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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Textiles, Fashion Merchandising & Design

Bide, Martin J.  SEE also: Collier, Billie J.

Bide, Martin. "Book Review: Identification of Textile Fibers, Edited by Max M. Houck." AATCC Review. 9(8):21-22. August 2009.

Bide, Martin. "Fiber Sustainability: Green Is Not  Black + White." AATCC Review. 9(7):34-37. July 7 2009.

Collier, Billie J., Martin J. Bide and Phyllis Tortora. Understanding Textiles. 7th Edition. Pearson Education. 2009.  564p.

Harps-Logan, Yvette. "Pain (Poem)." Broadside No.5. New Leaves Press. University of Rhode island Libraries. Special Collections Unit.  2009.

Kim, S. and D. H. Kincaid. "Evolution of a New Retail Institution Type: Case Study i n South Korea and China." Clothing and textiles Research Journal. 27(4):301-310. October 2009.

Ordonez, Margaret T. "Forward, a Historical Perspective."  IN: Weaving Designs by Bertha Grey Hayes; Miniature Abstract Patterns, by Norma Smayda, Gretchen White, Jody Brown and Katharin Scheleng. Schiffer. 2009.  p.4-5.

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