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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011

Sociology & Anthropology

Anderson, Bradley J.  SEE also: Cioe, Patricia A.; Clarke, Jennifer G.; Hayaki, Jumi;  Schonbrun, Yael Chatav; Sharkey, Katherine M.

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Dunsworth, Holly M.  SEE also: Weiss, Kenneth M.

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Sharkey, Katherine M., Megan E. Kurth, Bradley J. Anderson, Richard P. Corso, Richard P. Millman and Michael D. Stein. "Assessing Sleep in Opioid Dependence: A Comparison of Subjective Ratings, Sleep Diaries, and Home Polysomnography in Methadone Maintenance Patients." Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 113(2-3):245-249. January 15, 2011.

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Weiss, Kenneth M. and Holly Dunsworth. "Dr. Pangloss's Nose: In Evolution, Cause, Correlation, and Effect Are Not Always Identical." Evolutionary Anthropology. 20(1):3-8. 2011.

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