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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010

Physical Therapy

Agostinucci, J. "Effects of Air-Splint Pressure on the Soleus Stretch Reflex During a Voluntary Ramp Plantar Flexion." Neurophysiology. 42(1):31-38. July 2010.

Agostinucci, James. "Inhibitory Effects of Circumferential Pressure on Flexor Carpi Radialis H-Reflex in Adults With Neurological Deficits." Perceptual and Motor Skills. 110(1):89-103. February 2010.

Agostinucci, James. and Haleigh Lyons. "Soleus Stretch Reflex in Subjects With Cerebrovacular Accident." International Journal of Therapy & Rehabilitation. 17(3):122-131. March 2010.

Blanpied, Peter R., Associate Editor. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. Vol.40, 2010.

Dalton, Elizabeth M. and Susan E. Roush.  "Assistive and Educational Technology Standards and Teacher Competencies in Relation to Evidence-Based Practice Identification and Classification of the Literature." Journal of Special Education Technology. 225(2):13-30. 2010.

Leavitt, Ronnie and Susan E. Roush. "Disability Across Culture."  IN: Cultural Competence: A Lifelong Journal to Cultural Proficiency, Edited by Ronnie Lindo Leavitt. Slack.  2010.  p.77-98.

Resnick, Linda. "Research Update: VA Study to Optimize the DEKA Arm (Guest Editorial)." Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. 47(3):ix-x. 2010.

Resnick, Linda, Shana Lieberman Klinger, Victor Krauthamer and Kate Barnabe.  "U.S. Food and Drug Administration Regulation of Prosthetic Research, Development, and Testing." Journal of Prosthetics & Orthotics. 22(2):121-137. April 2010.

Roush, Susan E.   SEE: Dalton, Elizabeth M.; Leavitt, R.

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