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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010

Computer Science & Statistics

Dash, Jr., Gordon H. and N. Kajiji. Applied Risk Management: Fundamentals of Derivatives and Automated Trading. NKD Group, INc. 2010.  Ebook:

Dash, Jr., Gordon H., N. Kajiji and J. Forman. "Effective Real-Time Automated Trading for Academia: Stochastic Multi-Criteria Decision Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Student Directed Portfolios and Hedge Funds."  IN: Proceedings of the Special Session of the Annual Meeting of the Financial Management Association International, New York, New York, October 20-23, 2010.  Session 218.

Dash, Jr., Gordon H., N. Kajiji and J. Forman. "Global Wealth Maximation Using Neuroeconomic Behavioral Drivers and Continuous Automated Trading."  IN: Proceedings of the 2010 Global Development Finance Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, November 24-26, 2010.

Dash, Jr., Gordon H., N. Kajiji and J. Forman. "Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Rough Set Methodology to Engineer a Predictive School Classification System." William A. Orme Working Paper Series. College of Business Administration, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, R.I., Working Paper No.1, 2010 Series.

Dash, Jr., Gordon H., N. Kajiji and J. Forman. "Neutralizing Systemic Risk to Optimize International Wealth Maximization by Neuroeconomic Automated Trading (Abstract)."  IN: Proceedings of the International Conference on Decision Sciences in Managing Global Services, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India, December 28-30, 2010.  p.37.

Dash, Jr., Gordon H., N. Kajiji and J. Forman. "Optimizing Automated Share Trading Using WinORSe-A1: Cognitive Decision Theory and High Frequency Artificial Neural Networks."  IN: Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Operational Research, Lisbon, Portugal, July 11-14, 2010.  p.200.

Dash, Jr., Gordon H., N. Kajiji and J. Forman. "Stochastic Multicriteria Decision Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Continuous Automated Trading for Wealth Maximization."  IN: Proceedings of the 24th Mini Euro Conference on Continuous Optimization and Information-Based Technologies in the Financial Sector, Izmir, Turkey, June 23-26, 2010.

Encarnacao, L. Miguel.  SEE: Kasik, D.

Gonzalez, M. Liliana.  SEE: Rosa, Rui; Vigness-Raposa, Kathleen J. Carrano

Heltshe, James F.  SEE: Pelletier, Margueritte;  Wigand, Cathleen.

Herve, Jean-Yves, Brian Mullen, Tomas Francisco, Yago Vicente, Christopher T. S. Allen, Charles Morace and Ivan Otterness. "Using a Game Engine to Integrate Experimental, Field, and Simulation Data for Science Education: You Are the Scientist!"  IN: Proceedings of CGAT 2010 - Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology. 2010.  p.141-147.

Kajiiji, Nina.  SEE: Dash, Jr., Gordon H.

Kasik, D., M. Stone, M. Bailey, A. van Dam, J. Dill, L. M. Encarnacao, L. Rosenblum, R. Earnshaw, K. L., Ma, P. C. Wong, J. L. Encarnacao, D. Fellner and B. Urbin. "Jim Thomas, 1946-2010 In Memoriam." IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. 30(6):10-13. November-December 2010.

Pelletier, Marguerite C., Arthur J. Gold, James F. Heltshe and Henry W. Buffum. "A Method to Identify Estuarine Macroinvertebrate Pollution Indicator Species in the Virginia Biogeographic Province." Economic Indicators. 10(5):1037-1048. September 2010.

Rosa, Rui, Liliana Gonzalez, Bernardo R. Broitman, Susana Garrido, A. Miguel P. Santos and Maria L. Nunes. "Bioenergetics of Small Pelagic Fishes in Upwelling Systems: Relationship Between Fish Condition, Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics and Fisheries." Marine Ecology Progress Series. 410:205-218. 2010.

Vigness-Raposa, Kathleen J., Robert D. Kenney, M. Liliana Gonzalez and Peter V. August. "Spatial Patterns of Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) Sightings and Survey Effort: Insight Into North Atlantic Population Structure." Marine Mammal Science. 26(1):161-175. January 2010.

Wigand, Cathleen, Richard McKinney, Marnita Chintala, Suzanne Lussier and James Heltshe. "Development of a Reference Coastal Wetland Set in Southern New England (USA)." Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 161(1-4):583-598. February 2010.

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