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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011

Pharmacy Practice

Alcalay, W. S.. A. Siderof, R. Ottman, E. Caccappolo, H. Mejia-Santana, M. X. Tang, L. Rosado, E. Louis, D. Ruiz, C. Waters, S. Fahn, L. Cote, S. Frucht, B. Ford, M. Orbe-Reilly, B. Ross, M. Verbitrsky, D. Jennings, M. Nance, S. Brssman, W. K. Scott, C. Tanner, S. Mickel, M. Rezak, K. E. Novak, J. H. Friedman, R. Pfeiffer, L. Marsh, B. Hiner, L. N. Clark and K,. Marder. "Olfaction in Parkin Heterozygites and Compound Heterozygotes." Neurology. 76(4):319-326. January 25, 2011.

Alosco, M. L., B. R. Ott, M. J. Cleveland, K. Royle, S. Snyder, M. B. Spitznagel and J. Gunstad. "Impaired Knowledge of Driving Laws Is Associarted With Recommended Driving Cessation in Cognitively Imp;aired Older Adults." Dement Geriatr Cog Dis Extra. 1(1):358-365. January 2011.

Aminoff, Michael J., Carol W. Christine, Joseph H. Friedman, Kelvin L. Chou, Kelly E. Lyons, Rajesh Pahwa,  Bastian R. Bloem, Sotiris A. Parashos, Catherine C. Price, Irene A. Malaty, Robert Iansek, Ivan Bodis-Wollner, Oksana Suchowersky, Wolfgang H. Oertel, Jorge Zamudio, Joyce Oberdorf, Peter Schmidt and Michael S. Okun for the National Parkinson Foundation Working Group on Hospitalization in Parkinson's Disease. "Management of the Hospitalized Patient With Parkinson's Disease: Current Status of the Field and Need for Guidelines." Parkinsonism & Related Disorders. 17(3):139-145. March 2011.

Anger, Kevin E., Jeremy R. DeGrado, Bonnnie C. Greenwood, Steven A. Cohen and Paul M. Szumita. "Evaluation of Recombinant Activated Protein C in Severe Sepsis at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center." BWH Pharmacy & Therapeutics Perspectives. 14(1):3. February 2011.

Aronson, Stanley M. and Joseph H. Friedman. "A Tribute to Joan Retsinas, Managing Editor." Medicine and Health Rhode Island. 94(2):32. February 2011.

Bratberg, Jeffrey P.  SEE: Coffman, Renee E.; Rich, J. D.

Caccappolo, Elise., Roy N. Alcalay, Helen Mejia-Santana, Ming-X. Tang, Brian Rakitin, Lency Rosado, Elan D. Louis, Cynthia L. Comella, Amy Colcher, Danna Jennings, Martha A. Nance, Susan  Bressman, William K. Scott, Caroline M. Tanner, Steven F. Mickel, H. F. Andrews, C. Waters, C. Waters, S. Fahn, L. J. Cote, S. Frucht, Blair Ford, Michael Rezak, Kevin  Joseph H. Friedman, Ronald F. Pfeiffer, Laura Marsh, Brad Hiner, Andrew D. Siderof, B. M. Ross, M. Verbirtsky, S. Kisselev, Ruth Ottman, Lorraine N. Clark and Karen S. Marder. "Neuropsychological Profile of Parkin Mutation Carriers With and Without Parkinson Disease: The CORE-PD Study." Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. 17(1):91-100. January 2011.

Caffrey, Aisling R., Suzanne B. Woodmansee, Nancy Crandell, Cynthia Tibert, Corinne Fielding, Dennis J. Mikolich, Michael P. Vezeridis and Kerry L. Laplante. "Low Adherence to Outpatient Preoperative Methicillin-Resistant Staphyloccocus aureus Decolonization Therapy." Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. 32(9):930-932. 2011.

Carr, David B., Peggy P. Barca, Michael J. Wallendorf, Carol A. Snellgrove and Brian R. Ott. "Predicting Road Test Performance in Drivers With Dementia." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 59(11):2112-2117. November 2011.

Charpentier, Margaret M.   SEE also: Schwartz, Joanna.

Charpentier, Margaret M. and Andrew Bundeff. "Treating Hypertension in the Very Elderly." Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 45(9):1138-1143. September 2011.

