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Faculty Publications 2010

Natural Resources Science

Akins, Eric R., Yeqiao Wang and Yuyu Zhou. "EO-1 Advanced Land Imager Data in Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Mapping."  IN:  Wang, Yeqiao, Editor. Remote Sensing of Coastal Environments. CRC Press. 2010.   p.297-311.

Amador, Jose A.  SEE also: Gorres, Josef H.; Millar, David; Ramos, C.

Amador, Jose A., David A. Potts, George W. Loomis, David V. Kalen, Erika L. Patenaude and Josef H. Gorres. "Improvemnt of Hydraulic and Water Quality Renovation Functions by Intermittent Aeration of Soil Treatment Areas in Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems." Water. 2:886-900.  2010.

August, Peter V.  SEE also: Gold, Arthur J.; Kellogg, Dorothy Q.; Wang, Yeqiao; Vigness-Raposa, Kathleen J.; Wang, Yeqiao; Zhou, Yuyu.

August, P. V., J. M. Swift, D. Q. Kellogg, G. Page, P. Nelson, J. Opaluch, J. S. Cobb, C. Foster and A. J. Gold. "The T Assessment Tool: A Simple Metric for Assessing Multidisciplinary Graduate Education." Journal of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Education. 39:15-21. 2010.

Bauchinger, U., J. Keil, R. A. McKinney, J. M. Starck and S. R. McWilliams. "Exposure to Cold But Not Exercise Increases Carbon Turnover Rates in Specific Tissues of a Passerine." Journal of Experimental Biology. 213(3):526-534. February 1, 2010.

Bauchinger, U. and S. R. McWilliams. "Extent of Phenotypic Flexibility During Long-Distance Flights Is Determined by Tissue-Specific Turnover Rates: A New Hypothesis." Journal of Avian Biology. 41(5):503-508. November 2010.

Bauer, Dana Marie, Peter W. C. Paton and Stephen K. Swallow. "Are Wetland Regulations Cost Effective for Species Protection? A Case Study of Amphibian Metapopulations." Ecological Applications. 20(3):798-815. 2010.

Bauer, Dana Marie, Stephen K. Swallow and Peter W. C. Paton. "Cost-Effective Species Conservation in Exurban Communities: A Spatial Analysis." Resource and Energy Economics." Resource and Energy Economics. 32(2):180-202. April 2010. 

Ben-Hamo, Miriam, Berry Pinshaw, Marshall D. McCue, Scott R. McWilliams and Ulf Bauchinger. "Fasting Triggers Hypothermia, and Ambient Temperature Modulates Its Depth in Japanese Quail Coturnix japonica." Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Pt. A. 290(1-2):102-107. 15 February 2010.

Ben-Hamo, Miriam, Berry Pinshaw, Scott R. McWilliams and Ulf Bauchinger. "A Reassessment of the Proximate Factors That Trigger Hyperthermia in Japanese Quail (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 50(Suppl.1):E10. July 2010.

Bergondo, Deanne L.   SEE: Kremer, Jason N.

Bolser, Jessica, Liya Li,  Scott McWilliams and Navindra P. Seeram. "Polyphenal and Antioxidant Contents of Fruits Consumed by Migratory Birds in Southern New England." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 2010.  AGFD-237.

Brown, Rebecca and Josef Gorres. "Response of Cool-Season Turfgrass Species to Reduced Irrigation Inputs (Abstract)." International Annual Meetings (ASA-CSSA-SSSA). 2010.  p.59109.

Brown, Rebecca and Josef Gorres. "Soil Amendments and the Survival of Roadside Turfgrasses Abstract)." International Annual Meetings (ASA-CSSA-SSSA). 2010.  p.59109.

Buckley, P. A.  SEE: Mitra, S. S.;  Suom, Charnsotha.

Burgin, Amy J., Peter M. Groffman and David N. Lewis. "Factors Regulating Denitrification in a Riparian Wetland." Soil  Science Society Journal. 74(5):1826-1833. September 2010.

Cerrato, Robert M.  SEE: McNamara, Marianne E.

