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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010

Biological Sciences

Abbott, E. M., R. L. Marsh, H. C. Astley, E. Azizi and T. J. Roberts. "The Celebrated Jumping Frogs of Calaveras County: How Far Can a Frog Really Jump? (Abstract)" Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1)e1. July 2010.

Albani, Marco, Paul R. Moorcroft, Aaron M. Ellison, David A. Orwig and David R. Foster. "Predicting the Impact of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid on Carbon Dynamics of Eastern United States Forests." Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 40(1):119-123. January 2010.

Alford, J. Brian and Donald C. Jackson. "Associations Between Watershed Characteristics and Angling Success for Sport Fisheries in Mississippi Wadeable Streams." North American Fisheries Management. 30(1):112-120. February 2010.

Astley, H. C. and T. J. Roberts. "Decoupling of Muscle Shortening and Joint Kinematics During Frog Jumping (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1)e5. July 2010.

August, Peter V.  SEE also: Vigness-Raposa, Kathleen J.

August, P. V., J. M. Swift, D. Q. Kellogg, G. Page, P. Nelson, J. Opaluch, J. S. Cobb, C. Foster and A. J. Gold. "The T Assessment Tool: A Simple Metric for Assessing Multidisciplinary Graduate Education." Journal of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Education. 39:15-21. 2010.

Azizi, Emanuel and Thomas J. Roberts. "Geared Up to Stretch: Pinnate Muscle Behavior During Active Lengthening (Abstract)."  Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1):e6. July 2010.

Azizi, Emanuel and Thomas J. Roberts. "Muscle Performance During Frog Jumping: Influence of Elasticity on Muscle Operating Lengths." Proceedings of the Royal Society. B - Biological Science. 2779(1687):1523-1530. May 22, 2010.

Bailey, Jeffrey C.  SEE: Mach, Douglas M.

Baker, T., E. Anderson, J. L. Lim and G. V. Lauder. "Locomotion by Flexible Foils: Effect of Length and Stiffness on Performance (Abstract)."  Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1):e7. July 2010.

Betancur, Lissete, Bir Singh, Ryan A. Rapp, Jonathan F. Wendel, M. David Marks, Alison W. Roberts and Candace H.  Haigler. "Phylogenetically Distinct Cellulose Synthase Genes Support Secondary Wall Thickening in Arabidopsis Shoot Trichomes and Cotton Fiber." Journal of Integrative Plant Biology. 52(2):205-220. February 2010.

Blanchette, Matthew and Steven Irvine. "D11-B Knockdown and Overexpression in the Ascidian Ciana Intestinalis (Abstract)." Developmental Biology. 344(1):487. 1 August 2010.

Card, Christopher and Becky L. Sartini. "Sperm Messenger RNA Isolation From the Whole Sperm (Live and Dead) Population in Frozen Bull Seman Straws (Abstract)." Biology of Reproduction. Suppl. S. p.80. 138. 2010.

Carlson, Rose. L. and George V. Lauder. "Living on the Bottom: Kinematics of Benthic Station-Holding in Darter Fishes (Percidae: Etheostomatinae)." Journal of Morphoplogy. 271(1):25-35. January 2010.

Carlton, James T.  SEE also: Geller, Jonathon B.; Sorte, Cascade J. B.

Carlton, James T. "The Impact of Maritime Commerce on Marine Biodiversity." Brown Journal of World Affairs. 16(2):131-142. Spring/Summer 2010.

Cianciola, Elisabeth N., Thea R. Popolzio, Craig W. Schneider and Christopher E. Lane. "Using Molecular-Assisted Alpha Taxonomy to Better Understand Red Algal Biodiversity in Bermuda." Diversity. 2(6):946-958. June 2010.

Cobb, J. Stanley.  SEE: August, Peter V.

Crynes, G. L., E. Azizi and T. J. Roberts. "Variable Gearing in Artificial Pneumatic "Muscles" (Poster Abstract)."  Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1)e219. July 2010.

Dickson, J. M. and J. F. Webb. "The Development of Widened Lateral Line Canals in Lake Malawi Cichlid: Insights Into Lateral Line Evolution (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1):E43. July 2010.

Dodds, Kevin J., Peter de Groot and David A. Orwig. "The Impact of Sirex noctillo in Pinus resinosa and Pinus sylvestris Stands in New York and Ontario." Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 40(2):212-223. February 2010.

Dong, H., M. Bozkurttas, R. Mittal, P. Madden and G. V. Lauder. "Computational Modelling Analysis of the Hydrodynamics of a Highly Deformable Fish Pectoral Fin." Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 645:34-73. February 25, 2010.

