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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010

Plant Sciences

Aliberti Lubertazzi, Maria A. and Howard S. Ginsberg. "Emerging Dragonfly Diversity at Small Rhode Island (U.S.A.) Wetlands Along an Urbanization Gradient." Urban Ecosystems. 13(4):517-533. 2010.

Alm, Steven R.  SEE: Clavet, Christopher D.; Mashtoly, Tamer A.; Ramoutar, Darryl.

Bednarski, Julia, Howard Ginsberg and Elizabeth M. Jakob. "Competitive Interactions Between a Native Spider (Frontinella communis) Araneae: Linyphiidae) and an Invasive Spider (Linyphia triangularus, Araneae: Linyphiidae)." Biological Invasions. 12(4):805-812. April 2010.

Brown, Rebecca N.  SEE also:  Meyerson, Laura A.; Percivalle, C. A.

Brown, Rebecca Nelson and Brian Maynard. Evaluation of Native Grasses for Highway Slope Stabilization & Salt Tolerance. Rhode Island Dept. of Transportation, Research and Technology. (FHWA-RIDOT-RTD-10-2) 2010.  38p.

Brown, R. N., R. E. Barker, S. E. Warnke, L. D. Cooper, L. A. Brilman, M. A. Rouf Mian, G. Jung and S.-C. Simo. "Identification of Qualitative Trait Loci for Seed Traits and Floral Morphology in a Field-Grown Lolium perenne x Lolium multiflorum Mapping Population." Plant Breeding. 129(1):29-34. February 2010.

Brown, Rebecca Nelson, Cynthia Percivalle, Sophia Narkiewicz and Samantha De Cuollo. "Relative Rooting Depths of Native Grasses and Amenity Grasses With Potential Use on Roadsides in New England." HortScience. 45(3):393-400. March 2010.

Brown, Rebecca and Josef Gorres. "Response of Cool-Season Turfgrass Species to Reduced Irrigation Inputs (Abstract)." International Annual Meetings (ASA-CSSA-SSSA). 2010.  p.59109.

Brown, Rebecca and Josef Gorres. "Soil Amendments and the Survival of Roadside Turfgrasses Abstract)." International Annual Meetings (ASA-CSSA-SSSA). 2010.  p.59109.

Butler, M., H. S. Ginsberg, R. LeBrun and A. Gettman. "Evaluation of Nontarget Effects of Methoprene Applied to Catch Basins for Mosquito Control." Journal of Vector Ecology. 35(2):327-384. December 2010.

Casagrande, Richard A.  SEE: Van Driesche, R. G.; Weed, Aaron S.

Clavit, Christopher D., Edwin D. Resquintina, Jr., Daryl Ramator and Steven Alm. "Susceptability of listronotus maculicollis (Coleoptera Curculionidae) Adults From Southern New England Golf Courses to Chlorpyrifos." Florida Entomologist. 93(4):6300-632. December 2010.

Coit, Janet and W. Michael Sullivan. "Protect Our Land, Our Water, Our Future." Providence Journal. August 3, 2010.  p.B6.

Deimi, Abbas Mohammad and N. Mitkowski. "Nematodes Associated With Vineyards Throughout Markazi Province (Arak), Iran." Australasian Plant Pathology. 39(6):571-577. 2010.

Dellaporta, Stephen L.  SEE: Rosa, Sabrina F. P.

Feagin, Rusty A., William K. Smith, Norbert P. Pauly, Donald. R. Young, M. Luisa Martinez, Gregory A. Carter, Kelly L. Lucas, James C. Bibeaut, Jane N. Gemma and Richard E. Koske. "Barrier Islands: Anthropogenic Stability With Ecological Sustainability." Journal of Coastal Research. 26(6):987-992. November 2010.

Gemma, Jane N.  SEE: Feagin, R. A.

Ginsberg, Howard S.  SEE also: Aliberti Lubertazzi, Maria A.; Bednarski, Julie;Butler, M.;  Mitra, S. S.;  Suom, Charnsotha.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Subject Editor. Journal of Medical Entomology. 2010.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Ilia Rochlin and Scott R. Campbell. "The Use of Early Summer Mosquito Surveillance to Protect Late Summer West Nile Virus Activity." Journal of Vector Ecology. 35(1):35-42. June 2010.

Hull, Richard J. "Getting to the Roots of Nitrogen-Use Efficiency." Golfdom. 66(5):51-54. May 2010.

Hull, Richard J. and Haibo Lu. "Nutrient Interactions in Turf Management." Golfdom. 66(10):44-45.  2010.

Hull, Richard J. "The Rise of Warm-Season Grasses." Golfdom. 66(1):56. January 2010.

Karim, Shahid, Emily Trojano and Thomas N. Mather. "Functional Genomics Tool: Gene Silencing in Ixodes scapularis Eggs and Nymphs by Electroporated dsRNA." BMC Biotechnology. 10:#1. January 14, 2010.  9p.

LeBrun, Roger A.  SEE: Butler, M.;  Suom, Charnsotha.