Christenson, Lynne M., Mylon J. Mitchell, Peter M. Groffman and Gary M. Lovett. "Winter Climate Change Implications for Decomposition in Northeastern Forests: Herbivore Fecal Inputs." Global Change Biology. 16(9):2589-2601. September  2010.

Claessens, Luc, Christina L. Tague, Peter M. Groffman and John M. Melack. "Longitudinal and Seasonable Variation of Stream N Uptake in an Urbanizing Watershed: Effect of Organic Matter, Stream Size, Transient Storage and Debris Dams." Biogeochemistry. 98(1-3):45-62. April 2010.

Claessens, Luc, Christina L. Tague, Peter M. Groffman and John M. Melack. "Longitudinal Assessment of the Effect of Concentration on Stream N Uptake Rates in an Urbanizing Watershed." Biogeochemistry. 98(1-3):63-74. April 2010.

Compton, Jana E.  SEE: Davis, Aletta A.; Dossa, E. L.

Curtis, Annie E. and Peter W. C. Paton. "Assessing Detection Probabilities of Larval Amphibians and Macrointertebrates in Isolated Ponds." Wetlands. 30(5):901-914.October  2010.

Dabek, Lisa.  SEE: McGreevy, Thomas J., Jr.

Davis, Aletta A., Jana E. Compton and Mark H. Stolt. "Soil  Respiration and Ecosystem Carbon Stocks in New England Forests With Varying Soil Drainage." Northeastern Naturalist. 17(3):437-454. 2010.

DesRochers, David W., Michael D. Silbernagle, Aaran Nadig and J. Michael Reed. "Body Size, Growth, and Feather Mass of the Endangered Hawaiian Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis)." Pacific Science. 64(2):327-333. April 2010.

DesRochers, David W., Scott R. McWilliams and J. Michael  Reed. "Evaluating If Energy and Protein Limit Abundance of Hawaiian Moor Hens." Journal of Wildlife Management. 74(4):788-795. May 2010.

DesRochers, David W., Luke K. Butler, Michael S. Silbernagle and J. M. Reed. "Observations of Molt in an Endangered Rallid, the Hawaiian Moorhen." Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 12(1):148-153. March 2010.

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Ewing, Holly A., Peter M. Groffman and Douglas A. Frank. "Grazers and Soil Moisture Determine the Fate of Added 15NH4+ in Yellowstone Grasslands." Plant and Soil. 328(1-2):337-351. March 2010.

Fisk, Melany C., Timothy J. Fahey and Peter M. Groffman. "Carbon Resources, Soil Organisms, and Nitrogen Availability: Landscape Patterns in a Northern Hardwood Forest." Forest Ecology and Management. 260(7):1175-1183. August 31, 2010.

Forrester, Graham E.  SEE also: Pollnac, Richard B.;  Vance, Richard B.

Forrester, Graham E., Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell, Patricia Baily, Linda M. Forrrester, Sandra Giovanni, Lindsay Harmon, Rebecca Karis, Jason Krumholz, Timothy Rodwell and Lianna Jarecki. "Evaluating Methods for Transplanting Endangered Elkhorn Corals in the Virgin Islands." Restoration Ecology. 53(1):155-163.  December 2010.

Forrester, Graham E., Lindsay Harmon, Jason Helyer, William Holden and Rebecca Karis. "Experimental Evidence for Density-Dependent Reproductive Output in a Coral Reef Fish." Population Ecology. 53(1):155-163. December 2010.

Gift, Danielle M., Peter M. Groffman, Sujay S. Kaushal and Paul M. Mayer. "Denitrification Potential, Root Biomass, and Organic Matter in Degraded and Restored Urban Riparian Zones." Restoration Ecology. 18(1):113-120. January 2010.

Gold, Arthur J.  SEE also: August, Peter V.; Kellogg, Dorothy Q.; Oakley, Stewart M.; O'Neill, M.; Osmond, D. L.; Pelletier, Marguerite; Schipper, Louis A.; Watson, Yulia; Zhao, Y. Y.

Gold, Arthur J. and Peter V. August. "Modeling Watershed Rainfall-Runoff Relations Using Impervious Surface-Area Data With High Spatial Resolution." Hydrogeology Journal. 18(6):1413-1423. 2010.

