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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011

Biological Sciences

Banks, Jo Ann,  Tomoaki Nishiyama, Mitsuyasu Hasebe, John L. Bowman, Michael Gribskov, Claude dePamphilis, Victor A. Albert, Naoki Aono, Tsuyoshi Aoyama, Barbara A. Ambrose, Neil W. Ashton, Michael J. Axtell, Elizabeth Barker, Michael S. Barker, Jeffrey L. Bennetzen, Nicholas D. Bonawitz, Clint Chapple, Chaoyang Cheng, Luiz Gustavo Guedes Correa, Michael Dacre, Jeremy DeBarry, Ingo Dreyer, Marek Elias, Eric M. Engstrom, Mark Estelle, Liang Feng, Cedric Finet, Sandra K. Floyd, Wolf B. Frommer, Tomomichi Fujita, Lydia Gramzow, Michael Gutensohn, Jesper Harholt, Mitsuri Hattori, Alexander Heyl, Tadayoshi Hirai, Yuji Hiwatashi, Masaki Ishikawa, Mineko Iwata, Kenneth G. Karol, Barbara Koehler, Uener Kolukisaoglu, Minoru Kubo, Tetsuya Kurata, Sylvie Lalonde, Kejie Ji Lalonde, Ying Li, Amy Litt, Eric Lyons, Gerard Manning, Takeshi Maruyama, Todd P. Michael, Koji Mikami, Saori Miyazaki, Shin-Ichi Moriinaga, Takashi Murata, Bernd Mueller-Roebner, David R. Nelson, Mari Obara, Yasuko Oguri, Richard G. Olmstead, Naoko Onodera, Bent Larsen. Petersen, Birgit Pils, Michael Prigge, Stefan A. Rensing, Diego Mauricio Riano-Pachon, Alison W. Roberts, Yoshikatsu Sato, Henrik V. Scheller, Burkhard Schulz, Christian Schulz, Eugene V. Shakirov, Nakako Shibagaki, Naoki Shinohara, Dorotjhy E, Schippen, Iben Sorenson, Ryo Sotocka, Nagisa. Sugimoto, Mamoru Sugita, Naomi  Sumikawa, Milos Tanurdzic, Gunter Theissen, Peter Ulvskov, Sachiko Wakazuki, Jing-Ke  Weng, William W. G. T. Willats, Daniel Wipf, Paul G. Wolf, Lixing Yang, Andreas D. Zimmer, Qihui Zhu, Therese Mitrose, Uffe Hellsten, Dominique Loque, Robert Otillar, Asaf Salamov, Jeremy Schumtz, Harris Shapiro, Erika Lindquist, Susan Lucas, Daniel. Rokhsar and Igor V. Grigoriev. "The Selaginella Genome Identifies Genetic Changes Associated With Evolution of Vascular Planrs." Science. 332(6032):963-966. May 20, 2011.

Bergstrom, M. A. and J. F. Webb. "Linking Hydrodynamic Stimuli and Lateral Line-Mediated Feeding Behavior in a Lake Malawi Cichlid (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E9. March 2011.

Blackburn, Tim M., Petr Pysek, Sven Bacher, James T. Carlton, Richard P. Duncan, Vojtech Jarosik, John R. U. Wilson and David M. Richardson. "A Proposed Unified Framework for Biological Invasions." Trends in Ecology & Evolution. 26(7):333-339. July 2011.

Blanchette, Matthew D. and Steven Irvine. "D11-B Knockdown and Overexpression in the Ascidian Ciona interstalis (Abstract)." Developmental Biology. 3565(1):258. 1 August 2011.

Blevins, E. L. and G. V. Lauder. "Ground Effects on Undulating Fins: Robotic Modeling of Stingray Locomotion (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(Suppl.1):E12. March 2011.

Carlson, Rose L. and George V. Lauder. "Escaping the Flow Boundary Layer Use by Darter Ethostoma Tetrazonum (Percidae) During Benthic Station Holding." Journal of Experimental Biology. 214(7):1181-1193. April 1, 2011.

Carlton, James T.  SEE: Blackburn, Tim M.; Simberloff, D.

Curet, Oscar M., Neelesh A. Patankar, George V. Lauder and Malcolm A. MacIver. "Aquatic Manouevering With Counter-Propagating Waves: A Novel Locomotive Strategy." Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 8(60):1041-1050. July 16, 2011.

