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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Sociology & Anthropology

Anderson, Bradley A.  SEE: Caviness, Celeste M.; Stein, Michael D.

Bovy, K. M. "Book Review: Zuoarchaeology. 2nd ed." Journal of Anthropological Research. 65(3):487-488. Fall 2009.

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Doerner, Jill K. Explaining the Gender Gap in Sentencing Outcomes; An Investigation of Differential Treatment in U.S. Federal Courts. Bowling Green State University. (Thesis, Ph.D.) 2009.

Garcia-Quijano, Carlos G.   SEE also: Valdes-Pizzini, Manuel.

Garcia-Quijano, Carlos G. "Managing Complexity: Ecological Knowledge and Success in Puerto Rican Small-Scale Fisheries." Human Organization. 68(1):1-17. Spring 2009.

Gersuny, Carl. "The Great Ryan Center Boondoggle (Letter)." Providence Journal. March 14, 2009.  p.B7.

Sherwood, Jessica Holden. "Esther Rothblum and Sondra Soloway's The Fat Studies Reader." MS. 19(4):55. 2009.

Sherwood, Jessica Holden. "The View From the Country Club: Wealthy Whites and the Matrix of Privilege."  IN: The Intersectional Approach: Transforming the Academy Through Race,  Class, and Gender. 2009.  p.136-156.

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Stein, Michael D.,  Bradley J. Anderson, Celeste Caviness, Cynthia Rosengard, Susan Kiene, Peter Friedmann and Jennifer G. Clarke. "Relationship of Alcohol Use and Sexual Risk Taking Among Hazardously Drinking Incarcerated Women: An Event-Level Analysis." Journal of Studies on Alcohol & Drugs. 70(4):508-515. July 2009.

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Valdes-Pizzini, Manuel and Carlos Garcia-Quijano. "Coupling of Humans, Habitats and Other Species: A Study of Fishers' Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)." Caribbean Journal of Science. 45(2-3):363-371. 2009.

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