Letcher and M. B. Moffitt. "Contributions of Robert T. Beyer to Acoustical Science: A Review." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 128(4):2219. October 2009.

Hixon, John and Yana Reshetnyack. "Algorithm for the Analysis of Tryptophan Flourescence Spectra and Their Correlation With Protein Structural Parameters." Algorithms. 2(3):1155-1176. 2009.

Karbach, Michael.  SEE: Lu, P.

Karabadzhak, Alexander, Dhammika Weerakkody, Donald M. Engelman, Oleg A. Andreev and Yana K. Reshetnyack. "Kinetics of Peptide (phLIP) Insertion and Folding in a Lipid Bilayer Membrane (Abstract)." Biophysical Journal. 96(3):453a. Suppl.1. February 2009.

Kruez, M., W. Neavizhevsky, P. Schmidt-Wellenberg, T. Joldner, M. Thomas, H. G. Boener, F. Naraghi, G. Pignol, K. V. Protasov, D. Rebelend, F. Vezzu, R. Flaminio, C. Michel, N. Morgando, P. Pinard, S. Baessier, A. M. Gagarski, L. A. Grigorieve, T. M. Kuzmina, A. E. Meyerovich, L. P. Mezhov-Deglin, G. A.Petrov, A. V. Strelkov and A. Y. Vororin. "A Method to Measure the Resonance Transitions Between the Gravitationally Bound Quantum States of Neutrons in the GRANIT Spectrometer." Nuclear Instruments & Materials in Physics Research. Section A. - Accelerators Spectrometers. Detectors and Associated Equipment. 611(2-3):326-330. December 1, 2009.

Lebedev, A., D. V. Divilov, O. Andreev, D. M. Engeman, Y. Reshetnyack and J. S. Lewis. "pH Low Insertion Peptide: Radioodination and pH-Dependent Tumor Accumulation of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals (Abstract)."      52(S1):S130. 2009.

Letcher, Stephen V.  SEE: Foote, K. C.    

Lu. P., G. Muller and M. Karbach. "Quasiparticles in the XXZ Model." Condensed Matter Physics. 12(3):381-398. 2009.                                        

Meyerovich, Alexander E.  SEE: Chatterjee, S.; Kreuz, M.

Muller, Gerhard.  SEE: Lu, P.

Prudence, Cynthia N., Jim Segala, Vladislav Markin, Yana Reshetnyack and Oleg Andreev. "Actin-Myosin Interaction (Abstract)." Biophysical Journal. 96(3):123a. Suppl.1. February 2008.

Reshetnyack, Yana K.  SEE also: Andreev, Oleg A.; Hixon, John; Karabadzhak, Alexander; Lebedev, A.; Prudence, Cynthia; Segala, James; Vavera, A. L.;  Yao, Lan.

Reshetnyack, Yana K., Oleg A. Andreev, Michael Segala, Vladislaw S. Markin and Donald M. Engelman. "Energetics of Peptides (pHLIP) Binding to and Folding Across a Lipid Bilayer Membrane (Abstract)."  Biophysics Journal. 96(3, Suppl.1):206a. February 2009.

Segala, James, Donald M. Engelman, Yana K. Rehetnyack and Oleg A. Andreev. "Accurate Analysis of Tumor Margins Using a Fluorescent pH Low Insertion Peptide (pHLP)." International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 10(8):3478-3487. August 2009.

Vavera, Amy L., Grainne B. Biddlecombe, William M. Spees, Joel R. Garbow, Dayanjali Wijesinghe, Oleg A. Andreev, Donald M. Engelman, Yana K. Reshetnyack and Jason S. Lewis. "A Novel Technology for the Imaging of Acidic Prostate Tumors by Positron Emission Tomography." Cancer Research. 69(10):4510-4516. May 15, 2009.

Yao, Lan, Gregory Andreev, Yana Reshetnyack and Oleg Andreev. "Fabrication of Semiconductor Nanowires by Conjugation of Quantum Dots to  Actin Filaments." Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry. 395(5):1563-1566. November 2009.

Yao, Lan, Sida Zheng, Donald M. Engelman, Yana K. Reshetnyack and Oleg A. Andreev. "pHLIP-Bionanosyringe for Targeting Acidic Solid Tumors and Selective Delivery of Nanomaterials (Abstract)." Biophysical Journal. 96(3):332a. Suppl.1. February 2008.

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