Curet, Oscar M., Neelesh A. Patankar, George V. Lauder and Malcolm A. MacIver. "Mechanical Properties of a Bio-Inspired Robotic Knifefish With an Undulatory Propulsor." Bioinspiration & Biomimetics. 6(2):#026004. June 2011.

Dickson, J. M. and J. F. Webb. "Comparative Post-Embryonic Development of the Cranial Laterial Line Canal System in Cichlid Fishes: Temporal and Spatial Patterns (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E34. March 2011.

Doods, Kevin J. and David A. Orwig. "An Invasive Urban Forest Pest Invades Natural Environments - Asian Longhorned Beetle in Northeastern US Hardwood Forests." Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 41(9):1729-1742. September 2011.

Elder, L. E. and B. A. Seibel. "Vertical Migration in Oxygen Minimum Zones: The Physiological Consequences for the Hyperiid Amphipod Phronima (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E187. March 2011.

Flamming, Brooke E., George V. Lauder,  Daniel R. Troolin and Tyson E. Strand. "Volumetric Imaging of Fish Locomotion." Biology Letters. 7:696-698. October 23, 2011.

Flamming, Brooke E., George V. Lauder,  Daniel R. Troolin and Tyson E. Strand. "Volumetric Imaging of Shark Tail Hydrodynamics Reveals a Three-Dimensional Dual-Ring Vortex Wake Structure."  IN: Proceedings. Biological Science. 278(1725):3670-3678. December 22, 2011.

Fogarty, Michael J.  SEE: Glaser, Sarah; Groger, Joachim P.; Richardson, David E.; Sughihara, George.

Glalser, Sarah, Hao Ye, Mark Maunder, Alec McCall, Michael Fogarty and George Sugihara. "Detecting and Forecasting Complex Nonlinear Dynamics in Spatially Structured Catch-Per-Unit-Effort Time Series for North Pacific Albacore (Thunnus alalunga)." Fisheries and Aquatic Services. 68:400-402. March 2011.

Goldsmith, Marian R.  SEE: Robinson, Gene E.

Grogan, Eileen D. and Richard Lund. "Superfoetative  Viviparity in a Carboniferous Chondrichthyan and Reproduction in Early Gnathotomes." Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 161(3):587-594. March 2011.

Groger, Joachim P. and Michael J. Fogarty. "Broad-Scale Climate Influences on Cod (Gadus morhua) Recruitment on Georges Bank." ICES Journal of Marine Science. 68(3):592-603. March 2011.

Guidone, M. and C. S. Thornber. "Facilitation of Two Morphologically Similar Bloom-Forming Ulva Species by a Co-Occurring Snail (Abstract)." Journal of Phycology. 47(S1):24. February 2011.

Henry, Raymond P.  SEE: Jillette, Nathaniel; Terwillager, Nora; Towle, David W.

Hill, Robert B.  SEE also: Ying, Sun.

Hill, R. B., R. Rieger, A. A. Hill, Y. C. Wu, J. Y. Chen and Y. Sun. "A Microprocessor Based Device for Simulating the Passive and Active Properties of a Neuron as Assessed Via a Single Electrode (Poster)." Society for Neuroscience 41st Annual Meeting, Washington, D. C., Nov.12-16, 2011. 2011-S-11785-SfN.

Ingwell, Laura L. and Evan L. Preisser. "Using Citizen Science Programs to Identify Host Resistance in Pest-Invaded Forests." Conservation Biology. 25(1):182-188. February 2011.

Irvine, Steven Q.  SEE also: Blanchette, Matthew D.

Irvine, Steven Q., David A. Vierra, Brad J. Millette, Matthew D. Blanchette and Rachel E. Holbert. "Expression of the Distalless B-Gene in Ciona Is Regulated by a Pan-Ectodermal Enhancer Module." Developmental Biology. 353(2):432-439. May 15, 2011.

Jillette, Nathaniel, Lauren Cammack, Margaret Lowenstein and Raymond P. Henry. "Down-Regulation of Activity and Expression of Three Transport-Related Proteins in the Gills of the Euryhaline Green Crab, Carcinus maenass, in Response to High Salinity Acclimation." Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology. Pt A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology. 158(2):189-193. February 2011.

Killingbeck, Keith T. "Conservation or Politics? Aldo Leopard-1, Karl Marx 4; Book Review: Johns, David A.  New Conservation Politics: Power, Organization, Organization Building, and Effectiveness." Landscape Ecology. 26(1):149-150. 2011.

