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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Apostolidis, Emmanouil and Chong Lee. Brown Seaweed-Derived Phenolic Phytochemicals and Their Biological Activities for Functional Food Ingredients With Focus on Ascophyllum nododum."  IN: Handbook of Marine Macroalgae: Biotechnology and Applied Phycology. 2011.  p.356-370.

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Apostolidis, Emmanouil, Liya Li, Chong Lee and Navindra P. Seeram. "In Vitro Evaluation of Phenolic-Enriched Maple Syrup Extracts for Inhibition of Carbohydrate Hydrolyzing Enzymes Relevant to Type-2 Diabetes Management." Journal of Functional Foods. 3(2):100-106. April 2011.

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Cottell, K. E., L. R. Dorfman, C. R. Straight, M. J. Delmonico and I. E. Lofgren. "The Effects of Diet Education Plus Light Resistance Training on Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors in Community-Dwelling Older Adults." Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging. 15(9):762-767. October 2011.

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Ellis, Christopher P.  SEE: Pivarnik, Lori F

Enterria, Aludena, Michael Slocum, David A. Bengtson,, P. D. Karayanakidis and C. M. Lee. "Partial Replacement of Fish Meat With Plant Protein Sources Singly and in Combination in Diets for Summer Flounder, Paralichthyus dentatus." Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. 42(6):753-765. December 2011.

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Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE also: Clark, Phillip G.; Grinnell, Sarah; Redding, Colleen A.

Greene, Geoffrey W. "Book Review: The Serotonin Power Diet, by Judith J. Wurtman and Nina T. Frusztajer." American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 2011.

Greene, Geoffrey W., Susan M. Schembre, Adrienne A. White, Sharon L. Hoerr, Barbara Lohse, Suzanne Shoff, Tanya Horacek, Deborah Riebe, Jill Patterson, Beatrice W. Phillips, Kendra Kattelman and Bryan Blissmer. "Identifying Clusters of College Students at Elevated Health Risk Based on Eating and Exercise Behaviors and Psychosocial Determinants of Body Weight." Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 111(3):394-400. 2011.2011.

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Lee, Chong Min.  SEE also: Apostolidis, Emmanouil;  Enterria, A.; Richard, Nicole; Tolasa, Sebnem.

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Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE also: Greene, Geoffrey W.; Grinnell, Sarah; Laurenius, Anna.

Melanson, Kathleen, Editorial Board. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. Vol.5,  2011.

Pivarnik, Lori F.  SEE also: Richard, Nicole .

Pivarnik, Lori F., Cameron Faustman, Santiago Rossi, Surendranath P. Suman, Catherine Palmer, Nicole L. Richard, P. Christopher Ellis and Michael DiLiberti. "Quality Assessment of Filtered Smoked Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacores) Steaks." Journal of Food Science. 76(6):8369-88379. August 2011.

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Valente, Elizabeth A., Megan E. Sheehy, Joshua J. Avila, Julie A. Gutierres, Matthew J. Delmonico and Ingrid E. Lofgren. "The Effects of the Addition of Resistance Training to Dietary Education Intervention on Apolipoproteins and Diet Quality in Overweight and Obese Older Adults." Clinical Interventions in Aging. 6(1):235-241. 2011.

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