Ellison, Aaron M., Audrey A. Barker-Plotkin, David R. Foster and David A. Orwig. "Experimentally Testing the Role of Foundation Species in Forests: The Harvard Forest Hemlock Removal Equipment." Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 1(2):168-179. 2010.

Feagin, Rusty A., William K. Smith, Norbert P. Pauly, Donald. R. Young, M. Luisa Martinez, Gregory A. Carter, Kelly L. Lucas, James C. Bibeaut, Jane N. Gemma and Richard E. Koske. "Barrier Islands: Anthropogenic Stability With Ecological Sustainability." Journal of Coastal Research. 26(6):987-992. November 2010.

Fitzpatrick, Matthew  C., Evan L. Preisser,  Adam Porter, Joseph Elkington, Lance A. Waller, Bradley P. Carlin and Aaron M. Ellison. "Ecological Boundary Detection Using Bayesian Areal Wombling." Ecology. 91(12):3448-3455. December 2010.

Flamming, B. E., G. V. Lauder, D. R. Trooline and T. Strand. "Instantaneous Volumetric Wake Analysis of Locomotion in Teleost Fishes (Poster Abstract)" Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1):e228. July 2010.

Fogarty, Michael J.  SEE: Hare, Jonathan A.; Murawski, Steven A.

Geller, Jonathon B., John A. Darling and James T. Carlton. "Genetic Perspectives on Marine Biological Invasions." Annual Review of Marine Science. 2:367-383. 2010.

Gerry, S. P., A. P. Summers, C. D. Wilga and M. N. Dean. "Pairwise Modulation of Jaw Muscle Activity in Two Species of Elasmobranchs." Journal of Zoology. 281(4):282-292. August 2010.

Gintof, Chris, Nicolai Konow, Callum F. Ross and Christopher P. J. Sanford. "Rhythmic Chewing With Oral Jaws in Teleost Fishes: A Companion With Amniotes." Journal of Experimental Biology. 213(11):1868-1875. June 1, 2010.

Goldsmith, Marian R.  SEE also: Liu, Chun.

Goldsmith, Marian R. and Frantisek Marec. Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Lepidoptera. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis. (Contemporary Topics in Entomology Series) 2010.  362p.

Goldsmith, Marian R. "Recent Progress in Silkworm Genetics and Genomics."  IN: Goldsmith, Marian R. and Frantisek Marec. Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Lepidoptera. Taylor & Francis. (Contemporary Topics in Entomology Series) 2010. p.25-47.

Goos, R. D. The Mycota of Rhode island: A Checklist of the Fungi Recorded in Rhode Island (Including Lichens and Myxomyrtes). Rhode Island natural History Survey. 2010.  222p.

Gottlieb, Jonah, James Tangorra, Christopher Esposito and George Lauder. "A Biologically Derived Pectoral Fin for Yaw Turn Manoeuvres." Applied Bionics and Biomechanics. 7(1):41-55. 2010.

Guidone, Michele, Carol S. Thornber and Emily Field. "Snail Grazing Facilitates Growth of a Bloom-Forming Alga." Marine Ecology Progress Series. 420:83-89. 2010.

Haciski, S. Insley and Jacqueline F. Webb. "Structural Organization and Ontogeny of the Lateral Line System in Embryos of Little Skate, Levcoraja eerinacea (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1):E65. July 2010.

Hancock, Lillian, Lynda Goff and Christopher Lane. "Red Algae Lose Key Mitochondrial Genes in Response to Becoming Parasitic." Genome Biology and Evolution. 2:897-910. 2010.

Hare, Jonathan A., Michael A. Alexander, Michael J. Fogarty, Erik H. Williams and James D. Scott. "Forecasting the Dynamics of a Coastal Fishery Species Using a Coupled Climate-Population Model." Ecological Applications. 20(2):452-464. March 2010.

Henry, Raymond P.  SEE: Nyack, A. C.

Heppner, Frank. "Letter." Providence Phoenix. September 10, 2010.  p.30.

Hill, Robert B.  SEE: Keefe, D. Minori.

Holbert, Rachel E. and Steven Q. Irvine. "Visualization of CiPax6 Expression in Combination With Neural Transmitters Reveals Better Understanding of the Developing Ascidian Brain (Abstract)." Developmental Biology. 344(1):457. 1 August 2010.

Irvine, Steven Q.  SEE also: Blanchette, Matthew D.; Holbert, Rachel E.

Irvine, Steven Q. "A Pan-Ectodermal Enhancer Module Regulates the DIx-B Gene in Ciona (Abstract)." Developmental Biology. 344(1):457-458. 1 August 2010.

Jackson, Donald C.  SEE also: Alford, J. Brian.

Jackson, Donald C. "Book Review: Dam. By Trevor Turpin." Technology and Culture. 51(1):286-287. January 2010.