Kim, Hak Rim, Katrina Lu, Thomas J. Roberts and Chi-Ming Hai. "Length Dependent Modulation of Cytoskeletal Remodeling and Mechanical Energetics in Airway Smooth Muscle." American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology. 44(6):888-897. June 2011.

Konow, N. and T. J. Roberts. "Energy Absorption by Muscle During Steady and Non-Steady Movement (Abstract)."  Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E72. March 2011.

Konow, Nicolai, Anthony Herrel, Callum F. Ross, Susan H. Williams, Rebecca Z. German, Christopher P. J. Sanford and Chris Gintof. "Evolution of Muscle Activity Patterns During Motions of the Jaw and Hyoid During Chewing in Gnathostomes."  Integrative & Comparative Biology. 51(2):235-246. August 2011.

Konow, N., A. Herrel, S. Williams, . F. Ross, F. Devree, A. W. Cromptom, R. Z. German, C. P. J. Sanford and C. Gintof. "Shifts in Muscle Activity Patterns During the Evolution of Feeding in Gnathostomes (Abstract)."  Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E72. March 2011.

Krueger, William H. "Down the Drain in R.I. (Letter)." Providence Journal. November 5, 2011.  p.B7.

Krueger, William H. "Is Journal's Bias Against Yankees Showing (Letter)." Providence Journal. July 18, 2011.  p.B7.

Krueger, William H. "Save the Eels (Letter)." Providence Journal. April 15, 2011.  p.B7.

Krueger, William H. "Two Mummichogs (Letter)." Providence Journal. June20, 2011.  p.B7.

Lane, Christopher E.  SEE: Popolizio, T. R.

Lauder, George V.  SEE also: Blevins, E. L.; Carlson, Rose L. Curet, Oscar M.; Flamming, Brooke E.; Ramakrishnan,  Srinivas; Tangorra, James L.

Lauder, George V., Chuck Witt and Erik Anderson. "Biorobotic Analysis of the Functional Significance of Fish Tail Shapes (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E77. March 2011.

Lauder, George V., Jeanette Lim, Ryan Shelton, Chuck Witt, Erik Anderson and James L. Tangorra. "Robotic Models for Studying Undulatory Locomotion in Fishes." Marine Technology Society Journal. 45(4):41-55. July-August 2011.

Lauder, George V. "Swimming Hydrodynamics: Ten Questions and the Technical Approaches Needed to Resolve them." Experiments in Fluids. 51(1):23-25. July 2011.

Maas, Amy E., Leanne E. Elder, Heidi M. Dierson and Brad A. Seibel. "Metabolic Response of Antarctic Pteropods (Mollusca: Gastropoda) to Food Deprivation and Regional Productivity." Marine Ecology Progress Series. 441:129-139. November 15, 2011.

Maia, Anabela and Cheryl D. Wilga. "Dorsal Fin Muscle Activity During Steady Swimming in Two Shark Species (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E85. March 2011.

Matson, A. P., P. Konow and T. J. Roberts. "Variations in Tendon Materials Properties Among Muscles (Abstract) ."  Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E225. March 2011.

McKinney, Richard A., Kenneth B. Raposa and Rose M. Cournoyer. "Wetlands as Habitat in Urbanizing Landscapes: Patterns of Bird Abundance and Occupancy." Landscape and Urban Planning. 100(1-2):144-152. March 2011.

Moseman-Valtierra, Serena, Rosalinda Gonzalez, Kevin D. Kroeger, Jianwu Tang, Wei Chun Chao, John Crusius, John Bratton, Adrian Green and James Shelton. "Short-Term Nitrogen Additions Can Shift a Coastal Wetland From a Sink to a Source of N2O."  Atmospheric Environment. 45:4390-4397. August  2011.

Newton, C. and C. Thornber. "Abundance and Distribution Surveys of Macroalgal Blooms in New England Salt Marshes (Abstract)." Journal of Phycology. 47(S1):35-36. February 2011.

Orwig, David A.  SEE: Doods, Kevin J.; Preisser, Evan L

Popolizio, T, R, C. E. Lane and C. W. Schneider. "Molecular Tools Expose Misidentified and Novel Taxa Among Bermudan Rhodophyta (Abstract)." Journal of Phycology. 47(S2):S31. September 2011.

Preisser, Evan L.  SEE also: Ingwell, Laura L.; Radville, Laura; Turner, Jenna L.

