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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011

Cell & Molecular Biology

Anderson, Kathryn B., Robert V. Gibbons, Stephen J. Thomas, Alan L. Rothman, Ananda Nisalak, Ruth L. Berkelman, Daniel H. Libraty and Timothy P. Endy. "Preexisting Japanese Encephalitis Virus Neutralizing Antibiodies and Increased Symptomatic Dengue Illness in a School-Based Cohort in Thailand." PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 5(10):e1311. October 2011.

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Blackard, Jason T., Jeffrey A. Welge, Lynn E. Taylor, Kenneth H. Mayer, Robert S. Klein, David D. Celentano, Denise J. Jamieson, Lytt Gardner and Kenneth E. Sherman. "HIV Mono-Infection Is Associated With FIB-4-A Noninvasive Index of Liver Fibrosis - in Women." Clinical Infectious Diseases. 52(5):674-680. March 1, 2011..

Blashill, Aron J., Connall O'Cleirigh, Steven A. Safren and Kenneth H.  Mayer. "The Moderating Role of BMI on the Relationship Between Depression and Transmission Risk Behaviors Among HIV-Infected Men (Abstract)." Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 41:Suppl.1):S94. 1 April 2011.

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Christaki, E., P. Anyfanti and S. M. Opal. "Immunomodulatory Therapy for Sepsis: An Update." Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy. 9(11):1013-1033. November 2011.

Christaki, Eirini, Steven M. Opal, James C. Keith, Jr., Nubar Kessimian, John E. Palardy, Nicolas A. Parejo, Xiang Yang Tan, Nicole Pitcher-Nicholas, Lioudmila Tchisitakova, George P. Vlasuk, Kathleen Shields, Jeffrey L. Feldman, Edward R. Lavallie, Maya Arai, William Mounts and Debra D. Pittman. "A Monoclonal Antibody Against RAGE Altersgene Expression and Is Protective in Experimental Models of Sepsis and Pneumococcal Pneumonia." Shock. 35(5):492-498. May 2011.

Cohen, Myron S., Ying Q. Chen, Marybeth McCauley, Theresa Gamble, Mina C. Hosseinipour, Nagalingeswaran Kumarasamy, James H. Hakim, Johnstone Kumwenda, Beatriz Grinsztein, Jose H. S. Pilotto, Sheela V. Godbole, Sanjay Chariyalertsak, Breno R. Santos, Kenneth H. Mayer, Irving F. Hoffman, Susan H. Eshleman, Estelle Piwowar-Manning, Lei Wang and Joseph Makhema. "Prevention of HIV-1 Infection With Early Anitviral Therapy." New England Journal of Medicine. 365(6):493-505. August 11, 2011.

Cohen, Paul S.  SEE: Fabich, Andrew J.; Jones, Sheri A.

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DeGroot, Anne S.  SEE also: Ardito, Matthew; Elyaman, E.; Levitz, L.; Martin, William; Messitt, Timothy J.; Moise, Leonard; Moss, Steven F.; Sangara, K.; Schanen, Brian C.;  Wierda, D.

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de Groot, Anne, Section Editor. Immunome Research. Vol.7, 2011.

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De Groot, Annie. "Liberating Libya (Letter)." Providence Journal. August 25, 2011.  p.B7.S

De Groot, Anne S. Thinking Out Loud.  (Blog on Immunogenicity, Biotherapeutics and Vaccines).

De Groot, Anne S., Matthew Ardito, Ryan Tassone, Paul Knopf, Leonard Moisse and William Martin. "Tools for Vaccine Design: Prediction and Validation of Highly Immunogenic and Conserved Class II Epitopes and Development of Epitope-Driven Vaccines."  IN: Development of Vaccines: From Discovery to Clinical Testing. 2011.  p.65-94.

De Groot, A. S., N. Najafian, D. J. Hu, F. Mingozzi, L. P. Cousens, L. Moise, S. J. Khoury, W. Elyaman, W. Martin and D. W. Scott. "Tregitopes and Tolerance: Harnessing Regulatory T Cells to Suppress Inflammation (Abstract)." Inflammation Research. 60(Suppl.1):35-36. June 2011.

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Goldhammer, Hilary and Kenneth H. Mayer. "Focusing on Sexual Health Promotion to Enhance Preventive Behaviors Among Gay Men and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men: Report From a State-of-the-Art Conference." AIDS and Behavior. 15(S1):1-8. 2011.

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Hatzenbuehler, M. L., C. O'Clerigh, K. H. Mayer, M. J. Mimiaga and S. A. Safren. "Prospective Associations Between HIV-Related Stigma, Transmission Risk Behaviors, and Adverse Mental Health Outcomes in Men Who Have Sex With Men." Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 42(2):227-234. October 2011.

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Kaplan, Gary B.  SEE also: Tidey, Jennifer.

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