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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010


Abt, David L., Karen M. Fischer, Geoffrey A. Abers, Marino Protti, Victor Gonzalez and Wilfred Straub. "Constraints on Upper Mantle Anistrophy Surrounding the Cocos Slab From SK(s) Splitting." Journal of Geographical Research. Pt. B -Solid Earth. 115:#03616. June 24, 2010.

Abt, David L., Karen M. Fischer, Scott W. French, Heather A. Ford, Huaiyu Yuan and Barbara Romanowicz. "North American Lithospheric Discontinuity Structure Imaged by Ps and Sp Receiver Functions." Journal of Geographical Research. Pt. B -Solid Earth. 115:#09301. September 23, 2010.

Boothroyd, Jon.  SEE: LaFrance, Monique.

Boving, T. B. and R. Rowell. "Environmental Applications of Lignocellusic Filler Materials."  IN: Sustainable Development in the Forest Products Industry, Edited by R. Rowell. EFP Editions. 2010.

Boving, T. B., P. Cady, B. S. Choudri, K. Hawalder and W. Blanford. "Improving Water Quality by Riverbank Filtration - Experience in India and Jordan."  IN: Proceedings of the 2nd International Perspective on Current and Future State of Water Resources and the Environment. American Society of Chemical Engineers (ASCE)/Association of Environmental and Water Resources Engineers and Scientists Conference (EWRI), Chennai, India. 2010.

Burks, Rachel.  SEE: Ludwikoski, David J.

Cardace, D. "Microbes in Extreme Environments Related to Serpentinization: Implications for Life on the Early Earth and Other Planets."  IN: Serpentine: A Model for Evolution and  Ecology,  Edited by Susan Harrison and Nishanti Rajakarunu. University of California Press. 2010.

Fischer, Karen M.  SEE also: Abt, David L.; Ford, Heather A.; French, S. W. ; Mackenzie, Laura S.; Rychert, Catherine A.; Till, Christy B

Fischer, Karen M., Heather A. Ford, David L. Alb and Catherine A. Rychert. "The Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary." Review of Earth and Planetary Science. 38:551-570. May 30, 2010.

Fischer, Karen M., Lara S. Wagner, Donald W. Forsyth and Robert B. Hawman. "Understanding the Lithospheric Suture Between Laurentia and Gondwana: A Passive Seismic Experiment in the Southeastern United States (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 42(1):99. March 2010.

Ford, Heather A., Karen M. Fischer, David L. Abt, Catherine A. Rychert and Linda T. Elkins-Tanton. "The Lithosphere - Asthenosphere Boundary and Cratonic Lithispheric Layering Beneath Australia." Earth & Planetary Science Letters. 300(3/4):299-310. December 2010.

French, S. W., L. M. Warren, K. M. Fischer, G. A. Abers, W. Strauch, J. M. Protti and V. Gonzalez. "Constraints on Upper Plate Deformation in the Nicaraguan Subduction Zone From Earthquake Relocation and Directivity Analysis." Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. 11:#Q03S20. March 12, 2010.

Hapke, Cheryl J.  SEE also: Himmelstoss, Emily; Lentz, Ericka E.

Hapke, Cheryl J., Paul Gayes, Clayton McCoy and Ericka E. Lentz. "The Influence of Inner Shelf Morphology in a Dynamic System: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Dune/Beach Behavior at Fire Island National Seashore, New York, 1998-2008 (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 42(1):140. March 2010.

Hapke, Cheryl J. and  Nathaniel Plant. "Predicting Coastal Cliff Erosion Using a Bayesian Probabilities Model." Marine Geology. 278(1-4):140-149. December 2010.

Himmelstoss, Emily, Cheryl J. Haoke, Meredith G. Kratzmana and E. Robert Thulier. "Historical Shoreline Change Assessment of the U.S. New England and Mid Atlantic Coasts (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 42(1):102. March 2010.

LaFrance, Monique, Emily Shumchenia, John King, Robert Pockalny, Bryan Oakley, Sheldon Pratt and John Boothroyd. "Benthic Habitat Distribution and Subsurface Geology in Selected Sites From the Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Study Area."  IN: Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan (Ocean SAMP). Volume Two, Appendices. 2010.  p.294-391.

Lentz, Ericka E.and Cheryl J. Hapke, Assessing a Decade of Morphologie Change in a Dynamic System: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Dune/Beach Behavior at Fire Island National Seashore, New York, 1998-2008  (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 42(1):140. March 2010.

Lentz, Ericka E., Cheryl J. Hapke. "Paul T. Gayes, Clayton A. McGoy, Rachel Heres, William C. Schwab and Jeffress Williams. "The Review of Sediment Budget Imbalances Along Fire Island, New York: Can Nearshore Geologic Framework and Patterns of Shoreline Change Explain the Deficit?" Journal of Costal Research. 26(3):510-522. May 2010.

Ludwikoski, David J., Rachel Burks and Albert J. Shulley. "Everything Old Is New Again: The Geology of Baltimore County, MD: A Revised Guide for Public School Teachers (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 42(1):114. March 2010.

Mackenzie, Laura S., Geoffrey A. Abers, Stephane Rondenay, and Karen M. Fischer. "Imaging a Steep Dipping Subducting Slab in Southern Central America." Earth and Planetary Letters. 296(3/4):459-468. August 2010.

Rudge, John F., Peter B. Kelemen and Marc Spiegelman. "A Simple Model of Reaction-Induced Cracking Applied to Serpentinization and Carbonation of Peridotte." Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 291(1-4):215-227. March 1, 2010.

Rutherford, Scott D., Michael E. Morris, Caspar M. Ammanov and Eugene R, Wahi. "Comments on 'A Surrogate Ensemble Study of Climate Reconstruction Methods: Stochasticity and Robustness'." Journal of Climate. 23(10):2832-2838. May 2010.

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Spiegelman, Marc.  SEE: Rudge, John F.

Till, Christy B., Linda T. Elkins-Tanton and Karen M. Fischer. "A Mechanism for Low-Extent Melts  the Lithospere-Asthenosphere Boundary." Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. 11:Q10015. October 27, 2010.

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