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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010


Aflague, John M. and Ginette G. Ferszt. "Suicide Assessment by Psychiatric Nurses; A Phenomenographic Study." Issues in Mental Health Nursing. 31(4):248-256. April 2010.

Alonzo, Madelyn, Brittany Bolton, Ben Carroll, Heather Chapman, Melanie Chiv, Barbara Davis, Marlene Dufault, Kerry Elsdoerfer, Robin Devin, Jartu Karneh, Mary Kelly, Nancy Leuthavone, Elizabeth Moreiro, Koren Palmisani and Cynthia Willey. "Impact of 12-Hour Shifts on Nurse and Patient Safety (Poster Session)." ENRS; Eastern Nursing Research Society. 22nd Annual; Scientific Session, March 24-26, 2010.

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Angelini, Diane J., Perinatal Senior Editor. Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing. Vol.24, 2010.

Berg, Marie.  SEE:  Dencker, Anna; Johansson, Marianne; Lundblad, Barbro; Meriaux, Benita Gunnarsson; Wigert, Helena.

Bergh, Ingrid.  SEE: Andersson, A. E.; Rosen, Helena I.

Bewley, Susan, J. L. Diaz-Rossello and Judith Mercer. "Natural Stem Cell Transplantation: Interventions, Nuances and Ethics (Letter)." Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. 14(12):2840-2841. December 2010.

Bewley, Susan and Judith Mercer. "Using Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells for Myocardial Infarction and Stroke Is Ethically Challenging (Letter)." Clinical Medicine. 10(1):97. February 2010.

Burbank, Patricia M.  SEE also: Garber, Carol Ewing.

Burbank, Patricia M. and Diane C. Martins. "Decreasing Vulnerability Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Elders: A Critical Interactionist Approach (Abstract)." Gerontologist. 50(S1):400. October 2010.

Burbank, Patricia M. and Edward F. Donnelly. "Health by Numbers: Injury Visits to Emergency Departments and Hospital Discharges in Rhode Island, 2005-2009: Focus on Falls." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 93(11):354-355. November 2010.

Burbank, Patricia M. and Diane C. Martins. "Symbolic Interactionism and Critical Perspective: Divergent or Synergistic." Nursing Philosophy. 11(1):25-41. January 2010..

Cioe, Patricia A.  SEE also: Stein, M. D.

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Crisafulli, Tracie, Barbara Davis, Chinmay Deshpande, Robin Devin, Kayla Diamond, Marlene Dufault, Gail Jackson, Mary Key, Aran Kuhn, Christina Maroun, Amy Mello, Laura Mello, Marissa Mello, Ara Millette, Carleigh Orzel, Natalie Rebelo, Kristina Webber and Cynthia Willey. "Effectiveness of Surgical Face Masks Versus N-95 Fit-Tested Masks in Preventing NN1H1 Transmission in Bedside Nurses (Poster Session)." ENRS; Eastern Nursing Research Society. 22nd Annual; Scientific Session, March 24-26, 2010.

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Dufault, Marlene.  SEE also: Alonzo, Madelyn; Crisafulli, Tracie.

Dufault, Marlene, Cathy E. Duquente, Jeanne Ehmann, Rose Hehl, Mary Lavin, Valerie Martin, Mary Ann Moore, Shirley Sargent, Patricia Stout and Cynthia Willey. "Translating an Evidence-Based Protocol for Nurse-to-Nurse Shift Handoffs?" Worldviews on Evidence Based Nursing. 7(2):59-75. 2010.

Dunphy, Lynne M.  SEE also: Glasgow, Mary Ellen Smith.

Dunphy, L. "On Being a Member of RISNA." Rhode Island Nurse. 7(1):15. February 2010. 

Dunphy, Lynne M. "Twentieth-Century Nursing: Ernestine Wiedenbach, Virginia Henderson, and Lydia Hall's Contributions to Nursing Theory and Their Use in Practice."  IN: Parker, Marilyn E. and Marlaine C. Smith, Editors. Nursing. Theories and Nursing Practices. 3d Ed. A. Davis. 2010.

Ehmann, Jeanne.  SEE: Dufault, Marlene.

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Erickson-Owens, Debra.  SEE also: Mercer, Judith S.

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Ferszt, Ginette G.  SEE also: Aflague, John M.; Engqvist, I.;  O'Brien, Barbara S.

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Mercer, Judith S.  SEE also: Bewley, Susan; Erickson-Owens, Debra.

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Sullivan, Mary C.  SEE: Matook, Sherry A.; Msall, Michael E.

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