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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012

Library & Information Studies

Brobet, J., L. H. Mandel and C. R. McClure. "Public Libraries in Crisis: Roles of Public Libraries in Hurricane/Disaster Preparedness and Response."  IN: C. Hagar, Editor. Crisis Information Management: Communication and Technologies. Woodhead. 2012.  p.153-173.

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Kelly, James R. "Book Review: Edward Kasinec and Robert H. Davis, Jr. Essays on Slavic Collections, Bibliography & Bookculture, 1984-2008." Slavic & East European Information Resources. 13(2-3):194-195. 2012.

Mandel, Lauren H.  SEE also: Brobet, J.; Carmichael, Lisandra R.; McClure, Charles R.; Saunders, J. D.

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McClure, Charles R., Lauren H. Mandel and Lynnsey K. Weissberger. "Designing a User and Usage Database to Promote, Market, and Demonstrate the Value of Selected Statewide  Databases: The Florida Electronic Library as an Example." Library Management. 33(6/7):365-373. 2012.

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Odean, Kathleen. "Everybody Loves and Adventure; For Young Readers (Book Reviews)." Providence Sunday Journal. May 20, 2012.  p.G8.

Odean, Kathleen. "Friendship Makes All the Difference (Book Reviews)." Providence Sunday Journal. December 2, 2012.  p.G6.

Odean, Kathleen. "Fun, Facts & Feelings." Providence Sunday Journal. October 28, 2012.  p.G6.

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Odean, Kathleen. "Just for the Fun of It."  Providence Sunday Journal. September 23, 2012.  p.G8.

Odean, Kathleen. "Learn It All, From Magic to Math (Book Reviews)." Providence Sunday Journal. July 15, 2012,  p.G6.

Odean, Kathleen. "Life as an Outsider (Book Reviews)." Teacher Librarian. 39(3):11. February 2012.

Odean, Kathleen. "On Pandas, Bullies and Rare Birds (Book Reviews)." Providence Sunday Journal. August 26, 2012.  p.G6.

Odean, Kathleen. "Poetry Can Be Just Fun, or Out of This World (Book Reviews)." Providence Sunday Journal. April 22, 2012.  p.G8.

Odean, Kathleen. "Royalty and Life at Court (Book Reviews)." Teacher Librarian. 39(6):51. October 2012.

Odean, Kathleen. "Some Whimsey, Some Real Life (Book Reviews)." Providence Sunday Journal. January 22, 2012.  p.G8.

Odean, Kathleen. "Stories of Black History and Heroes (Book Reviews)." Providence Sunday Journal. February 19, 2012.  p.G8.

Odean, Kathleen. "Swept into Magic and Romance (Book Reviews)." Teacher Librarian. 39(4):41. April 2012.

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