Chou, Kelvin L., Jorge Zamoudio, Peter Schmidt, Catherine C. Price, Sotirios A. Parashos, Bastiaan R. Bloem, IChristine W. Chadwick, Rajesh Pahuir, van Bodis-Wollner, Wolfgang H. Ortel, Oksana Suchowersky, Michael J. Aminoff, Irene A. Malaty, Joseph H. Friedman and Michael S. Okun. "Hospitalization in Parkinson Disease: A Survey of National Parkinson Foundation Centers" Parkinsonism and Related Disorders. 17(6):440-445. July 2011.

Coffman, Renee E., Jeffrey P. Bratberg, Schwanda K. Flowers, Nanci L. Murphy, Ruth E. Nemire, Lowell J. Anderson and William G. Lang. "Report of the 2010-2011 Standing Committee on Advocacy: Leveraging Faculty Engagement to Improve Public Policy." American Journal  of Pharmaceutical Education. 75(10):#S7. 2011.  12p.

Cohen, Lisa.  SEE also: MacDonnell, Celia P.; Taveira, Tracey H.

Cohen, Lisa B., Tracey H. Taveira, Samuel A. Khatana, Andrea G. Dooley, Paul A. Pirraglia and Wen-Chich Wu. "Pharmacist-Led Shared Medical Appointments for Multiple Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes." Diabetes Educator. 37(6):801-812. November/December  2011.

Cutts, Stephen. "Getting Control of Asthma: Improving Adherence to Controller Medication." CDMI Report. 1(1). 2011.

Daiello, Lori, Assawin Gongratana, Shira Dunsiger, Ronald Cohen and Brian Ott. "Association of Pre-Baseline Fish Oil Supplement Use With Rates of Brain Athrophy and Cognitive Decline in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging (ADNI) Cohort (Abstract)." Alzheimer's and Dementia. 7(4,Suppl):S592-S593. July 2011.

Davis, Barbara, Robin Devin, Cynthia Willey and Marlene Dufault. "Impact of 12-Hour Shifts on Nurse and Patient Safety." (Poster Session)  Nurses at the Wheel: The Driving Forces of Change, Sponsored by the Miriam Hospital's Evidence-Based Practice & Research Council. Warwick, R.I. April 7, 2011.

DeGrado, J. R., K. E. Anger, P. M. Szumita, C. D. Pierce and A. F. Massaro. "Evaluation of a Local ICU Sedation Guideline on Goal-Directed Administration of  Sedatives amd Analgesics." Journal of Pain Research. 4:127-134. 2011.

Deshpande. C., S. Scimeca, J. Carter and C. Willey. "PRS23 Non-Adherence in Isoniazid Treated Patients as Measured by Temptation to Skip Therapy (Test) Scale (Abstract)." Value in Health. 14(3):A141. May 2011.

Dooley, Andrea G.  SEE: Cohen, Lisa B.; Taveira, Tracey H.

Dufresne, Robert L.  SEE: Waugh, J. L.

Feret, Brett. "Boceprevir: A New Oral Protease Inhibitor for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C." Formulary. 46(9):352-366. September 2011.

Festa, Elena, Brian Ott, Geoffrey Tremont and William Heindel. "Neocortical Disconnectivity Disrupts Semantic Binding in Alzheimer's Disease (Poster Presentation)."  S244. 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H.  SEE also: Alcalay, R. N.; Aminoff, Michael J.; Aronson, Stanley M.; Chou, Kelvin L.

