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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011

Plant Sciences & Entomology

Alm, Steven R.  SEE: Mashtoly, Tamar A.

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Casagrande, Richard A.  SEE: Weed, Aaron S.

Dellaporta, Stephen.  SEE: Kausch, Albert; Rosengarten, Rafael D.

Ginsberg, Howard S.  SEE also: Jakob, Elizabeth M.

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Mather, Thomas N.  SEE also: McCall, John W.; Miller, Nathan J.; Pichu,  Sivakamasundari; Yalcin, Emma Binter.

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Ruemmele, Bridget. "Zoysiagrass Water Relations."

Weed, Aaron S., Andre Gassmann and Richard A. Casagrande. "Effects of Leaf and Root Herbivory by Potential Insect Biological Control Agents on the Performance of Invasive Vincetoxicum spp." Biological Control. 39(5):460-463. November 2011.

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