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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010

Marine Affairs

Dalton, Tracey. SEE also: Pollnac, Richard P.; Thompson, R.

Dalton, Tracey and Di Jin. "Extent and Frequency of Vessel Oil Spills in US Marine Protected Areas." Marine Pollution Bulletin. 21(11):1755-1759. November 2010.

Dalton, Tracey, Robert Thompson and Di Jin. "Mapping Human Dimensions in Marine Spatial Planning and Management: An Example From Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island." Marine Policy. 34(2):309-319. March 2010.

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Pollnac, Richard B.  SEE also: Mahon, Robin.

Pollnac, Richard, Editorial Board. Coastal Management. v.38, 2010.

Pollnac, Richard and Tarsila Sears. "Factors Influencing Success of Marine Protected Areas in the Visayas, Philippines as Related to Increasing Protected Area Coverage." Environmental Management. 2010.

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Thompson, Robert H.  SEE also: Dalton, Tracey.

Thompson,  Robert and Tracey Dalton. "Measuring and Evaluating Shoreline Access: The Boat Based Offset Survey Method." Coastal Management. 38(4):378-398. October 26, 2010.

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