Friedman, Joseph H.  "Brain Waves and the Era of Cosmetic Neurology."  Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(4):86-87. April 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Chief Complaint."  Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(2):30. February 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H., P. Agarwal, R. Alcalay, K. J. Black, K. L. Chou, L. Cote, P. Dayalu, S. Frank, J. Hartlein, R. A. Hauser, A. E. Lang, L. Marsh, F. Marshall, C. Moskaritz, B. Ravina, D. Riley, J. Sanchez-Ramos, D. K. Simon, T. Simuni, J. Suiton, P. Tuite, D. Weintraube and T. Zesiewicz. "Clinical Vignettes in Parkinson's Disease: A Collection of Unusual Medication-Induced Hallucinations, Dilusions, and Compulsive Behaviours." International Journal of Neuroscience. 121(8):472-476. August 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Dementia, Ataxis and Parkinsonism With the Antiphospolipid Syndrome (Letter)." Parkinsonism & Related Disorders. 17(3):215-216. March 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "EBM: Evidence-Based Medicine or Experience-Based Medicine?" Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(6):150. June 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H., Ana Abrantes and Lawrence H. Sweet. "Fatigue in Parkinson's Disease." Expert Opinion Pharmamcother. 12(13):1999-2007. September 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Getting Older."  Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(7):109. July 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "A Great Case!"  Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(9):254. September 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Managing Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease in Patients With Schizophrenic Disorders."  Parkinsonism & Related Disorders. 17(3):198-200. March 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H., Editor-in-Chief.  Medicine & Health Rhode Island. Vol.94, 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Neuropsychotic Disorders: What Do Neurologists Think About Conversion Disorder?" Nature Reviews.  Neurology. 7(6):306-307. May 17, 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease (Letter)." Movement Disorders. 26(1)191. January 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "A New Paradigm for Clinical Students?" Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(3):58. March 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H.  "Parochialism and Biased Reviews." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(5):118. May 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H.  "Prison Ethics."  Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(8):222. August 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H., F. Dennis McCool and Charles B. Sherman. "Shortness of Breath in Parkinson's Disease (Letter)." Parkinsonism & Related Disorders. 17(6):495. July 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Stigma." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(1):2. January 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Too Much of a Good Thing." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 94(10):282. October 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Vitamin D Deficiency and Falls: There's Smoke, But Is There Fire?" Neurology. 76(19):1612-1613. May 10, 2011.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Yes, You Can Take Too Many Vitamins." Providence Journal. July 15, 2011.  p.B7.

Goren, Jessica. "Levetiracetam, Seizures, and Suicidality." Harvard Review of Psychiatry. 19(1):47-55. January-February 2011.

Goren, Jessica L. and Ashley T. Tewksbury. "The Use of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Mental Illness." Journal of Pharmacy Practice. 24(5):452-471. October 2011.

Hughes, Carmel and Kate Lapane. "Pharmacy Interventions on Prescribing in Nursing Homes: From Evidence to Practice." Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety. 2(3):103-112. June 2011.

Hughes, Carmel, Kate Lapane, M. B. Kerse and Ngaire ChB. "Prescribing for Older People in Nursing Homes: Challenges for the Future." International Journal for Older People Nursing. 6(1):103-112. March 2011.

Hume, Anne L.   SEE also: Jackson, Anita N.

Hume, Anne L., Brian J. Quilliam, Roberta Goldman, Charles Eaton and Kate L. Lapane. "Alternatives to Potentially Inappropriate Medications for Use in e-Prescribing Software: Triggers and Treatment Algorithms." BMJ Quality & Safety 20(10):875-884. October 2011.

Hume, A. L. " Natural Products for Autoimmune Disease(Column)." Pharmacy Today. February 2011.

Hume, A. L. "Natural Products for Eye Health (Column)." Pharmacy Today. October  2011.

Hume, A. L. "Natural Products for Osyeoarthritis (Column)." Pharmacy Today.  March 2011.

Hume, A. L. "Saw Palmetto and BPH (Column)." Pharmacy Today. November 2011.

Hume, A. L. "Use of Botanical Supplements and Teas in Infants (Column)." Pharmacy Today. July  2011.

Hume, A. L. "Use of DHEA in Older Adults (Column)." Pharmacy Today. September  2011.

Jackson, Anita N.  SEE also: MacDonnell, Celia P.

Jackson, Anita N. and Anne L. Hume. "Aspirin for CV Prevention-for Which Patients?" Journal of Family Practice. 60(9):518-523. September 2011.

Jackson, Anita N. "Pass on the Cranberry: No Cure for UTIs." Pharmacy Today. 17(6):34. June 2011.

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Jankowich, Matthew, Gaurav Choudhary, Tracey H. Taveira and Wen-Chih Wu. "Age-, Race-, and Gender-Specific Prevalence of Diabetes Among Smokers." Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. 93(3):e101-e105. September 2011.

Khatana, Sameeed Ahmed M., Joshua Kane, Tracey H. Taveira, Mark S. Bauer and Wen-Chih Wu. "Monitoring and Prevalence Rates of Metabolic Syndrome in Military Veterans Serious Mental Illness." PLoS One. 6(4):#e19298. April 26, 2011.