Jackson, Donald C. "President's Hook: Addressing the Oil Spill in the Gulf Of Mexico." Fisheries. 35(7):316. July 2010.

Jackson, Donald C.. "President's Hook: Engaging Deeper Currents." Fisheries. 35(8):368,408. August 2010.

Jackson, Donald C. "President's Hook: Fisheries Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Approaches to Training the Next Generation of Fisheries Scientists." Fisheries. 35(6):264,301. June 2010.

Jackson, Donald C. "President's Hook: A Foundation and Framework for Fisheries." Fisheries. 35(2):56, 90. February 2010.

Jackson, D. C. "President's Hook: From Water Strider to Diving Beetle: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Professionalism." Fisheries. 35(2):160,192. April 2010.

Jackson, Donald C. "President's Hook: In Consideration of the Hypolimnion (Editorial Material)." Fisheries. 35(2):108,135. March 2010.

Jackson, Donald C. "President's Hook: Mentoring: A Synergistic Multi-Directional Endeavor." Fisheries. 35(1):4, 47 January 2010.

Jackson, Donald C. "President's Hook: Nurturing the Garden - If We Think of 'Gardening' as One Way of Viewing the Fisheries Profession's Stewardship of Aquatic Resources, Then What Sort of Garden Do We Want to Have?" Fisheries. 36(5):212,246. May 2010.

Jackson, Donald C., Steven R. Chipps and Michael L. Brown. "President's Hook: Fisheries Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Approaches to Training the Next Generation of Fisheries Scientists." Fisheries. 36(6):264,301. June 2010.

Jackson, Donald C.. "The Yuma Reclamation Project: Irrigation, Indian Allotment, and Settlement Along the Lower Colorado River." Agricultural History. 84(4):555-556. Fall 2010.

Jones, Emily and Carol Thornber.  "Effects of Habitat-Modifying Invasive Macro Algae on Epiphytic Algal Communities." Marine Ecology Progress Series. 400:87-100. February 2010.

Kass-Simon, Gabriele.  SEE: Kay, J. C.: Scappatacci Jr., A. A.

Kay, J. C. and G. Kass-Simon. "Errata Corrections for Vol.216, pp.115, 116,117,122,123 in the Article Titles 'Glutamatergic Transmission in Hydra: NMDA/D-Serine Affects the Electrical Activity of the Body and Tentacles of Hydra vulgaris (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)' Biol.Bull. 216:113-125." Biological Bulletin. 219(2):VIII. October 2010.

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Koske, Richard E.  SEE: Feagin, Rusty A.

Krueger, William H. "Shower in Seconds (Letter)." Providence Journal. December 21, 2010.  p.B7.

Lane, Christopher E.  SEE also: Cianciola, Elisabeth N.; Hancock, Lillian; Schneider, Craig W.

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Lauder, George V.  SEE: Baker, T.; Carlson, Rose L.; Dong, H.; Flammang, B. E.; Gottlieb, Jonah; Rivera-Rivera, Nydia L.; Rosa-Molina, E.; Tangorra, James L.; Tytell, Eric D.

Liu, Chun, Kimoko Yamamota, Ting-Cai Cheng, Keiko Kadono-Okuda, Junko Narukawa, Shi-Ping Liu, Yu Han, Ryo Futahashi, Kurako Kidorokoro, Hiroaki Noda, Isao Kobayashi, Tashiko Tamura, Akio Ohnuma, Yutaka Banno, Fang-Ying Dai, Zong-Hhuai Zhang, Marian R. Goldsmith, Kazuel Mita and Qing-You Xia. "Repression of Tyrosine Hydoxylase Is Responsible for the Sex-Linked Chocolate Mutation of the Silkworm, Bombyx  Mari." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 107(29):12980-12985. July 20, 2010.

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Orwig, David A.  SEE: Albani, Marco; Dodds, Kevin J.; Ellison, Aaron M.; Miller-Pierce, Mailea R.

Preisser, Evan.  SEE: Fitzpatrick, M. C.; Miller-Pierce, Mailea R.; Orrock, J. L.; Sih, Andrew.

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Roberts, Alison W.  SEE: Betancur, Lissete.

Roberts, Thomas J.  SEE also: Abbott, E. M.; Astley, H. C.; Azizi, Emanuel; Crynes, G. L.; Sawicki, G. S..

Roberts, Thomas J. and Emmanuel Azizi. "The Series-Elastic Shock Absorber Tendons Attenuate Muscle Power During Eccentric Actions." Journal of Applied Physiology. 109(2):396-404. August 2010.

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Sartini, Becky L.  SEE: Card, Christopher; Noblet, Erin.

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Wilga, Cheryl  D.  SEE also: Gerry, S. P.; Maia, A.

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