Preisser, Evan L., Mailea Miller-Pierce, Jacqueline Vansant and David A. Orwig. "Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) Regeneration in the Presence of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (Adelgestugas tsugae) and Elongate Hemlock Scale  (Fiorinia externa)." Canadian Journal of Forrest Research. 41(12):2433-2439. December 2011.

Radville, Laura, Arielle Chaves and Ethan L. Preisser. "Variation in Plant Defense Against Invasive Herbivores: Evidence for a Hypersensitive Response in Eastern Hemlocks (Tsuga canadensis)." Journal of Chemical Ecology. 37(6):592-597. June 2011.

Ramakrishnan, Srinivas, Meliha Bozkurtas, Rajat Mittal and George V. Lauder. "Thrust Production in Highly Flexible Pectoral Fins: A Computational Dissection." Marine Technology Society Journal. 45(4):56-64. July-August 2011.

Raposa, Kenneth B.  SEE: McKinney, Richard A.

Richardson, David E., Jonathan R. Hare, Michael J. Fogarty and Jason S. Link. "Role of Egg Production by Haddock in the Decline of an Atlantic Herring Population." Proceedings of the National Academy or Sciences of the United States. 108(33):13606-13611. August 16, 2011.

Roberts, Alison W.  SEE also: Banks, Jo Ann.

Roberts, Alison, Chessa Goss, Derek Brockman, Christos Dimos, Michael Budziszek, Maj Tran and Candace Hagler. "CESA Functional Specialization in the Moss Physcomitrella patens  (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. CELL-232. 2011.

Roberts, Alison W., Christos S. Dimos, Michael J. Budziszek, Jr., Chessa A. Goss and Virginia Lai. "Knocking Out the Wall: Protocols for Gene Targeting in Physocomitrella Patens."  IN: Popper, Zoe A. The Plant Cell Wall: Methods and Protocols. Springer. 2011.  p.273-290.

Roberts, Thomas J.  SEE also: Kim, Hak Rim; Konow, Nicolai; Matson, A. P.

Roberts, Thomas J. and Emanual Azizi. "Flexible Mechanisms: The Diverse Roles of Biological Springs in Vertebrate Movement." Journal of Experimental Biology. 214(3):353-361. February 2011.

Roberts, Thomas J., Emily M. Abbott and Emanuel Azizi. "The Weak Link: Do Muscle Properties Determine Locomotor Performance in Frogs?" Philosophical - Biological Sciences. 366(1570):1488-1495. May 27, 2011.

Robinson, Gene E., Kevin J. Hackett, Mary Purcell-Miramontes, Susan J. Brown, Jay D. Evans, Marian R. Goldsmith, Daniel Lawson, Jack Okamura, Hugh M. Robertson and David J. Schneider. "Creating a Buzz About Insect Genomes (Letter)." Science. 331(6023):1386-1387. March 18, 2011.

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Sanford, Christopher P. J.  SEE: Konow, Nicolai.

Schneider, Craig W.  SEE also: Popolizio, T. R.

Schneider, C. W. "Report of a New Invasive Alga in the Atlantic United States: 'Heterosiphania' japonica yendo in Rhode Island." Journal of Phycology. 47(Suppl.1):35. February 2011.

Seibel, Brad A.  SEE also: Elder, L. E.; Maas, Amy E.; Trueblood, L. A.

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Thornber, Carol S.  SEE: Guidone, M.; Newton, C.; Rohr, Nicole E.; Stolt, Mark H.

Towle, David R., Raymond P. Henry and Nora B. Terwilliinger. "Microarray-Detected Changes in Gene Expression in Gills of Green Crabs (Carcinus maenas) Upon Dilution of Environmental Salinity." Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part D. Genomics & Proteonics. 6(2):115-125. June 2011.

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Webb, Jacqueline F.  SEE also: Bergstrom, M. A.; Dickson, J. M.

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Wilga, Cheryl D.  SEE also: Maia, Anabel; Stoehr, A. A.

Wilga, C.l D., A.  A. Stoehr, D. C. Duquette and R. M. Allen. "Biomechanics of Prey Capture in Elasmobranches (Abstract)." Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(S1):E150. March 2011.

Wilga, Cheryl D., Ashley A. Stoehr, Danielle C. Duquette and Rebecca M. Allen. "Functional Ecology of Feeding in Elasmobranches." Environmental Biology of Fishes. 2011.

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