Kogut, Stephen J.  SEE also: Lasky, Tamar;  Quilliam, Brian J.

Kogut, Stephen J. "Do Triptan Antimigraine Medications Interact With SSRI/SNRI Antidepressants? What Does Your Decision Support System Say?" Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy. 17(7):547-551. September 2011.

Lapane, Kate L.  SEE also: Hughes, Carmel; Hume, Anne L.; Jalbert, Jessica; Magnusson, Brianne M.; Nunes, Aanthony P.; Parsons, Pamela; Patterson, Susan M.

Lapane, Kate L., Brian Quilliam, Wing Chow and Myoung Kim. "The Association Between Pain and Measures of Well-Being Among Nursing Home Residents."  Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 2011.

Lapane, Kate L., Carmel M. Hughes, Lori A. Daiello, Kathleen A. Cameron and Janice Feinberg. "Effect of a Pharmacist-Led Multicomponent Intervention Focusing on the Medication Monitoring Phase to Prevent Potential Adverse Drug Events in  Nursing Homes." Journal of the American Geriatric Society. 59(7):1238-1245. July 2011.

Lapane, Kate L., Carmel M. Hughes, Jennifer B. Christian, Lori A. Daiello, Kathleen A. Cameron and Janice Feinberg. "Evaluation of the Fleetwood Model of Long-Term Care Pharmacy."  Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 12(5):355-363. June 2011.

Lapane, Kate L., Brian Quilliam, Wing Chow and Myoung Kim. "Impact of F-Tag 309 Survey Interpretive Guidelines on Persistent Pain Management Among Nursing Home Patients (Abstract)." Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 12(3): March 2011.

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Lapane, K. L., B. Quilliam, W. Chow and M. Kim. "Pharmacologic Management on Non-Malignant Persistent Pain Among Nursing Home Residents (Abstract)." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 59(S1):S73. April 2011.

Laplante, Kerry L.  SEE: Caffrey, Aisling R.

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MacDonald, Celia P.  SEE also: Rathemacher, Andrée

MacDonnell, Celia P., Anita Jackson Derreza, Mary D. Lavin, Steven A. Cohen and Lisa Cohen. "Impact of an Interdisciplinary Practice Laboratory on Pharmacy and Nursing Students' Perceptions of Health Care Roles." International Journal of Pharmacy Education and Practice.  7(1):Spring 2011. (online)

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Ott, Brian.  SEE also: Alosco, M. L.; Carr, David B.; Daiello, Lori; Festa, Elena; Silverberg, Nina B.; Tremont, Geoffrey.

Ott, Brian, George Papandonatus, Peggy Barco, Timothy Souza, Jennifer Davis and David Carr. "Critical Analysis of Road Test Designs for Older Drivers With Cognitive Impairment (Abstract)." Alzheimer's and Dementia. 7(4,S):S442. July 2011.

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Quilliam, Brian J.  SEE also: Hume, Anne L.; Lapane, Kate L.

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Rathemacher, Andrée, Cynthia Bonn, Dean Libutti, Celia MacDonnell, Libby Miles, James Miller, Kathryn Quina, Jayne Richmond, Kristen Stewart and Gerald Williams. The Campus Visit Experience: Improving Student Recruitment at the University of Rhode Island. Report of the Admissions Advisory Committee. Education Resources Information Center, 2011. 7 pp. ERIC Document ED 517 964.

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Szumita, Paul M.  SEE: Anger, K. E.; Degrado, J. R.; White, K. E.; Wong, Stephanie.

Taveira, Tracey H.  SEE also: Cohen, Lisa B.; Jankowich, Matthew; Khatana, Sameeed Ahmed M.

Taveira, Tracey H., Aandrea G. Dooley, Lisa B. Cohen, Sameed Ahmed Khatana and Wen-Chih Wu. "Pharmacist-Led Group Medical Appointments for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes With Comorbid Depression in Older Adults." Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 45(11):1346-1355. November 2011.

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Willey, Cynthia.  SEE: Davis, Barbara; Deshpande, C.; Milette, Ara.

Wong, Stephanie, Kevin E. Anger, Bonnie C. Greenwood, Rachel M. Cyrus and Paul M. Szumita. "Glucometric Assessment of a Moderate Versus Intensive Paper-Based Intravenous Insulin Protocol at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center." BWH Pharmacy & Therapeutics Perspectives. 14(1):3. February.

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