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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011


Alfonso, Peter. "Greetings From the Directors." Current; Research and Happenings From Rhode Island-NSF EPSCoR.  No.5: Spring 2011.

Carriuolo, Nancy, Ray M. Di Pasquale and David M. Dooley. "Rhode Island's Public-College Leaders Speak Out: Fix Pension System Now." Providence Journal. November 9, 2011.

Dooley, David M.  SEE also: Carriuolo, Nancy; Mills, S. A.; Rokhsana, Dalia.

Dooley, David M. "The President's View." QUADANGLES. 18(3):3. Spring 2011;  QUADANGLES. 18(4):3. Summer 2011. 

Dooley, David M. "The President's View: A Victory for All of Rhode Island." QUADANGLES. 18(2):3. Winter 2010-2011.

Dooley, David M. and Ruth J. Simmons. "R.I. Has Opportunity on a Texas Scale." Providence Journal. March 23, 2011.  p.B6.

Dooley, David M., Thomas Dougan and Thorr Bjorn. "URI Mourns Passing of Student Athlete Joseph Paul Ciancola (Letter)." Narragansett Times. November 2, 2011.  p.4-A.

Dougan, Thomas.  SEE: Dooley, David M.

McCray, John H., Jr. "Our Attack on Libya Is Unconstitutional (Letter)," Providence Journal. March 25, 2011.  P.b7.

McCray, John H., Jr. "Our War in Libya Violates U.S. Constitution (Letter)," Providence Journal. May 20, 2011.  p.B7.

Mills, S. A., D. E. Brown, K. Dang, J. Nguyen and D. M. Dooley. "Cobalt Substitution Supports on Inner-Sphere Electron Transfer Mechanism for Oxygen Reduction in PSA (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 241:38-INOR. March 27, 2011.

Rokhsana, Dalia, Eric M. Shepard, Doreen E. Borow and David M. Dooley. "Amine Oxidase and Galactose Oxidase."  IN: Copper-Oxygen Chemistry. 2011.  p.53-106.

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