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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012

Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Adwan, Lina and Nasser Zawia. "A Novel Approach for Lowering Multiple Targets in Alzheimer's Disease (Abstract)." Alzheimer's & Dementia. 8(4,S):716. July 2012.

Agarwal, H. K., G. F. Donal and K. Parang. "Synthesis and Anti-HIV Activities of Conjugates of 3'-fluoro-2',3'-didemythymidine and 3'-azido-2',3'dideoxythymidine." Medicinal Chemistry. 55(6):2672-2687. March 22, 2012.

Agarwal, Hitesh K., Bhupender S. Chhikara, Megrose Quiterio, Gustavo F. Doncel and Keykevous Parang. "Synthesis and Anti-HIV Activities of Glutamate and Peptide Conjugates of Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors." Drugs. 72(1):49-66. March 22, 2012.

Agarwal, H. K., G. F. Donal and K. Parang. "Synthesis and Anti-HIV Activities of Suramin Conjugates of 3'-fluoro-2',3'-didemythymidine and 3'-azido-2',3'dideoxythymidine." Medicinal Chemistry. 8(2):193-207. March 2012.

Agarwal, Hitesh K., Karen W. Buckheit, Robert W. Buckheit Jr. and Keykavous Parang. "Synthesis and Anti-HIV Activities of Symmetrical Dicarboxylate Esters of Dinucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors." Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 22(17):5451-5454. 1 September 2012.

Agarwal, Hitesh K., Bhupender S. Chhikara, Michael J. Hanley, Guofeng Ye, Gustavo F. Doncel and Keykavous Parang. "Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Fatty Acyl Ester Derivatives of (-)-2',23'-dideoxy-3-thiacytidne." Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 55(10):4861-4871.  May 24, 2012.

Ahmad, Aftab.  SEE also: Musharraf, Syd G.; Ng, K. W.; Paliwal, P. R.; Tsze, D. S.; Varma, M. W.; Velmurugan, K.

Ahmad, Aftab and V. K. Sharma. "Early Sub Critical Ischemic Infarction and Delayed Leucoencephalopahty After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning." International Journal of  Emergency Medicine. Suppl.1:33-34. 2-12.

Ahmed, M. S., A. Kovoor, S. Nordman, N. Abu Seman, T. W,. Gu, S. Efendic, K. Brismar, C. G. Ostenson and H. F. Gu. "Increased Expression of Adenylyl Cyclase in Pancreatic Islets and Central Nervous System of Diabetiuc Goto-Kakiozaki Rats: A Possible Regulatory Role in Glucose Homeostasis." Islets. 4(5):343-348. September-October 2012.

Ahmed, Sara, Richard A. Bberzon, Dennis A. Revicki, William R. Lenderking, Carol M. Moinpour, Ethan Basch, Bryce B. Reeve, Albert W. Wu on Behalf of the International Society for Quality of Life Research. "The Use of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Within Comparative Effectiveness Research: Implications for Clinical Practice and Health care Policy." Medical Care. 50(12):1060-70. December 2012.

Akhlaghi, Fatemeh.  SEE also: Dostalek, Mirosav ; Longato, Frank; Macwan, Joyce S.; Tsze, Daniel S.

Akhlaghi, Fatemeh, Miroslav Dostalek, Pal Falck, Anisha E. Mendoza, Rune Amundsen. Reginald Y. Gohh and Anders Asberg. "The Concentration of Cyclosporine Metabolites Is Significantly Lower in Kidney Transplant Recipients With Diabetes Mellitus." Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 34(1):38-45. February  2012.

Akelman, Matthew R., Erin Teeple, Jason T. Machon, Joseph J. Crisco, Gregory D. Jay and Braden C. Fleming. "Pendulum Mass Affects the Measurement of Articular Friction Coefficient." Journal of Biomechanics. 2012.

Alashwal,  Hany.  SEE also: Dosunmu, Remi.

Alashwal,  Hany, Remi Dosunma and Nasser H. Zawia. "Integration of Genome-Wide Expression and Mythlation Data: Relevance to Aging and Alzheimer's Disesase."  Neurotoxicoloy. 33(6):1450-1453. December 2012.

Andikyan, Vagan, Youssef Rezk, M. Heather Einstein, Gina Gualtiere, Mario M. Leitao, Jr., Yukiio Sonoda, Nadeem R. Abu-Rustum, Richard R. Barakat, Ethan M. Basch and Dennis S. Chi. "A Prospective Study of the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Web-Based Patient-Reported Outcome System in Assessing Patient Recovery After Major Gynecologic Cancer Surgery (Abstract)." Gynecologic Oncology. 125(Suppl.1):S118. March 2012.

Andikyan, Vagan, Youssef Rezk, M. Heather Einstein, Gina Gualtiere, Mario M. Leitao, Jr., Yukiio Sonoda, Nadeem R. Abu-Rustum, Richard R. Barakat, Ethan M. Basch and Dennis S. Chi. "A Prospective Study of the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Web-Based Patient-Reported Outcome System in Assessing Patient Recovery After Major Gynecologic Cancer Surgery." Gynecologic Oncology. 127(2):273-277. November 2012.

