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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010

Labor Research Center

Brown, Mark P., Jonathan R. B. Halbesleben and Anthony R. Wheeler. "Lead for Demand and Lag for Supply: The Use of Pay Development to Predict Hospital Performance." Advances in Health Care. 9:79-96. 2010.

Halbesleben, Jonathan R. B. and Anthony R. Wheeler. "Coverage by Smoke-Free Workplace Policies by Race/Ethnicity and Health Outcomes; Can Workplace Health Policies Improve Worker Health?" International Workplace Health Management. 3(2):111-130. 2010.

Harvey, Jaron, Anthony Wheeler, Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben and M. Ronald Buckley. "How Did You Figure That Out? Employee Learning During Socialization." Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management. 29:167200. 2010.

Molloy, Scott. "Book Review: Landscape of History: An Industrial History of the Blackstone Valley, by the Worcester Historical Museum." New England Quarterly. 83(1):160-162. March 2010.

Molloy, Scott. "Cowardly Achorn Serves His A.H. Belo Masters (Letter)." Providence Journal. 2010.

Molloy, Scott. "Gist's Speech (Letter)." Providence Journal. May 28, 2010.  p.B7.

Molloy, Scott. "Labor Archives Gift to URI Library." AAUP News. XXIV(3):2. February/March 2010.

Wheeler, Anthony R.  SEE also: Brown, Mark P.; Halbesleben, Jonathan R. B.; Harvey, Jaron.

Wheeler, Anthony R., Jonathan R. B. Halbesleben and Kristen Shanine. "Eating Their Cake and Everyone Else's Cake, Too: Resources as the Main Ingredient to Workplace Bullying." Business Horizons. 53(6):553-560. November-December 2010.

Wheeler, Anthony R., Kenneth J. Harris and Paul Harvey. "Moderating and Mediating the HRM Effectiveness-Intent to Turnover Our Relationship: The Role of Supervisors and Job Embeddedness." Journal of Managerial Issues. 22(2):182-197. Summer 2010.

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