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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010

Library & Information Studies

Adams, Suellen S.  SEE also: Reyes, Adam D.

Adams, Suellen S. "Marketing the Homework Center Digitally." Young Adult Library Services. 8(2):11-12. Winter 2010.

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Gilton, Donna L. "Gone Too Soon, But Not Forgotten: The Life and Times of Rev. Charles Webster Gilton, Sr., World Traveler and Great Debater." .M.E. Church Review. July-September 2010.  p.88-94.

Jackson, Michael. "Interview With Krisellen Maloney." Library Leadership & Management. 24(2):83-86. 2010.

Kelly, James R. "Book Review: Hinks, John and Catherine Armstrong,  Editors. Book Trade Connections From the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries." Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America. 104(1):122-124. March 2010.

Kelly, James R. "Making a List (Letter)." New York Times Book Review. January 3, 2010.  p.6.

Martin, Elaine Russo and Donna Kafel. "Response to Neil Rambo's Editorial: 'E-Science and Biomedicine Libraries' ((Letter)." Journal of the Medical Library Association. 98(1):5. January 2010.

Newcombe, Pat. "Book Review: Nunziato, Dawn C. Virtual Freedom: Net Neutrality and Free Speech in the Internet Age." Law Library Journal. 102(3):491-492. Summer 2010.

Odean, Kathleen. "Drama and Danger." Teacher Librarian. 37(5):15. June 2010.

Odean, Kathleen. "Enchanting Readers." Teacher Librarian. 37(5):41. June 2010.

Odean, Kathleen. "Enjoying the Series." Teacher Librarian. 37(3):17. February 2010.

Odean, Kathleen. "Fantasy in the Modern World."  Teacher Librarian. 38(1):11. 2010.

Odean, Kathleen. "Future, Past, and Imaginary Worlds." Teacher Librarian. 37(3):71. February 2010.

Odean, Kathleen. "Life's Struggles." Teacher Librarian. 37(4):11. April 2010.

Odean, Kathleen. "Many Favorites Among Recent Winners." Providence Journal. February 9, 2010.  p.D1,D3.

Odean, Kathleen. "Rocky Romances."  Teacher Librarian. 38(1):22. 2010.

Odean, Kathleen. "Timely Topics." Teacher Librarian. 37(4):63. April 2010.

Pape, Whitney.  SEE: Steve, Thomas.

Reyes, Ian and Suellen Adams. "Screening Play: Rules, Wares, and Representations in 'Realistic" Video Games." Eludamos. 4(2):149-166. 2010.

Steve, Thomas, Howard Stoner and Whitney Pape. "The Rediscovered Map Collection of the John Hay Library: An Example of Creating and Promoting a Collection of Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century American Maps." Journal of Map & Geography Libraries. 6(2):82-111. 2010.

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