Andrade, Susan E., Robert L. Davis, T. Craig Cheetham, William O. Cooper, De-Kun Li, Thushi Amini, Sarah J. Beaton, S. Dublin, Tarek A. Hammad, Pamala A. Pawloski, Marsha A. Raebel, David H. Smith, Judy A. Staffa, Sengwee Toh, Imma Dashevsky, Katherine Haffenreffer, Kimberly Lane, Richard Platt and Pamela E. Scott. "Medication Exposure in Pregnancy Risk Evaluation Program." Maternal and Child Health Journal. 16(7):1349-1354. October 2012.

Ao, Junping, Jiao Meng, Lui Zhu, Huigen Z. Nie, Chinchen Yang, Jinjjun Lin, Jianre Gu, Quiski Lin, Wwiwoen Long, Xianqun Dong and Chao Li. "Activation of Androgen Receptor Reduces IDI and Promotes Heptocellular Carcinoma Cell Migration and Invasion." Molecular Oncology. 6(5):507-515. October 2012.

Apostolidis, Emmanouil, Liya Li, Bouhee Kang, Chong M. Lee and Navindra Seeram. "Seasonal Influence on Phenotic-Mediated Antihyperglycemic Properties of Canadian Sugar and Red Maple Leaves Using In Vitro Assay Models." Food Science and Biotechnology. 21(3):753-760. June 2012.

Asal, Nicole J.  SEE: Desilets, A. R.

Atkinson, Thomas M., Eric J. Small, Lauren Rogak, Laura Sit, Natalie Barragan, Maury Shaw, Liora Pollick, Sean J. Ryan, Narra Heon, Antonia V. Bennett, Ellen Kaplan, Susan Halabi and Ethan Basch. "Measurement of Affective and Activity Pain Interference Using the Brief Pain Inventory (Abstract)." Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 43(S1):S222. April 2012.

Bao, Z. Y., X. D. Yuan, L. Wang, Y. L. Sun and X. Q. Dong. "The Incidence and Etiology of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Fever Outpatients." Experimental Biology and Medicine. 237(11):1256-1261. November 2012.

Barbeau, Julie, Genevieve Beland, Navindra Seeram and Tao Yuan. Maple Tree-Derived Products and Uses Thereof. PCT Intl. Appl. 20-120555010 Ai 2012053. 2012.

Basch, Ethan M.  SEE also: Ahmed, Sara; Andikyan, Vaagan; Atkinson, Thomas;  M.; Bennett, Antonio V.; Blinder, Victoria S.; Damast, Shari; Loblaw, D Andrew; Logothestis, Christopher J.; Nam, Robert K.; Romanus, D.; Smith, Timothy J.; Ulbricht, Catherine; Vickers, Andrew J.

Basch, E. "Beyond the FDA PRO Guidance: Steps Towards Integrating Meaningful Patient-Reported Outcomes Into Regulatory Trials and US Drug Labels." Value in Health. 15(3):401-403. May 2012.

Basch, E. M., A. P. Abernathy, C. D. Mullins and M. R. Spencer. "Development of a Guidance for Including Patient Reported Outcomes (PROS) in Late-Phase Adult Clinical Trials of Oncology Drugs for Comparative Effectiveness Research (Abstract)." Value in Health. 15(4):A226. June 2012.

Basch, Ethan, Naomi Aronson, A.alfredBerg, David Flum, Sherrie Gabriel, Steven N. Goodman, Mark Helfand, John P. A. Ioannidis, Michael Lauer, David Meltzer, Brian Mittman, Robin Newhouse, Sharon-Lise Normand, Sebastian Schneeweiss, Jean Slutsky, Mary Tinetti and lyde Yancy. "Methodological Standards and Patient-Centeredness in Comparative Effectiveness Research The PCORI Perspective." JAMA. 307(15):1636-1640. April 18, 2012.

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Beckford, Floyd A., Jeffrey Thessing, Alyssa Stott, Alvin A. Holder, Oleg G. Poluektov, Liya Li and Navindra P. Seeram. "Anticancer Activity and Biophysical Reactivity of Copper Complexes of 2-(benzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-ylmethylene)-N-alkylhydrazinecarbothiomides." Inorganic Chemistry Communications. 15:225-229. January 2012.

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Bhimanagouda S. Patil, Guddadarangawanahally K. Jayapakasha, Kotamballi N. Chidambara Murthy and Navindra P. Seeram. Emerging Trends in Dietary Components for Preventing and Combating Disease. American Chemical Society. (ACS Seminar Series). 2012.  624p.

Bi, Yi-An, E. Kimoto, Larissa Balogh, A. El-Khattan and Y. R. Lei. "Assessment of the Hepatic Disposition and Selectivity of Hepatic Uptake Transporter Substrates in Sandwich-Cultured Immune Hepatocytes. (SCHH)." Drug Metabolism Reviews. 44(51):135-136. 2012.

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Boekelheide, Kim.  SEE also: Blaauboer, B. J.; Campion, Sarah N.; Heger, Nicholas; Johnson, K. J.; Pacheco, Sara E.; Saffarini, C. M.; Seifert, Erin L.; Springer, C ecilia; Stephens, Martin L.; Thompson.

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Chichester, Clinton O.  SEE: Zaroogian, Gerald E.

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Chichester, Clinton O.  SEE: Jean-Gilles, Dinorah; Patel Jagdishwa; Zaroogian, G. E.

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Cho, Bongsup P.  SEE also: Jain, Anshu; Jain, V.; Sandireni, Anusha; Vaidyanathan, V. G.; Xu, Lifang.

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