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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011


Barr, Sandra M., James K. Mortensen, Margaret D. Thompson, O. Don Hermes and Chris E. White. "Early to Middle Devonian Granitic and Volcanic Rocks From the Central Gulf of Maine." Lithos. 2126(3/4):455-465. October 2011.

Boothroyd, Jon C.  SEE also: Freedman, Janet; Stolt, Mark.

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Boothroyd, Jon C. "NRPA Board Endorses Farm Route (Letter)." South County Independent. May 12, 2011.  p.A8.

Boothroyd, Jon C. "NRPA Board Supports the Bike Path Through Canonchet (Letter)." Narragansett Times. May 11, 2011.  p.4-A.

Boving, Thomas B.  SEE: Neary, Kevin.

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Chen, Guang-Shan, Zhengyu Liu, Steven C. Clemens, Warren L. Prell and Xiadong Liu. "Modeling the Time-Dependent Response of the Asian Summer Monsoon to Obliquity Forcing in a Coupled GCM: A PHASEMAP Sensitivity Experiment." Climate Dynamics. 36(4):695-710. February 2011.

Fastovsky, David E.  SEE also: Loughney, Katherine M.; Ramezani, Jahandar.; Tarailo, David

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Hermes, O. Don.  SEE: Barr, Sandra M.; Thompson, Margaret D.

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Loughney, Katharine M., David E. Fastovsky and William G. Parker. "Vertebrate Fossil Preservation in Blue Paleosols From the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, With Implications for Vertebrate Biostratigraphy in the Chinle Formation." Palaios. 26(11):700-719. 2011.

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Spiegelman, Marc.  SEE: Rudge, John F.

Stolt, Mark, Michael Bradley, Jim Turenne, Maggie Payne, Eric Scherer, Giancarlo Cicebeth, Emily Shumchenia, Marisa Guarinello, John Kin , Jon Boothroyd, Brian Oakley, Carol Thornber and Peter August. "Mapping Shallow Coastal Ecosystems: A Case Study of a Rhode Island Lagoon." Journal of Coastal Research. 27(6):1-5. November 2011.

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