Mashtoly, Tamer A., Assem Abolmaaty, Nicole Thompson, Mohammad El-Said El-Zemaltty, Mohamed I. Hussein and Steven R. Alm. "Enhanced Comparison of Toxicity of bacillus thuingiensis japonensis Straion Buibui Toxin to Oriental Beetle and Northern Masked Chafer (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Larva With bacillus sp. NFD2." Journal of Economic Entomology. 103(5):1547-1554. October 2010.

Mather, Thomas N.  SEE: Karim, Shahid.

Mathers, Hannah M., Alexander A. Acuna, Donna R. Long, Bridget K. Behe, Alan W. Hodges, John J. Haydu, Ursula K. Schuch, Susan S. Barton, Jennifer H. Dennis, Brian K. Maynard, Charles R. Hall, Robert McNeil and Thomsa Archer. "Nursery Worker Turnover and Language Proficiency." Hortscience. 45(1):71-77. January 2010.

Maynard, Brian K.  SEE: Brown, Rebecca Nelson; Mathers, Hannah H.

Meyerson, Laura A., David V. Viola and Rebecca N. Brown. "Hybridization of Invasive Phragmites australis With a Native Subspecies in  North America." Biological Invasions. 12(1):103-111. January 2010.

Mitkowski, Nathanial A.  SEE also: Deimi, Am.

Mitkowski, Nathaniel. "Heat." Rhode Island Surf 'n' Turf; Golf Course Superintendents Association. July/August 2010. p.1,3.

Mitra, S. S., P. A. Buckley, F. G. Buckley and H. S. Ginsberg. "Highly Variable Acquisition Rates of Ixodes scapularis (Acari Ixodidae))  by Birds on an Atlantic Barrier Island." Journal of Medical Entomology. 47(6):1019-1027. November  2010.

Percivalle, C. A. and R. Brown. "Heirloom Tomato Variety Trial (Abstract)." Hortscience. 45(4):483. April 2010.

Ramoutar, Darryl, Ana I. Legrand and Steven R. Alm. "Field Performance of Metarhizium anisopliae Against Popillia japonica (Coleptera: Scarabaeidae) and Listronotus maculicollis (Coleptera: Curculionidae) Larvae in Turfgrass."  Journal of Entomological Science. 45:20-26. January 2010.

Ramoutar, D., R. S. Cowles, E. Requinta, Jr. and S. R. Alm. "Synergism Between Demethylation Inhibition Fungicides or Gibberellin Inhibitor Plant Growth Rebgulations and Bifenthrin in a Pyrethroid-Resistant Population of Listronotus maculicullis (Coleptera: Curculiondae)." Journal of Economic Entomology. 103(5):1810-1814. October 2010.

Rosa, Sabrina F. P., Anahid E. Powell, Rafael D. Rosengarten, Matthew L. Nicotra, Marie A. Moreno, Jane Grimwood, Fadl G. Lakkis, Stephen L. Dellaporta and Leo W. Buss. "Hydractinia Allodterminant Air1 Resides in an Immunological Superfamily-Like Gene Complex." Current Biology. 20(12):1122-1127. June 22, 2010.

Sheridan, Richard. RIDOT Salt Tolerant Tree and Shrub Guide. Rhode Island Dept. of Transportation, Research and Technology. (FHWA-RIDOT-RTD-10-3) 2010.  22p.

Sullivan, W. Michael.  SEE: Coit, Janet

Suom, Charnsotha, Howard S. Ginsberg, Andrew Bernick, Colby Klein, P. A. Buckley, Christa Salvatore and Roger A. LeBrun. "Host-Seeking Activity and Avian Host Preferences of Mosquitoes Associated With West Nile Virus Transmission in the Northeastern USA." Journal of Vector Ecology. 35(1):69-74. June 2010.

Van Driesche, R. G., R. I. Carruthers, T. Center, M. S. Hoddle, J. Hough-Goldsteini, L. Morin, L. Smith, D. L. Wagner, B. Blossey, V. Brancatini, R. Casagrande, C. E. Causton, J. A. Coetzee, J. Cuda, J. Ding, S. V. Fowler, J. H. Frank, R. Fuester, J. Goolsby, M. Grodowitz, T. A. Heard, M. P. Hill, J. H. Hoffman, J. Huber, M. Julien, M. T. K. Kairo, M. Kenis, P. Mason, J. Medal, R. Messing, R. Miller, A. Moore, P. Neuenschwander, R. Newman, H. Norambuena, W. A. Palmer, R. Pemberton, A. Perez Panduro, P. D. Pratt, M. Rayamajhi, S. Salom, D. Sands, S. Schooler, A. Sheppard, R. Shaw, M. Schwarzlander, P. W. Tipping and R. D. van Klinken. "Classical Biological Control for the Protection of Natural Ecosystems." Biological Control. 54(Suppl.1):S2-S33. 11 August 2010.

Weed, Aaron S. and R. A. Casagrande. "Biology and Larval Feeding Impact of Hypena opulenta (Christoph) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): A Potential Biological Control Agent for Vincetoxicum nigrum and V. rossicum." Biological Control. 53(2):214-222.  March 2010.

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