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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012

Labor Research Center

Halbesleben, Jonathon R. B., Anthony R. Wheeler and Ana Maria Rossi. "The Costs and Benefits of Working With One's Spouses: A Two-Sample Examination of Spousal Support, Work-Family Conflict, and Emotional Exhaustion in Work-Linked Relationships." Journal of Organizational Behavior. 33(6):597-615. July 2012.

Hales, Douglas, Deborah Rosen, Henry Schwarzbach, Anthony Wheeler and Christos Xenophontos. "Performance-Based Transportation Management: The Case of U.S. State DOTS." Procedia; Social and Behavioral Sciences. 48:535-543. 2012.

Klotz, Anthony C., Anthony R. Wheeler, Jonathan R. B. Halbesleben, Meagan E. Brock and M. Ronald Buckley. "Can Reward Systems Influence the Creative Individual?"  IN: Handbook of Organizational Creativity, Edited by Michael D. Mumford. 2012.  p.607-631.

Wheeler, Anthony R.  SEE also: Halbesleben, Jonathon R. B.; Hales, Douglas; Klotz, Anthony C.

Wheeler, Anthony R., Kenneth J. Harris and Chris J. Sablynski. "How Do Employees Invest Abundant Resources? The Mediating Role of Work Effort in the Job-Embeddedness/Job-Performance Relationship." Journal of Social Psychology. 42(S1):E214-E266. December 2012.

Wheeler, Anthony R., Jonathan R. B. Halbesleben and Kenneth J. Harris. "How Job-Level HRM Effectiveness Influences Employee Intent to Turnover and Workarounds." Journal of Business Research. 266(4):547-554. April 2012.

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