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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2010

Political Science

Hudson, William E. "The Ethical Spy: Towards Intelligence Community Rules of Professional Conduct." Georgetown Law Journal. 98(5):1415-1439. May 2010.

Johnson, Kristin. Many Happy Returns: Remittances and Their Impact; How Money Sent Home by Migrant Workers Helps the American Economy. Immigration Policy Center. February 2010.  14p.

Kruegar, Brian S. "Opt In or Tune Out: eMail Mobilization and Political Participation." International Journal of e-Politics. 1:55-76. 2010.

Pearson-Merkowitz, Shanna. "Media Coverage of U. S. Supreme Court Judicial Confirmations: Constitutional Debate or Culture War?"   IN: Conference Papers of the Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association. 2010.

Petro, N. N. "Four Actors in Search of Security in Eurasia: A Presentation to the First Forum of European and Asia Media (FEMA) Moscow, December 8-10, 20089." Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences. 4(3):610-614. 2010.

Petro, N. N. "Reversing Field: A Ukraine-Russia Relationship the West Can Support." American Interest. 6(2):37-42. November-December 2010.

Petro, N. N. and Jack F. Matlock Jr. "Superpower Illusions: How Myth and False Ideologies Led America Astray - and How to Return to Reality." Russian Review. 69(4):743-744. October 2010.

Petro, Nicolai N., I.H.T Op-Ed, Contributor. "Ukraine Can Have Them and Us." New York Times. May 5, 2010.

Petro, Nicolai N. "Why the FSB Is Not the KGB!" History News Network. 2010.  hnn.ur/roundup/entries/130064.html

Stein, Art. "Help Co-op Celebrate Its Triumph (Letter)." South County Independent. November 4, 2010.  p.A19.

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