Gorres, Josef H.   SEE also: Amador, Jose A.; Brown, Rebecca N.

Gorres, Josef H. and Jose A. Amador. "Partitioning of Habitable Pose Space in Earthworm Burrows." Journal of Nematology. 42(1):68-72. March 2010.

Groffman, Peter M.  SEE also: Burgin, Amy J.; Christenson, Lynne M.; Claessens, Luc; Ewing, Holly A.; Gift, Danielle M.; Huang, Ching; Mayer, P. M.; Osmond, Deanna L.; Sava, Yulia;  Watson, Kara; Whitmer, A..

Groffman, Peter M., Cathryn Stylinski, Matthew C. Nisbet, Carlos M. Duarte, Rebecca Jordan, Amy Burgin, M. Andrea Privateli and James Coloso. "Restarting the Conversation: Challenges at the Interface Between Ecology and Society." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 8(6):284-291. August 2010.

Gutierre, Julio R., Peter L. Meserve, Douglas A. Kelt, Andrew Engilis, Jr., M. Andrea Previtali, W. Bryon Milstead and Fabian M. Juksic. "Long-Term Research in Bosque Fray Jorge National Park: Twenty Years Studying the Rate of a Chilean Semiarid Scrubland." Revista Chilena de Historia Natural. 83(1):69-98. March 2010.

Haskell, Shawn P., Warren B. Ballard, Mark C. Wallace, Mary H. Humphrey and David A. Butler. "Post Partum Group Cohesion of Sympatric Deer in Texas." Journal of Wildlife Management. 74(8):1686-1692. November 2010.

Heinlin, J. M., A. C. Stier and M. A. Steele. "Predators Reduce Abundance and Species Richness of Coral Reef Fish Recruits via Non-Selective Predation." Coral Reefs. 29(2):527-532. June 2010.

Hollister, Jeffrey W.  SEE: Morzillo, Anita T.

Huang, Ching-Yu, Paul F. Hendrix, Timothy J. Fahey, Patrick J. Bohlen and Peter M. Groffman. "A Simulation Model to Evaluate the Impact of Invasive Earthworms on Soil Carbon Dynamics." Ecological Modelling. 221(20):2447-2457. October 2010.

Husband, Thomas P.  SEE: McGreevy, Thomas J., Jr.

Kellogg, Dorothy Q.  SEE also: August, Peter V.; Watson, Kara.

Kellogg, D. Q., Arthur J. Gold, Suzanne Cox, Kelly Addy and Peter V. August. "A Geospatial Approach for Assessing Denitrification Sinks Within Lower-Order Catchments." Ecological Engineering. 36(11):1596-1606. November 2010.

Kremer, James N., Jamie M. P. Vaudrey, David S. Ullman, Deanne L. Bergondo, Nicole LaSota, Chis Kincaid, Dan L. Codiga and Mark J. Brush. "Simulating Property Exchange in Estuarine Ecosystem Models at Ecologically Appropriate Scales." Ecological Modelling. 221(7):1080-1088. April 2010.Regoliths."  129-147.

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Martin, Julien, Allan F. O'Connell, William L. Kendall, Michael C. Runge, Theodore R. Simons,  Arielle H. Waldstein, Shiloh A. Converse, Graham W. Smith, Timothy Pinion, Michael Rikard and Elise F. Zipkin. "Optimal Control of Native Predators?" Biological Conservation. 143(7):1751-1758. July 2010.

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McKinney, Richard A.  SEE also: Bauchinger, U.; Wigand, Cathleen.

McKinney, R. J., A. J. Oczkowski, J. Prezioso and K. J. W. Hyde. "Spatial Variability of Nitrogen Isotope Ratios of Particulate Material From Northwest Atlantic Continental Shelf Waters." Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science. 89(4):287-293. November 1, 2010.

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McWilliams, Scott R.  SEE: Bauchinger, U.; Ben-Hamo, Miriam; Bolser, Jessica; DesRochers, David W.; Langlois, L. A,; McCue, M. D.; Paton, Peter W. C.; Saleh, Ali;

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Meyerson, Laura A.  SEE also: Kulmatiski, Andrew: Saltenstall, Kristin A.

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